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Top & Best Sony Camcorder Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Sony Camcorder: Which are the best of 2022?

In 1945, Japan was devastated after the end of World War II. To try to rebuild the country, several companies emerged, one of which was Sony. This brand is still successful today and has a complete line of electronic products. Among them is the Sony camcorder and that is what we will talk about today at ReviewBox Brasil.

The Sony camcorder is responsible for eternizing moments, and thanks to the technologies used in its production, it produces images with high quality. It is developed in several models. Each of them adapts to different ways of use and in the course of this article we will present you all about them.

First, the most important

  • Sony camcorders are divided into professional camcorder models, hand cams, that is, handheld cameras and action cameras.
  • The more advanced versions of the brand produce images with 4K quality.
  • Sony camcorders have a relatively high price and the simplest models cost from R $ 1,200 on average.

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Best Sony camcorders: The ideal one for every situation

There are Sony camcorders that adapt to all needs. There are professional models, others that are ideal for recording adventures and more. Among all these options, some versions of this product are among the best rated and we have separated them all below.

  • Readers’ preferred option
  • The best Sony action camcorder
  • The ideal Sony camcorder for professionals

Buying Guide

Even though Sony is a Japanese brand, it is very well regarded in Brazil. This is due to the fact that for years it has been making electronics with great performance. An example of this is the Sony camcorder, a product that records high-quality, clear, flicker-free videos.In addition to these features, there is much more information about the Sony camcorder. And to show you everything about them we created this shopping guide.

What is different about the Sony camcorder?

Sony is a brand that for many years has invested in new technologies for making its camcorders. This is proven thanks to the image quality that the camcorder can produce, with options that record even in 4K.It also doesn’t lag behind in terms of model variation. Sony camcorders are found in wide variations in size and recording styles. Thus, there are handheld cameras, professional cameras and even action cameras.

Another difference is that Sony launched the first shoulder-mounted camcorder with a global shutter. This camera eliminates flash streaks and the “gelatin” effect, setting a new standard in the quality of 4K, HDR and HD images.

In addition, Sony camcorders are equipped with an image stabilization system and wi-fi connectivity.

However, all of this has a price and that is a disadvantage of this product. Even though it is not among the most expensive on the market, Sony camcorders have a high value.


  • Records images with high quality
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Account with image stabilizer
  • It exists in several models
  • It is equipped with the latest technologies


  • Has high value


What are the Sony camcorder lines?

Sony has a full range of camcorders that are divided into four main lines.

  • 4K Specialist: In this category are shoulder and portable cameras with superior image quality, reaching 4K. These are indicated mainly for professional use.
  • 4K Casual: The camcorders that are part of this line are handheld models that also capture images in 4K. They can be used for professional or home use.
  • HD Casual: This category is made up of Sony camcorders that record with Full HD image quality.
  • Adventure and travel: This line of action includes Sony action cameras, which are more compact, robust and ideal for recording outdoors.

Are Sony camcorders waterproof?

Not all Sony camcorder models can be used underwater. Only one brand option has this differential and is the Action Cam camcorder, which belongs to the adventure and travel line.It has a structure for underwater use and can capture images up to 60 meters deep.

What are the main accessories for the Sony camcorder?

The Sony camcorder can be equipped with several accessories that are produced by the brand itself and make using this product even better.Among them are the external flashes, which can be used for recording in low light locations. There are also microphones, which capture audio more effectively, and tripods , which give more stability to filming.

The brand also makes a carrying case for the Sony camcorder. That way, you can take the camera everywhere without the risk of breaking it.

What does a Sony camcorder do that a camera does not?

When it comes to professional filming there are no arguments and the Sony camcorder is the ideal product for that. However, for home use is it also indicated?Know that even the most basic models of Sony camcorder record images with high resolution. In addition, they have a differentiated stability and luminosity system, precisely to achieve clear and flick-free footage.

If the search is for a product with these characteristics then it is the best option.

Ordinary cameras, however, do not have as much investment in technology for this purpose, adapting well only for simpler recordings.

How to transfer the videos from the Sony camcorder to the computer?

One question that affects people who have a Sony camcorder is about the process of transferring the images to the computer. Contrary to popular belief, this is easy to do and these cameras are compatible with all types of computers, including Apple models.To carry out the transfer there is a step by step and below you will find it complete.

  • While the camera is off, connect it to the computer using the USB cable. Then turn on the camera.
  • If this is the first time the camcorder is connected to the computer, it will automatically install the driver for the transfer.
  • Once this is done, you will see an automatic playback window on the computer screenJust click on the option “Import Images and Videos using Windows”.
  • In the “Import Images and Videos” window, click on “Import Settings” and then on the “Search” button.
  • At that moment, select the location on the computer where you want to store the files and click OK.
  • Next, you will see a new dialog called “Import Images and Videos”. Click on the Ok button and then press the “Import” button for the transfer to take place.


How much does a Sony camcorder cost?

The value of a Sony camcorder varies widely and this is related to the style of the camera. Those that have advanced features and record with better quality are more expensive, while the simpler models are more affordable.Therefore, it is possible to find options costing from R $ 1,200, on average, up to around R $ 22 thousand.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing Sony camcorder options

All Sony camcorder models have great performance, but each is suitable for a type of need. Thus, it is essential to make a correct choice and to help you with that we have separated below everything you should review before purchase.

  • Image quality
  • Way of use
  • Battery life
  • Lighting system

Now we will explain each of these topics to you.

Image quality

The quality of the image that will be captured by the Sony camcorder is its most important point.

The brand’s camcorder models capture images with two resolutions: full HD and 4K. Full HD is the type of resolution before 4K, but it has high sharpness and quality, making it a good option even for professional filming.

On the other hand, anyone looking for a higher quality image should invest in 4K, as this is the latest technology and guarantees unparalleled results.

Way of use

When choosing a Sony camcorder it is essential to keep in mind in what situations or for what purposes it will be used.

Shoulder models are the largest and widely used for recording content in the studio. They are heavier and require a lot of effort from the person in charge of the filming.

Handheld cameras are a good option for external recording and have a smaller size and lighter weight. In this way, they are ideal to be taken to various places.

Another variation is indicated for those who like to record in motion and in adventure situations. These are the action cameras, which are small in size and have several accessories to be placed on helmets, handlebars and more.

Battery life

Another feature that requires attention when purchasing a Sony camcorder is battery life. There are options from the brand that have batteries that last for up to 6 hours of recording, while others support a little less than that.

Thus, those who do not have extra batteries should look for a model that has good autonomy. Also, be aware that the battery level indicator estimates battery life and actual durability varies depending on how the camera is operating. So never trust him fully.


Lighting system

To achieve good quality images, the camcorder must have an efficient lighting system. This system is responsible for ensuring the ability of the Sony camcorder to record in low light environments.

Some models of the brand are more focused on this. An example is action cameras, which have sensors that can capture images even in dark places.

So, if you need a camera that performs well when there is little natural light, look for these options.

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