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Top & Best Spiritist books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Spiritist books: How to choose the best in 2022?

your internet analytics site. In today’s text we will talk about spiritist books, objects of consumption of followers of religion and also scholars and sympathizers of the doctrine.

In the paragraphs that make up this article we will talk about authors, some of the most important works, in addition to spiritism itself and part of its history.

First, the most important

  • Spiritist books began to be written in the 19th century, by the Frenchman Allan Kardec, who codified spiritism.
  • Spiritist books can be of romance or study of doctrine.
  • Chico Xavier, Bezerra de Menezes, Divaldo Franco and Yvonne do Amaral Pereira are some of authors of spiritist books.

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The best spiritist books: Our newsroom favorites

The review box of ReviewBox Brasil put together a special list for you with the best options for spiritist books. Check them out below.

  • The introductory book to Spiritism
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  • A spiritist novel
  • A book on spiritism in black culture


Buying Guide

Spiritist books are always on the rise, as the country has a large community that follows the doctrine. This guide intends to bring information to help you when purchasing your copy.

What are spiritist books?

Spiritist books deal with subjects related to spiritualism, whether in the form of doctrine or narrative.

Spiritualism emerged in the 19th century, with the French pedagogue Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail, who would later assume the pseudonym of Allan Kardec. The purpose of spiritism is to unite science with religion, in addition to being philosophical.



Did you know that has the largest spiritist community on the planet? According to IBGE data from 2010, there are 3.8 million declared spiritists, while another 40 million are sympathetic to spiritist ideas, including reincarnation.


The doctrine seeks to morally improve the individual through teachings of spirits and disincarnated souls. Their communication with the living is done through mediums.

From the perspective of spiritism, reincarnation is real, death being only one stage in the evolution of the spirit present in each one. Death should not be seen in a negative way, but as the closure of that spirit’s mission in the world of the living.

The doctrine also believes that there is life on other planets, in addition to claiming that Jesus Christ is not the son of God on Earth, but rather a more evolved spirit, which serves as a guide for humanity.

What are the fundamental works of spiritist books?

Altogether, there are five fundamental works in spiritist books, all of which were authored by Allan Kardec.

The five fundamental books of spiritism are The Spirits ‘Book (1857), The Mediums’ Book (1859), The Gospel According to Spiritism (1863), Heaven and Hell (1865) and Genesis (1868).



Allan KardecExcerpt from The Spirits’ Book

“Pride and ambition will always be a barrier erected between man and God. They are a veil thrown on the celestial light, and God cannot use the blind to make the light noticeable.”

It all started when, in Paris, rotating tables caught the attention of some people, including Kardec’s. Adept of rigorous scientific methods, he found it difficult to accept phenomena at first.

Kardec, however, started to study carefully and came across an intelligent force, responsible for the phenomena. They were the “spirits of men”.

The pedagogue then looked for mediums who started to talk to the spirits, obtaining information, and filtering them through the sieve of reason. Through its codification, The Spirits’ Book was born. And from that Kardec started to adopt the pseudonym for which he is known until today.

What are the differences between spiritist books and spiritualist books?

The term spiritism first appeared with Allan Kardec and the doctrine is based on the knowledge codified by the author.

Spiritualism, on the other hand, is a term used to refer to religions and philosophical doctrines that have in common the belief in the survival of the spirit, which it follows, not ending death, as opposed to materialism.


Spiritualism itself fits within spiritualism, but the opposite does not apply.

Spiritualism itself fits within spiritualism, but the opposite does not apply. Other examples of spiritualism are Umbanda, Buddhism and the chakra.

Therefore, spiritist books are exclusively about spiritism, while spiritualist books include spiritism itself and other religions, beliefs and doctrines based on the belief that man’s soul is immortal, going beyond matter.

What are the recommended films based on spiritist books?

Movies with a spiritist theme are quite common And a good portion of them are based on spiritist books. Below, we list some of them.

The Spirits’ Film (2011)

A man thinks about taking his life after his wife’s death and losing his job. However, he is faced with The Spirits’ Book and begins a journey of transformation in his life.

The film is inspired by The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec, and was released in theaters in October in celebration of the author’s birthday.

The Mothers of Chico Xavier (2011)

In this film, three mothers desperate with the challenges of motherhood seek the advice of the medium Chico Xavier.

The feature film is based on the book Por Trás do Véu de Ísis, released in 2004 and written by journalist Marcel Souto Maior.

Our Home (2010)

Aware of death, even though he feels hungry and thirsty, André Luiz goes through the suffering of purgatory and is then taken to the city of Nosso Lar, where he comes into contact with new knowledge and learns about life in another dimension.

Based on the book of the same name, this is the first psychographed work by Chico Xavier under the influence of André Luiz’s spirit. The book was released in 1944.

In turn, the film was a huge box office success, taking more than 4 million people to cinemas and raising more than R $ 36 million.







Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying spiritist books

If you are determined to purchase spiritist books, we bring you this last list with some items that can help you make a better choice. They are:

  • Authors
  • Romance or study of religion
  • Launch or classic
  • Collections

In the next lines we will unravel each of the items mentioned.


There are several authors of spiritist books, but some are the ones that gain more prominence. Betting on established authors is always a good alternative when choosing your book.

Names like Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier, Bezerra de Menezes, Divaldo Pereira Franco, Ernesto Bozzano, Léon Denis, Amalia Domingo Soler and Yvonne do Amaral Pereira are some of the most notorious.

While some of them were theorists, researchers and scholars on spiritualism, some were mediums and wrote under the influence of the spirit of others, like Xavier.

In the table below, we list one of the works of each of the mentioned authors:

Romance or study of religion

Among spiritist books, there are as many spiritist novels as there are books on the study of religion. But how to differentiate them?

The novels tell a story in a playful way, concerned with a chronological narrative of actions and facts. They bring knowledge, but in a more superficial way.

Meanwhile, study books focus on knowledge, covering the technical and theoretical part more deeply.

Nosso Lar, by Chico Xavier, and Living in the World of Spirits, by Vera Lúcia Marinzeck de Carvalho, are examples of spiritist romance books.

The Exiles of the Chapel, by Edgard Armond, and the five fundamental works of spiritualism written by Allan Kardec are examples of Spiritist study books.

Launch or classic

There are spiritist books written in the 19th century and some have become classics of literature by helping to consolidate the doctrine.

There is no way to leave behind the teachings of Allan Kardec or the spiritist novels by Chico Xavier. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just those authors.

Spiritism remains on the agenda of several authors and scholars, including contemporary works by Vera Lúcia Marinzeck de Carvalho, Robson Pinheiro, Alexandre Caldini Neto and Elizabeth Pereira.

There is no lack of quality options, you just have to define if you prefer to read something more recent, staying updated with the releases, or immerse yourself in the obligatory works for those who are adept at spiritism and its values.


To gift someone or for your own collection of spiritist books, you can use the collections.

Authors such as Chico Xavier, Allan Kardec and Robson Pinheiro are some authors whose works are compiled in certain boxes. In addition to standardizing copies, they still tend to be cheaper than buying them individually.


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