Top & Best Women’s football boots Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s football boots: How to choose the best pair in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the women’s boot, the vital equipment for women who practice one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Modern, efficient and absolutely technological, today’s women’s boots combine style and performance in a single outfit, with bold looks and innovations that aim to improve, or at least facilitate, certain aspects of their users’ game.

First, the most important

  • The brands that work best for women’s boots are Umbro and Adidas, but you can find quality models at Nike, Mizuno and Kappa as well.
  • Women’s boots have a lower price than men’s, when compared to models of the same line or category.
  • Do not forget to check if the chosen boot is suitable for the field of play, between lounge, society and field.

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Shopping Guide

For many years, women’s football was simply ignored. Fortunately, this scenario improves year after year, with more space in the media, greater financial and organizational support from the responsible entities and popular support, in short.

This naturally raised the level of demand for and by the sport. Bad pitches, poor championships and much less old and inappropriate women’s boots are not enough. In the following Shopping Guide, we will help you to keep abreast of these changes, and guarantee, well, your partner.




Is there a difference between women’s and men’s boots?

Well, basically, no. At least where it really matters. Women’s and men’s football boots in the same line have the same materials, the same shape. They are not lighter, thinner or specially adapted for the game developed in the modality.

To be fair, some models in the same line, such as a women’s Adidas Predator boot and a men’s boot  , have different heel sizes, with the narrowest women’s shoes in this region.

In addition, the changes are less impactful, like the visual. Manufacturers bet on exclusive designs, not always falling back on the cliché of pink, but always different from male models, to create a greater identity to the product.

There is also the issue of price, which is much lower for women’s soccer shoes, when compared to the same editions or categories, such as Nike professional soccer shoes, for example.


How is Marta’s boot?

Great players do not attract the eyes of only their opponents. They are closely marked by fans and supporters, who want more than your attention or your autograph.

This extra something is usually offered by boot brands, which also mark the stars closely, to sign sponsorships and exclusive lines of shoes.

But not the case of the greatest player in the world. At the 2019 World Cup, “Rainha” wore a simple black boot, without sponsorship, but with a print from the ” Go Equal” campaign , which advocates for gender equity in sports.


Umbro or Adidas women’s football boots?

Adidas and Umbro are two of the major brands with the largest presence in the women’s soccer market. They are also, of course, two of the ones that most sell products for the segment, although with two different strategies. Let’s talk a little about each one, so you can compare them and, who knows, choose a model for you.


Umbro bets on exclusive feminine lines.

Umbro bets on exclusive women’s lines for its catalog, such as Light Control and Drako. The first is the most complete, with editions for salon, society and field, it works a lot with pink in its design and has PVC soles; the second only does not have models for the field, combines black with yellow and has 100% rubber soles.

Adidas, in turn, prefers to use many of the same models between the male and female segments, with the differences that we mentioned in the first section. This does, however, make the variety of your catalog much greater.

A similarity between the brands is that both have marketing actions with professional players. Adidas worked together with striker Cristiane, shirt 11 of the, while Umbro signed a contract with Ashlyn Harris, goalkeeper of the US team.

What is the value of children’s shoes for children?

If there are few differences between men’s and women’s boots, they are even smaller in children’s boots. This is because the price, something quite different in adult models, is the same among children’s shoes.

The values ​​change a lot due to the brand, the edition and the time when the models were launched. Older boots and smaller brands start at R $ 40, while newer and more famous ones can exceed R $ 200.


Where to buy a women’s boot?

Unfortunately, not all stores have a good variety of women’s boots, including virtual ones. Still, the internet is the most recommended place, not only for the offer, but also for the prices.

Shopping sites like Amazon is great option. The websites of the aforementioned brands, Adidas and Nike, are also good places to search, to find out about the newest and most popular models.


Purchasing Criteria: What to note about women’s boots

Here, one more help from us in your search for the ideal female boot. In the list below, we list the most important points to note, get informed and consider when choosing your model, and leave the store with the best pair of women’s boots in hand.

  • Positioning
  • Performance level
  • Number
  • Playing field


A very useful way to guide your choice is to think about your positioning on the field, especially in field football and society. Each position exercises certain types of actions and movements, which can be facilitated by specific characteristics of the boots.

To be more objective, however, we will divide these needs into sectors and what each one needs, more generally:

  • Defense: Defenders benefit from boots with greater stability, that is, greater adherence to the field, to remain in the glue of opposing attackers;
  • Medium: Half campers also have a lot to gain from stable boots. Even better if they are accompanied by models with textures in the upper that contribute to a better control of the ball, to lead it to the attack with quality;
  • Attack: There are several types of striker, but everyone needs light boots, after all, any hundredth win in the race is one more chance to beat the defense. Models with technologies that favor precision are also valid, for kicks in the goal and short passes for quick tables.

Performance level

It is very common in the world of women’s football for players to start their kicks, passes and dribbles late. So, especially in the amateur spectrum, it is normal for the level of performance among the players to be very different. Nothing that a workout time won’t do, though.

Still, it’s worth thinking about your level of play before spending your hard-earned money on your boot. For what, for example, a professional model, whose value can hit R $ 500, if you are still starting in the sport? Something to watch out for, let’s face it.


Did you know? Women’s football was banned by law for forty years. Created in 1941, in the Vargas Era, the decree said that sport was contrary to female nature. It was not revoked until 1983.



There are very few physical differences between men and women that actually impact the game. Even less in the boot market. One is the size of each one’s feet. Men have bigger feet, and therefore there is a greater offer of models with regard to the number of shoes.

The best-selling women’s boots are numbered between 34 and 37. From there, if you want to choose from a larger variety, it is best to go after men’s or unisex boots – although models 38 and 39 are not difficult to find in the segment feminine.

Playing field

It is never a bad idea to remind the buyer of a football boot, be it female or male, to choose the proper model for the field of play, that is, between the field, society and the hall. Soccer shoes “displaced” from their terrain can cause injuries to users or worse: disturb the time of the decisive pass or the fatal kick.

Don’t have a fixed place to play and the budget doesn’t allow for three different cleats? The most versatile is that of society, with locks that can ensure certain stability in the grass and low enough to remain minimally adherent to the futsal courts.


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