Top & Best Wax Heater Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wax Heater: How to choose the best in 2021?

Today we are going to talk about the wax heater, a device used to melt waxing wax, which can be of the thermocera and roll-on type.

Both devices can be found in versions for home and professional use, what changes between them is the capacity, which can be smaller or larger.

Waxing is one of the most popular methods, because although it is a little painful, it plucks the hair from the root, has excellent durability and the cost is low. Want to know everything about these heaters? Let’s move on!

First, the most important

  • There are several methods of hair removal: those that remove only the surface of the hair, such as razor and razor, and those that pluck the hair by the root, such as cold and hot wax, tweezers, machine tools, pulsed light and laser.
  • The heaters are also different, there are two types: the conventional (also called thermocera), for honey wax and the roll-on wax heater.
  • For conventional wax the heater is a type of electric “pan”, with thermostat and resistance. Roll-on wax is a base attached to the socket that must be attached to the container that receives the wax refill.

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Ranking: The 3 best wax heater models

In the past, women used to melt the wax they were going to use to wax in a double boiler using a fire pot. The method was not practical, because as soon as a few minutes passed, the wax cooled and needed to return to the stove.

Nowadays you no longer need to have all this work, as there are wax heaters, which make the procedure much safer and faster. In this ranking we will show you the best models for you to have at home.


Buying Guide

Nothing better than getting rid of unwanted hair and being able to display smooth legs, isn’t it !? For this, you need to face epilation. There are several methods and one of the best is hot wax.

If you usually do your epilation at home, know that nowadays there is already an automatic wax heater, which makes your life a lot easier, as it melts the wax and keeps it warm throughout the procedure. Want to know everything about the wax heater? Read our Buying Guide!

What is a wax heater and where to use it?

Before talking about the wax heater, let’s explain a little more about this method of hair removal, which can be done with cold or hot wax (we will limit ourselves to talking only about hot wax in this article).

Waxing can be done on small or large areas. When the wax is applied to a certain part of the body it starts to cool and harden, sticking to the hair.

After the brief interval between application and the total hardening of the wax, it is pulled in the opposite direction to the hair growth, removing it from the root (follicle).

The total time of the procedure varies according to the area being shaved, but the correct way is to apply on small portions of skin at a time, to prevent the wax from breaking.

The heater will serve to melt the wax and keep it warm during the procedure. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this product:



  • It serves both to melt and to keep the wax warm
  • There are versions for conventional wax and roll-on
  • The devices can be found in versions for home or professional use
  • They are relatively inexpensive devices


  • In the case of thermocera, there is some difficulty in removing what is left of the product after it hardens
  • The roll-on wax heater has no temperature control

Thermocera or roll-on wax heater: Which to choose?

There are two types of wax heaters: the conventional one for honey wax, which is called thermocera and the roll-on type.

Conventional wax heater (thermocera)

The conventional wax heater is very similar to a pan, both in shape and size (and also because it has a lid). The capacity of this type of heater varies, there are models of domestic use for 400 g of wax.

This appliance is electric and has several interesting features such as a thermostat, a button for temperature control (up to 6 levels of regulation) and an operating indicator light.

The heater serves both to melt the wax blocks and to keep it warm (just lower the temperature). The coolest thing is that the part of the heater that is in contact with the wax can be preserved with the use of an aluminum or plastic refill.

The base, where the resistance is located, does not need to be changed, unless it is defective or breaks. It is made of ABS plastic (very resistant). Here’s how to use the thermocera:




Roll-on wax heater

The roll-on wax heater consists of a heating base, which can have one or two heaters and has the same shape as the roll-on wax refill, only it is bigger.

It is very easy to handle. Just position the wax refill inside the appliance, close the lid that comes with the heater and wait for the wax to soften. Temperature control is automatic. See how easy it is to handle the roll-on wax heater:



After about 30 minutes (this time can vary from one appliance to the next, so be aware of the instruction manual), you remove the heater from the base and you can use it normally.

There are devices in which the base is for one refill, this model is more intended for home use. The devices for two or four wax refills are indicated for professional use.

The roll-on wax heater has transparent sides, which allow you to check the consistency of the wax during the heating process and the level of product available.

Now find out the main differences between the roll-on wax heater and the thermocera:

How much?

The roll-on wax heater with support for a refill costs between R $ 60 and R $ 90, appliances with a base for two refills cost around R $ 90 and those for four units cost almost R $ 200.

The thermocera can cost between R $ 120 and R $ 190, it depends on the size of the device, the smallest being around R $ 120, the medium size around R $ 140 and the largest for R $ 190.

Where to buy?

You can buy the wax heater at cosmetic stores, physical or virtual. It is also possible to buy from the comfort of your home, over the internet, on sites like Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare wax heaters

Before choosing the wax heater, you need to decide which method of epilation you are best suited for, whether it is the roll-on, where sheets of paper are used to remove the product, or whether it is pulling the wax itself after drying.

Only when you make this decision should you buy the items you will need for hair removal. To choose the best wax heater you must meet the following criteria:

  • Heater type
  • Capacity
  • Refill
  • Temperature control
  • Voltage

We will explain each of these items in this section, to answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.

Heater type

There are two types of wax heaters: roll-on and conventional. They are different in shape, weight, size, technical features and prices.

  • Roll-on wax heater . It has an electrical base with one or two heaters, which is connected to the socket and connected to the container that will receive the wax refill. The temperature is automatic.
  • Thermocera . It consists of two parts: the plastic structure (which hosts the electrical resistance) and the internal metallic part. You can place the wax directly on the metal part or on an aluminum refill that can be attached to the base.



Both the thermocera and the roll-on wax heater have versions with different capacities. The roll-on wax heater can be purchased in versions with one, two or four refills.

The thermocera can come in versions with capacities for 150, 400, 700, 1000 or 1200 grams of wax in blocks or granules. The smaller devices are for domestic use and the larger versions are intended for professional epilators.


With refills we are not referring to wax, but to the part that should be used as a support to melt it (in the thermocera). This component can accompany the device or be purchased separately.

If the appliance is for personal use there is no need to buy or even use the refill, you can put the wax directly on the base of the appliance. However, if the equipment is shared, it is more hygienic for each person to have their own refill.

Temperature control

The roll-on wax heater has automatic temperature, but the thermocera has manual adjustment, with six temperature options, the maximum being 100º C.

It is normal that, when selecting the temperature, the operating light oscillates between on and off, because after the device reaches a certain degree, the thermostat switches off and on again automatically to maintain that temperature level.


Both models of wax heaters are bivolt devices. In the case of thermocera, the button to select the voltage of the device is at the bottom of the part and you must remember to select it whenever you change the outlet. The roll-on wax heater is also bivolt.


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