Top & Best Bicycle bag Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bicycle bag: How to choose yours in 2021?

the best shopping tips site in the country! In today’s article we will help you choose a fundamental accessory for those who ride a lot: cycling bag. Developed to be fixed on the bike, it allows the transport of personal belongings, tools, cell phones, clothes and more, without occupying the hands of the cyclist.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product,

First, the most important

  • Practical, bicycle bags can be adjustable or specific for use in certain areas of the bicycle, such as the frame, handlebars, rump, etc.
  • Model, material, fixation methods, fasteners and partitions are some of the characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • The values ​​vary according to the make, model and material of the bag. There are from simple versions that cost less than R $ 15 to more sophisticated ones that can cost more than R $ 100.

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Best Bicycle Bags: Our Recommendations

Cycling loaded bags, bags or backpacks without compromising their performance and safety is quite a challenge. To transport objects while cycling the bicycle bag is the ideal product. But choosing the right version is essential for the product to be really efficient. So we will present below a selection with the best bags on the market, to inspire you:

  • Mini saddlebag for frame
  • The best of saddle bags
  • The best frame option with cell port

Buying Guide

With bicycles gaining more and more space as a means of transport in everyday life in cities, it is essential to have a way to carry your belongings safely and comfortably. With the bicycle bag you don’t have to worry about where to put your personal effects, patch kit, tools and other items needed during a ride. With the product your objects are always at hand, firmly attached to your bike, in a practical and safe way.

Be sure to check out our Buying Guide to learn all about this accessory for cyclists and know how to choose the perfect model to store your belongings or transport items during your rides.


What is the bicycle bag and what is it for?

The bicycle bag is an accessory for cyclists that serves to safely store, store and carry objects during the pedal. Available in several models and sizes, the bag is the solution to store belongings and supplies needed during the pedal, such as snacks, keys, wallet, cell phone, spare tube, patch kit, etc.


The bag replaces backpack without impairing the rider’s performance.

It is also the ideal product for those who are traveling longer distances and need to carry luggage, or for those who use the bicycle to carry groceries and other supplies. The use of the bag well replaces the use of backpacks and henchmen, which can impair the rider’s performance, in addition to causing greater effort and physical wear.

Check out the product advantages:


  • Practical and versatile
  • Installation is usually simple and uncomplicated
  • There are versions in different sizes and formats, for all bicycle models


  • More sophisticated and waterproof models can be expensive
  • Inappropriate use can destabilize the bicycle and cause accidents

How to choose the best bag model for your bike?

To choose the right bicycle bag, the first step is to consider the type of cargo to be stored and the model of your bike. This way you will be able to determine the size and model of the most suitable bag to accommodate your belongings and to perfectly fit your bicycle. Discover the main models of bicycle bags and their indications for use:

    • From Saddle: One of the oldest and most popular models, the saddle bag has the advantage of being discreet and having an ideal complexion for carrying basic items such as patch kit and spare tube. The most common form of fixation in these models is velcro, which are attached to the saddle rails and seatpost. Another benefit of the model is being in the middle of the bike, centering the weight;
    • Top tube frame: There are versions to be used near the headset and the seatpost. The advantage of this model is its positioning, which makes access to the accessory easier. Models with a cell phone compartment are the most popular, as they still support the device;
    • Front triangle : They can be small or occupy the entire front triangle of the bike. The disadvantage of the model is that it closes the space for the bottle holder and greatly affects the look of the bicycle. On the other hand, they are easily accessible and do not tend to cause imbalance on the bike;
    • Handlebars: Very popular on bike lanes, bikepacking and urban use, it can replace the traditional basket and have high capacities. Some models come with removable handles, which facilitate transport when the bag is removed from the bike;
    • Saddlebag: It can have a version with bags on both sides or just one. Made to be fixed on the rump, front luggage rack or frame, it is ideal for bike lanes, or daily use.


What can’t be missing from your bicycle bag?

Whether for day-to-day use, for a longer ride, trek or trip, the bike bag is the ideal option to take whatever is necessary for the pedal. It is also an excellent tool to keep a “cyclist survival kit” at hand that can assist you in case of any emergency on the route.

Check out some tips on essential items to carry in your bicycle bag for carefree cycling:

    • Multi-purpose pocket knife for bikes;
    • Tire repair patch kit;
    • Air pump or mini-pump;
    • Backup air chamber;
    • Tire removal spatula;
    • Current connection;
    • Flannel ;





Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Bike Bag Types

There is a wide variety of bicycle bags. At the time of purchase, it is important to evaluate some characteristics of this product to ensure the safety of the items transported and your tranquility during the pedal. Know some relevant criteria:

  • Fixation
  • Material
  • Partitions and locks
  • Capacity

Below we will explain in detail each of these criteria:


The most common ways of attaching bicycle bags are adjustable clamps with velcro or clamps with hooks. Although most models are very simple to fix and install, some may require the use of special tools or accessories.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the models that use clamps, so that they are compatible with the diameter of the attachment area on the bike, be it the handlebars, front triangle, frame or saddle.


The materials most commonly used in the manufacture of bicycle bags are nylon, plastic, cordage and / or combinations of these materials. There are also versions of leather bags and other types of fabric, waterproof or not.

For the bag to be really resistant and functional, it is essential that it is made with good quality raw material, which will directly influence its durability. Choose well-known and renowned brands to ensure the reliability of materials.


Partitions and locks

In general, bike bags have zipper or velcro fastenings, with the possibility of combining the two types of fastenings. it is important that the finishes of the closures and the type of seal are carefully evaluated, especially in the resistant or waterproof bag models.

Simple zippers, for example, are not a good option, as they can easily let in liquids and moisture.

The partitions, in turn, can be internal or external. Divided models make it easier to organize your bag and itemize items, making it easier to use and find objects faster.




The capacity of the bicycle bags is expressed in liters, and can vary from 0.5L to 60L, depending on the brand and model chosen. Smaller models are ideal for carrying personal items, such as wallets, cell phones and keys. They can be used on the frame, handlebars or under the saddle.

Larger models are recommended for long wheels, or for carrying bulky cargo. However, care is needed to balance the weights. Models from 25L to 30L can be carried on the front of the bike. If you are going to carry two bags, choose one 40L for the rear and another 25L for the front.



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