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Top & Best vitamin C for the face Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best vitamin C for the face in 2022

Vitamin C for the face helps to maintain healthy skin, attenuate expression lines and wrinkles, smooth spots, improve skin texture and increase luminosity, that is, it is an indispensable item in the skin care routine.

However, there are many doubts regarding topical vitamin C. Is the product compatible with all skin types? How and when to apply vitamin C to the face? What are the benefits of this product? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this article.

First, the most important

  • Regular use of vitamin C on the face provides numerous benefits such as increased collagen and elastin, reduced blemishes, attenuation of expression lines and wrinkles, among other benefits.
  • Vitamin C is compatible with all skin types. However, it is important to choose a product with adequate texture and concentration. You find liquid vitamin C, in serum or cream and the concentration ranges from 1% to 20%.
  • The best way to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C is to use the product twice a day, upon waking up and before going to sleep, after washing your face with liquid soap specific to your skin type.

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Best vitamin C for the face: Our recommendations

So that you can enjoy all the benefits of vitamin C for the face, we will explain how to choose the best dermocosmetic with this active. In addition, we selected the best vitamin C serums of the moment:

  • The best-selling vitamin C facial serum
  • The best vitamin C complex
  • The most concentrated vitamin C serum
  • The best anti-aging serum with vitamin C




Buying Guide

Skin aging is inevitable, but it is possible to slow it down by applying vitamin C to the face, a natural component used in the manufacture of dermocosmetics.

But what are the benefits of this vitamin? Who can use a product with this active ingredient? How to insert a vitamin C serum in the beauty routine? Find the answer to these and other questions in this Buying Guide!

How to use vitamin C on the face?

The quickest and most efficient way to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C on the face is to use a dermocosmetic formulated with this substance.

But before purchasing a dermocosmetic with vitamin C, analyze the composition of the product, especially the concentration of vitamin C and the addition of other components such as vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, among others.

We also recommend that you consult a dermatologist, so that the professional can assess the characteristics of your skin and indicate the best dermocosmetic with vitamin C according to your needs.

Is vitamin C suitable for all skin types?

Vitamin C is compatible with all skin types: normal, dry, mixed, oily or mature. Anyone with skin with acne or rosacea will benefit from the anti-inflammatory property of vitamin C.

Those who have black skin, more prone to hyperpigmentation, will enjoy the lightening property of spots of this substance.

It is important to say that vitamin C for the face should not be used only in women’s skin care routine. Men can also benefit from the effects of this product.

What are the benefits of vitamin C for the face?

The application of vitamin C on the face provides numerous benefits to the skin, as this substance has antioxidant, moisturizing, firming, rejuvenating and whitening action. Know the main benefits of the product below:

Slows premature skin aging

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, molecules that bring several harms to the skin, among them the premature aging of the face, apparent in the expression lines and wrinkles.

By using vitamin C on your face daily, you stimulate the production of collagen, a fundamental protein for skin firmness and elasticity. Another benefit is increased hydration, as vitamin C prevents the loss of water present in the skin’s natural barrier.

Combat stains

As vitamin C has a lightening action, the substance acts in the treatment of conditions related to hyperpigmentation such as melasma and other spots. This is because vitamin C inhibits the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that disrupts the process of melanin formation.

Thus, vitamin C treats existing stains and prevents the appearance of new ones. Another benefit of vitamin C for the face is that the product can even out skin tone, leaving it radiant and luminous. Find out more benefits of using a dermocosmetic with vitamin C in the composition in the table below:


  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Helps in the bleaching of stains
  • Can be used during the day or night


  • It can stimulate the appearance of acne
  • It’s an expensive product
  • Continuous use product

Should I apply vitamin C to my face in the morning or at night?

Many dermatologists advocate the use of vitamin C on the face in the morning, as the substance forms an antioxidant shield that protects the skin against pollution and solar radiation – provided it is used with a sunscreen.

But be sure to apply vitamin C to your face at night, as while you sleep, the skin begins a repair process, so it becomes more susceptible to a rejuvenating treatment like this.

Does vitamin C for the face stimulate acne?

Those who have acne-prone skin should be careful when using vitamin C on their face, because although this substance does not cause blackheads and pimples, many people report increased oiliness and the appearance of acne during treatment.

According to experts, the product is so concentrated that it can speed up the skin’s metabolism and when cells are very active, blackheads and pimples can appear.

It is important to mention that if you have never used vitamin C, your skin will need to go through an adaptation process, as the substance can cause adverse reactions such as irritation, redness, peeling and acne.

Purchase criteria: How to find the best vitamin C for the face

That vitamin C plays an important role in skin care of the face you already know. However, there are some characteristics that you should analyze before buying a dermocosmetic with this vitamin:

  • Pure vitamin C or vitamin C derivatives
  • Dermocosmetic
  • Concentration of vitamin C
  • Other product components
  • Product brand

We will explain each of these purchase criteria throughout this section. If in doubt, leave a comment below.

Pure vitamin C or vitamin C derivatives

Vitamin C is a substance that is difficult to stabilize because it oxidizes easily. However, there are ways to stabilize this vitamin. The encapsulation of vitamin C prevents oxidation of this substance. As this technology is new, products derived from it are expensive.

When the vitamin C molecule is altered, a vitamin C derivative originates, which makes this substance more stable and easier to manipulate. This technology is cheaper, as is the cost of the product.


You can find several dermocosmetics with vitamin C in the composition, such as liquid concentrated vitamin C, in serum or creamy lotion.

To choose the best option, you must analyze your skin type – normal, dry, mixed, oily or mature – and your needs. We recommend that you perform a clinical evaluation to find out which dermocosmetic is right for you.

Concentration of vitamin C

Another factor that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is the concentration of vitamin C. If it is your first time using a dermocosmetic with vitamin C, we suggest that you choose a product with a low concentration, between 1%, 5% and 10%.

If you have been using vitamin C on your face for some time and your skin reacts well to treatment, you should use a dermocosmetic with a higher concentration, between 15% and 20%.

Other product components

Generally, manufacturers add other components to the dermocosmetic with vitamin C, either to increase the stability of this substance, to enhance the antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing or whitening effect. Find out more in the table below:

Product brand

Looking for indications of brands that offer the best products with vitamin C in the composition? Vichy, Roc, Adcos, La Roche-Posay, Payot and Tracta are excellent options.

If you prefer a natural cosmetic, Bioart has a rejuvenating line with 100% organic actives and concentrated vitamin C. Those with sensitive skin may like the products of Sallve, a brand that offers cosmetics for a more realistic beauty routine.


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