Top & Best Tinting Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tinting: What is the best for your hair in 2022?

Anyone who has colored or bleached hair knows that they require a lot of care. And this special attention is not only related to the health of the hair, but also to the maintenance of color. For that there is a matador and that is what we will talk about today here!

The tint is a well-known product for blondes, but it also exists in versions for white, red and black hair. It can eliminate unwanted tones and make the hair more beautiful, without the need for a new dye. And if you want to know everything about it just read this article until the end.

First, the most important

  • The tint can be found in versions for blond, gray, black and red hair.
  • It exists in several options and there are shaders in the shape of shampoo, conditioner and even hair mask.
  • The ideal is to apply this product every 20 days.

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The best mixers: The newsroom favorites

Among the matting options found today, there are some that stand out in the market. These have a high action potential and leave the threads renewed and we have gathered all of them below so you can get to know them.

  • Excellent national tint for blond and gray
  • The favorite shampoo shampoo
  • The ideal tinting mask for blondes
  • The best sulfate-free shampoo


Buying Guide

Ally with blondes, the mattress is an ideal product for color correction, without the need for a new pigmentation. It manages to give more life to the threads and leave them in the shade of when they were dyed or discolored.

But for whom is this product ideal? How should it be used? Is there a tint for other hair tones too? To answer these and other questions we created this super complete shopping guide and at the end of the reading you will know exactly whether or not the mattress is right for you.

What is a mattress and what is it for?

The mattizer is a product developed to correct the shade of bleached or dyed hair. It can be found in the shampoo , conditioner or mask version and is used both at home and in hairdressing salons.

The main action of the mattress is to neutralize the color of the threads and thus remove unwanted tones from them. It is composed of pigments that adhere to the strands and, unlike dyes, does the pigmentation in the region of the cortex, which is the inner part of the strands.



Many people believe that tinting and dyeing are the same, but these two products have different actions.

The tint acts on the tonality of the strands and acts in several colors, not only in yellow, being very similar to the tonalizers.

The dye remover works only in yellowish tones and has a weaker action, needing to be used frequently to generate the desired effect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a mattress?

The mattizer is a product with high efficiency that can generate corrections in hair colors of different shades. It is ideal to revitalize and shine the hair that is faded, yellow or orange.

Thanks to this, the mattizer is a great tool in beauty salons and also in the home of people who want to treat the threads, without having to repaint them. Another positive point of this product is that while revitalizing the color, it also treats the hair.

Many products of this type are enriched with vitamins, oils, amino acids and other components that act on the health of the hair. In addition, a great advantage is that it is found in versions for different types of hair, which makes it very versatile.

On the other hand, it is common for the tint to create the so-called lead effect on blond hair. This action usually occurs due to an excess of product time in the wires and leaves them with a purple or bluish appearance. This is only corrected as the strands are washed and creates a minor inconvenience for blondes.



  • Corrects wire shade problems
  • Available in different hair colors
  • Treat hair while acting
  • Can be used at home or in the salon


  • It can lead blond hair

What are the main types of tinting?

The tint is a product widely used in blond hair, but it is also developed to correct tonal problems in other hair colors. For this, each one of them has in its composition different pigments that will adhere to the threads.

So, check out the main types of tint that can be found for purchase:

    • Purple tint : The purple tint works to neutralize yellow and golden tones and is one of the most common ones. This is also indicated for gray hair and acts leaving it very white.
    • Blue tint: For blondes who, over time, gain orange tones, a good option is the blue tint.
    • Black tint: There are two types of black tint. One of them is also aimed at blondes and this is an excellent option for women with orange and gray hair. The other version is for hair dyed with darker colors, such as black, which usually fade very easily.
    • Reddish tint : Those who have red and red hair also find a tinting option. This serves to maintain the color and makes it more intense.


How to use the mattress?

The mattizer is a very easy product to use, but it requires some care to achieve the desired effect. To reduce the chances of error, it is essential that a professional indicate the exact shade of the tint that should be applied to the wires, as this way achieving the desired correction becomes simpler.

In addition, the time of application of this product varies widely and according to the objective to be achieved. There are options that work in 3 minutes and others that can stay on the wires for up to 30 minutes.


Using all the items together the action potency increases.

Another tip when using the mattress is to use a complete line of products for this purpose. There are many brands that invest in shampoos, conditioners and masks and using all the items together the potency of action increases.

From there, just choose the mattress and apply it on the wires according to the manufacturer’s indication. For hair with small color changes, it is recommended to stay less time with the product and increase this period as needed.

Another important point is about the use of gloves during application. They are often necessary because the tint can stain your hands. And in order not to lead the hair down, the ideal is to test the product and the action time before putting it on all the strands.

How often should you apply the tint on your hair?

As much as the mattress has an excellent action, it should not be used excessively. The indication is that this product is applied to the wires with an average interval of 20 days.

However, in different situations this period can be changed. Hair that is very exposed to the sun, the pool or that turns yellow easily may need to be tinted before that. The same happens with the reddish ones, which lose color more easily and so the use of the tinting can be every 15 days.



Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare tinting options

Just enter a cosmetics store to find that there are a multitude of tinting options. This makes choosing just one a rather complicated task. However, there are some ways to get it right and we show you all of them below.

  • Product presentation
  • Ease of application
  • Hair tone
  • Action time

Now we will detail each one of these criteria so that you can choose the ideal tint for your need.

Product presentation

The matizer is found in several versions. There are shampoos, conditioners and even masks that have the purpose of correcting the color. With that, the first step is to determine which of these presentations is your favorite.

Normally shampoos and conditioners have a slightly more subtle action than the mask. On the other hand, they have a two-in-one function and eliminate the need to wash the threads with one product and then use another to have the desired effect.

The masks are more powerful and often come with other components that treat the wires. So, check what you like best.


Ease of application

Especially for those who will use the mattress at home, it is essential that the product is easy to apply, since this process is often done by just one person.

With regard to shampoos and conditioning conditioners, there is not much to say, as their application process is very simple and the same as the versions that do not have this purpose.

Masks can have a slightly different application.

However, masks can have a slightly different application. They have a normally thicker texture and this makes their penetration into the strands more difficult.

Therefore, in the case of a mattress of this type, one must analyze that it will be necessary to divide the hair into strands and apply it gradually, massaging the strands well so that the product penetrates correctly in all parts.

Hair tone

Another fundamental issue regarding the choice of a mattress concerns the type of coloring that you want to correct. From this, one should choose one or the other.

This issue is especially important for blond hair. As we told you, there are blue, purple and black tints for them and many people make mistakes when buying and because of this they cannot see the correct effect of this product.

Therefore, always check with a professional in the field which option of tint is the best for your hair.

Action time

Not all tinters have the same action time and some are faster and others are slower in the color correction process. This is independent of the need for the wires and is a characteristic of the product.

This information is always specified in the matizer’s description. Therefore, if you are one of those people who do not like to apply a product and expect it to act for a long time, opt for those who have faster action time.


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