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Top & Best Horror books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Horror books: How to choose the best in 2022?

As human beings, we are always enchanted with the unknown and the supernatural. And many of us also enjoy experiences that make us feel scared or terrified. Therefore, today we will talk about horror books!

The horror literature has already produced great classics, renowned authors and even has constant adaptations for the cinema. There is no doubt that engaging in terrifying, well-written content is something to be fascinated by.

Whether you are already experienced with horror books or just someone looking for valuable tips to get started in the genre, we will bring in this article information about authors, editions, excellent works and much more. Stay with us!

First, the most important

  • Terror is the genre that deals directly with fear, dread and madness. Since centuries ago, it is a literature that produces classics of high quality.
  • There are several subgenres: psychological terror, supernatural terror, slasher, monsters, gore and more. Liking one does not mean liking everyone!
  • Some publishers are dedicated to terror and launch high quality physical books, which are beautiful and can attract collectors and card-carrying fans of the genre.

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Ranking: The 4 best horror books

We have prepared a very diverse selection to present in this sector, with classic and contemporary books, national and international. The fact is that they are works that certainly deserve to be read!


Buying Guide

How well do you know horror literature? Subgenres, authors, indisputable classics?

Now we are going to bring you a series of information that can help you decide which book is the ideal one to take your sleep for the next nights!

What are horror books?

Horror fiction is one whose main objective is to generate feelings of fear, dread and disgust in its audience. It is not necessary for this that the theme be supernatural: Much of the material and known world is capable of provoking such feelings.

Since the beginning of literature and theater, manifestations of terror have been known. Art, after all, is a medium used to portray human feelings, and fear is one of the most present in our existence.

Over time, folklore grew richer and gained additions that come from all sides: Vampires, monsters, zombies, ghosts and many other figures took over the imaginary, besides, of course, what is real and tangible, like serial killers and situations of paranoia.

Horror books today can cover all of these topics and more. The richness of the human fear imagery is priceless.

Did you know? Paleness, extreme sensitivity to light, insomnia, preference for walking at night, laryngeal stiffness caused by strong smells, such as garlic, and ultra aggressiveness … Are we describing a vampire?

No … These are the symptoms of human rabies. Researchers believe that modern vampirism stories were based on an epidemic of this disease that plagued Europe in the 18th century. And it makes a lot of sense …

What are the subgenres of horror books?

The terror is so complex that it ranges from introspective stories that need only one character, to narratives of monsters destroying the planet.

What are your favorites? We will now list the subgenres of terror.

We start with one who often dismisses monsters or entities: psychological terror . In it, a situation of madness or paranoia of a character going through situations that he believes to be real is explored. And it can, in fact, be … or not!

The slasher , well known also in the cinema, is the subgenre that involves a murderer or serial killer in action, killing several people. It is the one that dispenses most with supernatural elements.

On the contrary, supernatural terror depends on them . This is where the stories of ghosts, spirits, entities and more come in. There is no denying the fascination we have for this subgenre, not least because the unknown is what most frightens us.

Horror with monsters is one of the least fearful today, but where many classics reside. It is also where we can frame the stories of vampires and zombies, among others.

These are the four main genres of terror today. But we cannot fail to mention other famous people, such as the gore (with blood baths on the pages!), Fantastic realism (which is not just about horror) and what almost converges with suspense books .

We created a table with some comparisons about the four main genres of terror:

Classic or contemporary horror books?

The first big explosion of horror literature took place during the time of romanticism. For this reason, a common feature of works such as “Dracula”, “Frankenstein” and the short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft is gothic.

These books have elaborate narratives and are dedicated to the construction of a climate and a very clear visual imagery. Often, they do not cause so much fear in current readers, but generate impact by immersing themselves in the universe described.

To learn more about the works of some classic horror authors, we recommend the following video from the Beatriz Paludetto channel:

Contemporary terror stands out for the convergence of subgenres and the imaginary.

Ghosts and demons often mix with the real dramas of modern life.

There is a huge variety of writing styles: Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman are very different from each other. What is similar is the ability to bring fear into a world similar to the one we live in.

We recommend that you know both classic and contemporary horror, but be aware that the former is more descriptive and far-fetched, while the latter tends to bet more directly on the fear itself.

How much?

We can find great variation in horror books. Some copies, especially if they are pocket-sized, turn around R $ 20, while others, with hardcover and well-made gear, can even go over R $ 100.

It is important to note that even the same book can have very different prices depending on the edition. But with R $ 50 it is possible to buy excellent works in quality physical material. Versions for e-readers like the Kindle Paperwhite are cheaper.

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, we have seen a decrease in bookstores in cities. Today, few survive on the streets and in the centers. But you will always find some quality in shopping centers of medium or large size.

The best option is to buy online. Amazon offers practically any book you can imagine with good prices. It is also worth checking out Amazon international and the websites of major bookstore chains.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when choosing horror books

We have already discussed differences between subgenres and times of terror. Now, let’s talk about criteria that should help you make the final choice of your book. We selected four:

  • Number of pages
  • Edition
  • Author
  • Nationality

Below, more details about each one!

Number of pages

Are you a novice or experienced reader? Is there patience to read long books, with huge amounts of pages and characters? It is always good to check the size of the work chosen before the acquisition!

Of course, there are other factors that influence the number of pages, such as the physical dimensions of the book and the font size. But it is good to note all of this, especially if you are not in the habit of reading often.


Publishers do very neat work with some books. Hardcover, exceptional art, beautiful fonts, paper of excellent weight. The idea is not only to catch readers, but also collectors of the genre.

In the case of terror, Darkside is the main publisher and always releases high quality editions. But if you are not a collector, perhaps none of this is necessary and even a simple pocket edition will do. Choose with your heart!


It is normal for us to choose well-known authors to read our favorite genres. And terror has many of them. The greatest geniuses of this genre are Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft. Both have excellent collections translated into Portuguese.

Recent authors have also achieved a lot of prominence in terror. Of course, none are as famous as Stephen King, but we can also name Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman and Anne Rice.



In each country, fear building works differently. That’s because there are folklore, religiosity and mythologies very different from each other. The characteristics of Japanese terror are very different from those that characterize Italian, and in turn they differ greatly.

So it’s great to give horror books of different nationalities a try. And of course. Our country produces excellent works of the genre that deserve to be read and appreciated!


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