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Top & Best Brush racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Brush racket: How to choose the best in 2022?

In this article, we will talk about the racket brush, that wide, square brush that is very common in any home.

Despite its popularity, we don’t usually pay much attention to our hair brushes, but a good model is able to facilitate (and a lot!) The beauty routine and transform any hair. So, stay with us to learn all about the racket brush and purchase the perfect product for your needs.

First, the most important

  • Racket brushes are perfect for untangling knots and styling hair.
  • It is possible to find racket brushes made with bristles of different materials, and each type of material is more suitable for certain types of hair.
  • The distance between the bristles is a determining factor when choosing the ideal racket brush.

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The best racket brushes: Our recommendations

The racket brush is a very common item and there are several models available on the market. Among so many options, it is difficult to decide on a specific product. To help with this task, we have created this small selection with some of the best rated products on the internet:

  • The racket brush that reduces frizz on unruly hair
  • The ideal racket brush for thick hair
  • The joker racket brush for all hair types


Buying Guide

The racket brush can be an excellent ally in your beauty routine to achieve healthy, aligned and well-maintained hair.

Brushing your hair with the right brush may seem basic and simple, but it is an essential step to ensure the beauty of the strands and, to ensure that you achieve the best effect possible, continue reading this Buying Guide to learn everything about the racket brush.

What is a racket brush and what is it for?

The racket brush is a square brush (although there are oval versions), usually large and wide, which serves to untangle, smooth, curl, curl and even finish hairstyles.

It is possible to find racket brushes of different types and materials, such as ceramic, wood or plastic, and it is very common that they have a padded base for greater comfort during styling and greater adherence to the scalp.

There are versions of racket brushes with plastic or silicone balls on the tips of the bristles, which also massage the scalp.

What are the benefits of the racket brush?

The biggest advantage of the racket brush is that it is suitable for all types of hair, and is the best choice for untangling the strands.



Did you know that the best way to untangle hair without breaking it or damaging it is to start brushing it from the ends towards the root, that is, working the hair in strands from the bottom to the top?


In addition, we can count as a benefit the fact that it is possible to find brushes with different types of bristles, and most materials have extra functions, such as conducting heat, brightening or reducing frizz.

Finally, racket brushes are so popular that they are easily found and you can buy from cheap versions in the neighborhood pharmacy, to very luxurious professional brushes.

How to know if the racket brush is suitable for your hair?

The racket brush is suitable for all types of hair. However, there are several types of racket brush and some are more suitable for certain types of hair.

If you have very thick or unruly hair, the most suitable racket brush should have synthetic bristles, preferably nylon. They do not create static and are more resistant, untangling the wires without giving way.

Bet on models with plastic or silicone balls at the tips, as they are gentler on the scalp and adhere better to the strands, providing a better brushing result.

People with fine, straight or damaged hair can bet on a racket brush with natural bristles, the most common of which are boar hair. This type of bristle is very soft and distributes the natural oil along the hair, giving shine without weighing.

Whoever uses hair extensions or any type of extension, should bet on a racket brush with separate bristles and, what is fundamental, in a loop format. As the bristles are arched and have no tips, they do not curl in the splice of the capillary extension.

If your idea is to use the racket brush to untangle the hair and shape the hair with a dryer, use a hollow racket brush or ceramic body and bristles.





The hollow brush allows air from the hair dryer to pass through it, drying the strands at angles that an ordinary brush would not allow, which makes the hair dry faster.

Ceramic is an excellent heat conductor, which helps to shape hair with greater firmness and control and provides more shine.

Where to buy and how much does a racket brush cost?

The most common versions of racket brushes can be found mainly in pharmacies, perfumeries and in the supermarket’s personal care and hygiene sector.

Racket brushes for professional or premium use are found in luxury perfumeries, hairdressing salons or stores for beauty professionals.

It is possible to find good brushes for daily use in the range of R $ 20 to R $ 40.

If you want to invest in professional versions, with more resistant materials or with special properties, such as ceramic or boar bristles, be willing to invest from R $ 50.



Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Racket Brush Models

There are several characteristics of a racket brush that you should pay attention to when making the purchase, as they directly influence the result of the hairstyle and the ease with which you will remove the knots:

  • Size
  • Distance between bristles
  • Bristle material
  • Brush material

We will explain each point in more detail below:


Racket brushes are usually large and wide, but the size can vary and, although rarer, narrower versions can be found.

The size of the brush will depend on the length and volume of your hair. The larger the brush, the larger the area it will be able to comb and detangle at once.

Therefore, a larger and wider brush is more suitable for long or bulky hair, while narrower brushes are better for medium, short or thin hair.

Distance between bristles

The distance between the bristles must be considered: if you have curly or curly hair, the best choice is a racket brush with more widely spaced bristles, which combs more smoothly and untangle the knots without deforming the curls.

If your hair is straight, opt for closer bristles. You can also invest in brushes with a shorter distance between the bristles if you want to create more marked waves.

Bristle material

It is possible to find racket brushes made with bristles of the most diverse materials.

You can find there racket brushes made with bristles of the most diverse materials, with nylon, ceramic, metal, natural hair (mainly boar) and wood being the most common materials.

  • Nylon: The brushes with nylon bristles are very resistant and, at the same time, very malleable. They are suitable for all types of hair, but people with very thick or rebellious strands can get along very well with this type of brush, as they manage to untangle even the most difficult hair.
  • Ceramics: The brushes with ceramic bristles, in turn, are great conductors of heat, so they are indicated mainly for those who want to use the racket brush to untangle and shape the wires while using the hair dryer. In addition, they combat static and frizz of the wires.
  • Metal: Metal bristles work in a similar way to ceramic bristles, as they conduct heat very well and help to shape and dry hair faster. However, it can overheat and burn the hair, so it is not recommended to use on wet hair.
  • Natural: Brushes with natural bristles, usually of wild boar, are more suitable for straight, thin or very damaged hair, as it combs and detangles smoothly. They are also great for those who have defined curls or who have done babyliss and want to comb the curls smoothly, without disrupting them.
  • Wood: Finally, we have the racket brushes with wooden bristles. Wood does not conduct static electricity, so it is perfect for controlling frizz. In addition, it is suitable for all types of hair.

To facilitate the understanding of the main types of bristles and their indications, take a look at the table below:

Brush material

The material of the brush body is also important: make sure it is tough and durable.

Good materials are acrylic, wood, ceramic, bamboo or metal. Bet on models with anatomical handles and coated with rubber – they help to hold the brush more firmly, as well as contain the heat of the dryer in a way that does not burn your hands.


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