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Top & Best Women’s Blazer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s Blazer: Which are the Best of 2022

Today we are going to talk about a wild piece of clothing, essential in any wardrobe. Whether for formal or informal moments, the female blazer is the ideal piece to give that look up.

But as there are several models, with varied fabrics and designs, we will show you how to combine this piece according to the occasion and how to choose the best model for your body type.

First, the most important

  • The female blazer has long ceased to be used only in corporate environments and has become fashionable and fashionable.
  • Today it is possible to choose the ideal blazer for each situation. In this article, you will discover how to choose the best women’s blazer according to your goal.

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The best models of women’s blazer: The ideal for every occasion

Choosing a women’s blazer is not easy. It is necessary to take into account the modeling, the fabric, the print, among other items. To help you with this choice, we have selected the best women’s blazer of the moment. Check out:


Buying Guide

As much as you fall in love with a certain blazer, the fact is that not everyone will have the right fit on your body. In addition, the material of manufacture and the design will also influence the style you want to create, depending on the occasion.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide. Here you will find all the information you need to choose, buy and wear the best women’s blazer.

How did the women’s blazer come about and why should you invest in it?

The blazer appeared in 1837 in the United Kingdom as an exclusive part of the men’s wardrobe.

But around 1930, the iconic French designer Coco Chanel created the first example of a women’s blazer, the famous women’s suit consisting of a blazer and a skirt.

Over the decades, the women’s blazer has been conquering space and leaving aside the idea that the piece masculinizes the image of women


Then, with the evolution of fashion, the blazer also ceased to be a piece exclusively related to the professional environment or used on very formal occasions.

Currently the female blazer is used in the looks of the coolest and the most elegant.

With the diversification of models, sizes and fabrics, the women’s blazer today is the third ideal piece to enhance any composition.

So much so that, currently, the female blazer is used in the looks of the coolest to the most elegant, both during the day and at night, accompanying skirts, dresses, pants and shorts.

In what situations should I wear the women’s blazer?

Versatile and democratic, nowadays the female blazer can be used in all situations, from the most formal to casual, from college, outings, meetings, even parties and super formal events.

And the best part is that, in most cases, the same blazer that you wear at work, along with dress pants and knee skirts, for example, can be used in a more stripped-down look, combined with a short skirt, denim shorts or a flowery dress.

But, if you are in doubt about how to create looks with the female blazer according to different occasions, we have put together some tips from fashion consultants. Check out.

At work

The combo blazer + dress shirt + dress pants is the right option for more formal work environments. To make the look even more elegant, choose classic and neutral colors.

For more modern work environments, bet on brightly colored women’s blazer models and jeans. And, of course, don’t forget accessories like necklaces and bracelets, sneakers and platforms.

Day to day

The women’s blazer goes well in informal situations such as lunches, birthdays, christenings and casual encounters during the day or at night.

Here you can use the blazer with skirts, short or long dresses , shorts, overalls and even sneakers, sneakers and platform.

In the night club

The women’s ballet blazer can have brightness, sequins and bold colors. And here, too, the combination is free. The blazer looks great with tight dresses and high heels , for example. But for a more fashionista party, you can and should also invest in baggy pants, sneakers and cropped.

At formal events

Want to go to a wedding or a glamorous party wearing a feminine blazer? You can and should! The tip here is to opt for more structured modeling models and noble fabrics.

How to choose the female blazer according to your body type?

The fact is that there is no rule when it comes to dressing. Nor should the shape of your body limit your creativity when creating your looks.

Still, it is possible to take advantage of the style consultants’ tips. One is to choose the female blazer considering the shape of the body.

Did you know that, according to experts, there is an ideal type of women’s blazer to refine the silhouette? It is the one-button or two buttoned blazer, with medium-sized lapel, without pockets or many details.


According to fashion consultants, each type of women’s blazer is capable of enhancing a different type of silhouette. Look:

  • Oval body : For those who have an oval silhouette, the feminine blazer with belt and pence on the back is the best bet. Avoid double-buttoned blazers or ones that have flashy buttons.
  • Rectangle body : The characteristic of this body shape is to have shoulders, waist and hips of almost the same size. So, invest in belted blazers or wear a belt over the garment.
  • Triangle body : Here, experts recommend a female blazer whose length is no more than hip-length. You can and should also abuse blazers with appliqués.
  • Inverted triangle body : Invest in longer, darker, neutral-colored women’s blazers.
  • Hourglass body : Here you should explore the well-defined waistline and for this the belted women’s blazer is your best ally.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the female blazer?

As we have seen, there are many advantages to the female blazer. This is a wild, versatile and timeless piece that you should invest without fear and that will last for many years.

After all, with the variety of models, fabrics, colors and prints it is possible to choose the ideal type according to your style, your body shape or situation.

Another advantage is that the same blazer can be used on different occasions, as the third piece often comes in as an accessory for the look.

On the other hand, in combinations made on hot days it is important that you pay attention to choosing a feminine blazer in light fabric.

And it is precisely the type of fabric that is the great disadvantage of the female blazer. Depending on the fabric, it can get hot and end up being used more on cold days.

Another disadvantage is that the most exclusive models, made with more noble fabrics, can be very expensive. The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the women’s blazer:

How much does it cost and where to buy the women’s blazer?

The material of manufacture, the design and the brand are items that influence the price of the female blazer. So, in general, you will find this piece of clothing costing between R $ 30 and more than R $ 1,000.

To buy, you can choose women’s clothing stores, department stores and even hypermarkets.

But we suggest that you buy from online stores, such as Amazon. The chance of finding exclusive models and promotional prices is much higher.


Purchasing criteria: What to watch for when buying the women’s blazer

As we saw, before buying the women’s blazer, you must first understand your style and you can also consider the shape of your body.

But there are other factors that influence the fit of the blazer and the composition you want to create. So, here are the main criteria that you must analyze to buy the ideal female blazer:

  • Fabric
  • Modeling
  • Length and Sleeves
  • Lapel and Neckline
  • With or without jamb

For the avoidance of doubt, we will explain how to evaluate each of these factors.


The first criterion that you should consider is the fabric of the blazer. It is the type of fabric that will determine the comfort, the fit and also the style you want to create.

For example, the women’s blazer made with twill, tricoline, jeans and linen create more casual and modern looks, and are great choices for the hottest days.

For sophisticated events, go for taffeta, guipure lace, sequin, brocade, and jacquard. For colder days, the best fabrics are flannel, sweatpants, leather and corduroy.

Precious tip: Also note the type of fabric on the blazer lining. If it is printed, for example, you can fold the sleeve to make the fabric appear and further enhance the look.



Then, evaluate the modeling of the female blazer. Here the options are many. You can, for example, opt for the slim blazer, which is generally woven. Or the famous max blazer, which are the wide models.

Again, depending on the modeling, you can create more serious, contemporary, casual or classic looks. Check out the main models found in the women’s blazer below:

  • Tailoring : They have a straighter and more structured cut, which ends up giving a more formal look.
  • Acinturado : It is ideal for those who want to keep the guitar body.
  • Max Blazer or Boyfriend : It is the favorite of fashionistas. More bulky, this model is perfect for counterbalancing with a tighter bottom.

Length and Sleeves

In this regard, you should consider the length of the female blazer, which can be short, long or at the height of the waist.

The short female blazer is ideal to be worn with skirts and dresses. It is also the right model for those who want to create a more elongated body sensation. The long female blazer creates a more modern and stripped style.

Another factor that deserves attention is the sleeves. Here they can be found in traditional length or 3/4 size.

If you choose the long sleeve, note that it should stop on the wrist and not pass over the hands. But the most important thing is to ensure a comfortable movement of the arms, without feeling trapped.

Lapel and Neckline

Also check the shape of the lapels and the neckline of the female blazer. Do not doubt, these factors can influence the trim of the piece. Check out some tips:

  • Wide lapels: Ideal for those with small breasts, since they create the illusion of more volume.
  • Thin lapels: Create a more delicate and sophisticated style.
  • Necklines: The wide and elongated necklines balance very large breasts and can also tops.

With or without jamb

Finally, notice whether the women’s blazer comes with or without a shoulder pad. The models with shoulder pads are indicated to balance the width of the shoulder with the hips or for those with drooping shoulders.

But in addition, the jamb ends up creating an extra charm to the female blazer. If you choose the women’s blazer without jamb, it is important that the fit is perfect, that is, that it is neither bigger nor smaller than the width of your shoulders.



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