Top & Best Venax Brewery Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Venax Brewery: How to choose the best of 2021?

If you like cold beer, this article is for you. Today, we will talk about the product that is the flagship of a legitimate company with a long tradition in home appliances: the Venax brewer.

With a Venax brewery, you have specialized refrigeration, which can accommodate all types of containers and be regulated for the most diverse types of beer. In this Guide, we will help you find the ideal model for your space and for your party.

First, the most important

  • The standard thermal range of Venax is between 0ºC and -6ºC.
  • Venax breweries are divided into their net volume, which can be 100 liters, 200 liters, 330 liters and 550 liters.
  • In addition to the volumes, the Venax breweries are different in other aspects, as exhibitors, with blind doors, illuminated and specialized (craft and imported beers).

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The best Venax breweries: The ideal models for every situation

We put together, just for you, a list of the best brewers for Venax. We explored the catalog and selected the highest quality and innovative models, which fit into the different situations that demand a good old cold beer.

  • The best Venax brewery for parties
  • The ideal refrigerator model
  • The most practical brewer


Shopping Guide

Cold beer is serious, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The Venax brewer behaves its cans and bottles in the right way, at the right temperature, in addition to being elegant and very durable.

But, just as there are several beers, brewers and breweries, there are also different brewers in the Venax catalog, of varying sizes, styles and colors. Let’s see the most relevant, the most important information, and everything, in short, so that this Purchasing Guide can be impactful in your choice.

Venax brewery 100L, 200L, 330L or 550L?

In its catalog of brewers, Venax works with four main lines: 100L, 200L, 330L and 550L. More than volume and capacity, this division also defined the purpose of the brewery, its design and even market positioning.



Did you know? A beer with less than -2ºC is already considered very cold by experts. The temperature indicated on the brewer’s thermostat, however, does not necessarily indicate the temperature of the beer.


The 100L and 200L breweries are the most versatile, with the largest number of models, including exhibitors, blind, illuminated and specialized doors, configured for craft beers or imported beers.

They are models designed for more casual uses, in kitchens or bedrooms. 100L breweries hold an average of 90 350ml cans or 20 1L bottles; those of 200L, more than 200 cans and 40 “litrões”.

The 330L and 550L models, in turn, have less variety, and are geared towards trade and events. The 330L ones, for example, only work with light and blind doors, while the 550L ones only have exhibitors.

In the 330L Venax breweries, more than 370 cans and at least 60 bottles of one liter can fit, while in the 550L display, the capacity exceeds 700 cans and goes beyond 130 bottles of one liter.

Venax beer display or blind door?

Another variety that you will find a lot in your search is between the exhibiting Venax and blind-door brewers. The first, as the name accuses, has glass doors, in which it is possible to see the stored containers, while the second hides them.

This makes the exhibitor more practical and ideal for more commercial use, since the customer can watch the product and the trader more easily manage the stock.

The blind-door Venax brewer, on the other hand, takes on a more elegant tone, with matte painting and a discreet illustration on the door, being great for composing a casual environment such as a living room or a ballroom.

In performance they are the same, with the same thermal amplitude (0ºC to -6ºC) and equal capacities between equal liquid volumes, such as 100L or 200L.

How tall is the vertical Venax brewery?

As we said earlier, the division by net volume ends up “shaping” the shape and dimensions. As much as the height between a model or another of the same volume may change minimally, the general rule is this:

  • 100L models are 80 centimeters tall;
  • 200L models are 1.44 meters high;
  • 330L models measure six feet tall;
  • 550L models are tall at 1.98 m.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Venax brewery?

Venax brewers have a high value, but not necessarily a high price, considering their quality, functionality and design. Don’t expect to get less than R $ 2000 for new 100L models, but no more than R $ 5000 for 550L displays.

You can find Venax breweries in the main home appliance chains, such as Ponto Frio and Magazine Luiza, but greater offer of prices and models on the internet, on sites such as Amazon, Mercado Livre, online versions of major stores and even on the official Venax website

Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Venax Brewers

If choosing a simple beer at the supermarket can be complicated, then imagine a brewery. But rest assured, our list of purchase criteria will make it easy, and help you choose the ideal model.

  • Shelves
  • Painting and adhesive
  • Storage capacity
  • Opening the door


Noting the shelves can be an objective way to choose your Venax brewery. The ideal is to have the greatest possible freedom, that is, that they are removable and, if possible, with adjustable height.

The greater the control over the shelves, the more versatile the model will be, and you will be able to better accommodate different containers, and, when needed, different drinks, or even other products.

Painting and adhesive

The painting and / or adhesive of the brewery is a matter of taste, and therefore a great way to select models of the same capacity and performance.

The option will almost always fall between the elegance of the matte, with a metallic touch, the simplicity of a colorful painting, or the casualness of a thematic sticker, with bottles and glasses of beer stamping the beer.

Since we are in the visual, it is also worth looking at the internal lighting of the model, which complements the issue of painting and adhesive.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity is an essential point of your choice for the ideal Venax brewery. It must be directly aligned with your need, that is, if you are going to use it for your beers, yours and friends’ or yours, friends’ and guests’ (or customers) beers.

The point of the cat here is to look beyond the net volume (100L, 200L, 330L and 550L) and search the internet, in the product description, and, in a physical store, with the seller – exactly the maximum quantity of each container.

Vimax calculates the storage capacity of the main containers:

  • 350ml can;
  • 473ml can;
  • 355ml longneck;
  • 600ml glass bottle;
  • 1L glass bottle.

Opening the door

Finally, the opening of the door is one of the few non-standard elements among Venax brewers, and that can actually change the day-to-day use, depending on where you intend to install your model.

Note, therefore, the direction of opening the brewery door, whether from left to right, from right to left, or even what we consider ideal, the optional direction.


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