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Best Hazelnut Cream Review: Discover the best One

It’s so delicious and irresistible that we couldn’t help but prepare this provocative shopping guide for you, as we know you’ll need it now that different brands and types of hazelnuts are spreading.

In the beginning, the market for this delicious gift was led by the classic Nutella brand that dominated the scene until the appearance of competitors. Today we can find this product adapted to everyone’s tastes. Therefore, neither calories nor palm oil are another deterrent to enjoying a good spread of toast.

The most important thing

  • Hazelnut spread is a sweet and creamy spread. It is made from ground hazelnuts and is often supplemented with other ingredients such as cocoa. In addition to being a tasty snack, it is a nutritious food with a high protein content.
  • Thanks to their high demand, manufacturers have developed recipes adapted to different consumers, for example, substituting some harmful ingredients. You can find regular, organic or low-calorie hazelnut cream.
  • Choosing a suitable hazelnut cream will depend on what you want to prepare with it, but also on the ingredients it contains, for example the percentage of hazelnut, extra flavors and the type of fat and sweetener used.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About Hazelnut Creams

In addition to being creamy and totally irresistible, spreadable hazelnuts have other characteristics that make them very special. With this shopping guide you’ll know what to do when faced with the wide variety of brands to choose the one that best suits you. Because you can enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time.

Hazelnut Cream

What is spreadable hazelnut and what are its advantages?

Hazelnut spread is a creamy paste made from hazelnuts and sometimes sweetened to make it more palatable. Its main use is as a spread, but there is no one who can resist eating a spoon or just sticking a finger in the jar and eating a little.

It is one of the children’s favorite sweets because some presentations are enriched with cocoa. Furthermore, it is also considered a food since hazelnuts have great antioxidant properties, vitamin E, among other things.


Benefits & Disadvantages

  • It’s nutritious and nutritious
  • There are natural versions
  • It has multiple uses
  • Its price is affordable
  • Children and adults adore it
  • It’s high in calories
  • some contain a lot of sugar
  • Some are made with palm oil.

Classic, Organic or Healthy Hazelnut Cream – What Should You Watch?

Since it arrived on the market, the cocoa cream recipe has been the subject of experimentation by many brands, each one seeking innovation in the ingredient that will differentiate it. Thus, different types emerged, adapted to the dietary needs of consumers.

Classic . The classic hazelnut cream is known as Nutella, as it was the first brand on the market. This version is accompanied by a small percentage of cocoa (7.4%). It is sweetened with sugar, contains milk and is uniformly creamy.

Bio. The organic option arose out of doubts about the effects of palm oil on health, so the organic version does not contain this type of fat. Also, hazelnuts are generally organic, meaning they are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Fitness . There is something for everyone, even for those who care about their figure. Although hazelnuts themselves are high in fat and calories, some manufacturers have proposed versions of hazelnut spreads that remove ingredients such as sugar, oil and/or dairy to make them lower in calories.


Percentage of hazelnuts13%Between 13% and 100%Between 13% and 100%
SweetenersSugarNo sugar or natural sweetenersNatural or sugar-free sweeteners
added fatspalm or vegetable oilVegetable oil or no added fatNo added fat
extra flavorsWith extra flavorsWith or without added flavorsWith or without extra flavors

Purchasing Criteria

When it comes to food, it is always better to look at the following criteria, it is always better to take a close look at the labels. There you will find all the important information you need to take into account to know exactly what product you are buying and consuming. Take into account:

  • hazelnut content
  • Sweeteners
  • added fats
  • extra flavors

hazelnut content

Although its name indicates hazelnut cream, hazelnut is not the predominant ingredient in all cases. In fact, we may be surprised to find that in some brands the presence of hazelnuts is very low.

Less than 13% . This is a low percentage of hazelnuts. When the value is low, you should take a close look at what the other ingredients make up the rest of the content, so you can be sure you can consume it. We recommend that you always look for a higher percentage.

Between 13% and 90% . This is the most common percentage that is achieved, especially in classic revenue that has 13%. Usually, when the percentage is this, there are usually other ingredients in moderate amounts. This range is considered quality and is also common in some organic and fitness versions.

100% . This means it contains only hazelnuts, no additives, sweeteners or extra flavors. Although it is not very common, there are brands that sell it. 100% is found especially in organic and handcrafted products. While it might be a little more expensive, it’s a very healthy option.


In the wake of the recent controversy over the health consequences of sugar, alternatives to sugar have emerged. There are several options, including the attractive offer of zero added sugars.

Sugar . This is usually white sugar and the amounts added are almost always greater than recommended for health. Although they taste delicious and sweet, it is best to always moderate their consumption. There are some low-sugar hazelnut pastes that are most beneficial to children and adults.

Natural . The most recommended are natural sweeteners such as stevia or sugar alcohols such as erythritol, which is low in calories, or xylitol which provides zero calories. If you are among those who care about your figure and your health, any of these alternatives will help you.

Chemicals . These sweeteners come from chemically processed sources, although they are used for their low calorie content. The truth is that they are not the most recommendable alternative for our health. In this sense you could avoid hazelnut cream sweetened with saccharin, sucralose or aspartame.

added fats

One of the natural characteristics of hazelnuts is precisely their own positive fat, however in some hazelnut cream preparations some additional fat is added to facilitate the creation of the creamy texture. Some aspects must be taken into account with this fat.

No added fat. This is found in creams that are 100% hazelnut. In this type of cream, the only fat is that which comes from the chestnut itself, which in the case of hazelnuts are polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. If you want to take care of your health, this is without a doubt your best alternative.

Palm oil. Although it is of vegetable origin, like olive oil, palm oil contains saturated fats that in excess are not beneficial to your health. Therefore, if you choose a hazelnut cream that contains it, you should know that it is best to consume it in moderation.

Vegetable Oil . It would be better to consume canola or sunflower oil, but when it says “vegetable oil” on the label, it means it’s a mixture of several seeds, including soybeans. It’s a middle-of-the-road option in terms of care and health, so you can trust its quality.

extra flavors

100% Hazelnut Cream is the only one that doesn’t contain extra flavors

100% hazelnut cream is the only one that doesn’t contain extra flavors, but many delicious recipes do contain extra flavors. These recipes enriched with other ingredients have a special place in the hearts of consumers, especially those that add cocoa.

Cocoa. Hands up that can resist chocolate! The cocoa-enriched hazelnut cream is a favorite of the favourites. It adds a particularly special flavor to hazelnuts and helps create that rich creamy texture. Needless to say… it feels good to lick your fingers.

Peanuts. Another excellent and exquisite combination is that of hazelnuts and peanuts, which together form an unbeatable cream designed for demanding palates. It’s also a combination that provides a lot of energy, making it ideal for breakfast or before physical training.

Milk . Some of the recipes contain milk. Milk is also an extra source of fat and calories. Although fewer and fewer recipes incorporate this ingredient, it’s important to check the label because if you do, some people, such as vegans or those who are lactose intolerant, may not be able to eat it.

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