Top and Best tablet to study Review 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is the best tablet to study in 2021?

Welcome to Learning online is an increasingly common practice. But for that, it is essential that you have the right tools. For those looking for maximum mobility, the idea is to have the best tablet to study.

In the following, we will show you why you should study with the help of a tablet and what criteria you should take into account to buy the best model.

First, the most important

  • The tablet has become one of the best tools when it comes to studying online because of its lightness and mobility.
  • You don’t have to invest a lot of money to buy the best tablet to study.
  • With a tablet with basic settings, it is possible to watch video lessons, create presentations, and access thousands of books.

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Best tablets to study: Our recommendations



Buying Guide

The first thing that comes to mind when buying a tablet is the price. But there is no need to be discouraged. It is currently possible to have a good tablet to study at an affordable price.

In addition to discovering the average price of the best study tablets, in the Buying Guide below you will understand the advantages of this device and how it can be used to optimize your learning.


Why use a tablet to study?

Nowadays it is possible to expand your knowledge and boost the curriculum just by studying on the internet.

This is because more and more online schools attract students.

In addition, it is possible to take technical courses and even study for major exams, such as the entrance exam.

Not to mention that on the internet it is possible to search for information and data, in addition to accessing thousands of books, either online or in PDF.

For that, you only need internet access and a good device that can be: Computer, notebook, smartphone, and tablet.

But if what you’re looking for is maximum freedom to come and go, you need the best tablet to study. After all, the tablet is light, compact and allows you to learn when and where you want.

In addition, the tablet has the advantage of having a long battery life. With this, it is possible to take your tablet to school, college, cram school, library, in addition to using it on the bus and at home, without depending on the outlet.

Another point in favor of the tablet to study is that it is versatile. You will be able to choose the configurations and prices that are best suited to your needs and your pocket.


What’s better: Studying with a tablet or a notebook?

Among the devices available for studying online, the tablet and the notebook are the most similar to each other. After all, the PC is a machine that takes up a lot of space and stays fixed on the desk.

The smartphone, although it may have large screens, is small and less efficient compared to the tablet, especially when considering activities such as studying, working, and playing.

But when we compare the notebook and the tablet we notice that they are, in fact, very similar. So much so that, today, there is the hybrid notebook, which turns into a tablet.

Discover three apps to study with your tablet:

  • Updated: Ideal for those who want to annotate images and documents, in addition to drawing and coloring. The application is also great for creating mind maps and downloading PDF documents;
  • Evernote: This app allows you to write notes, save searches, take pictures of images and record audio;
  • Penultimate: This application to study with the tablet is used to create, edit, and share notes.


The fact is that both the notebook and the tablet guarantee mobility when studying online. Still, the tablet gains in lightness and practicality to take the device even in the bag or in the hand.

The notebook, even though it is small and light, is still bigger than the tablet and always requires an outlet nearby to recharge the battery.

On the other hand, the notebook may have a larger screen, a more efficient processor, and more memory space. And, of course, if you need to type a lot, the notebook may be the best option.

However, today it is already possible to buy a separate keyboard to use with your tablet. Anyway, we created a table that highlights the main differences between the notebook and the tablet to study:


What can you do with a tablet to study?

When choosing the best tablet to study it is essential that you consider what your goal will be with this device.

For example, if the tablet will be used only for reading and marking texts, with italics and comments, you will not need a very expensive device or with very robust configurations.

But if you choose to buy the best tablet to study, it is worth noting that it will also be efficient for working and playing video games, in addition to serving for:

    • Read texts online and in PDF;
    • Emphasize important parts;
    • Make comments on texts;
    • Mark page;
    • Create notes and summaries ;
    • Watch video lessons ;
    • Create documents and presentations ;
    • Run varied and study applications;


What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying with a tablet?

As we have seen, the main advantage of a tablet for studying is that it is light, thin, and compact.

Therefore, this device guarantees maximum mobility for the student. In addition, the tablet has a long battery life, which eliminates the need for an outlet.

The best tablet to study will also have the ability to store hundreds of books and allow you to take notes, access dictionaries, conduct research, and download numerous apps related to education.

There are even apps to download on the tablet that help organize the routine and teach the most varied subjects, from how to use Excel, play an instrument to how to do a good essay.

On the other hand, the tablet also has some negative points for a student. As we have seen, if you need to type very long texts or set up sophisticated presentations, the tablet will not serve you with maximum efficiency.

In addition, this is not the best device for those who need to study heavy programs, such as video and image editing.

To highlight the main pros and cons of the tablet to study, we created the table you can see below:


Best tablet to study: What is the price and where to buy?

Finding a tablet to study for sale is not difficult. This type of device is available in electronics stores, department stores, and even hypermarkets such as Ponto Frio, Lojas Americanas, and Walmart.

In these stores, you can find devices that cost less than R $ 1,000. The intermediate models reach R $ 2 thousand. While the price of the best tablets can exceed R $ 5,000.

As we said, to choose one that fits in your pocket, you need to analyze the criteria that define them, for example, the processor, the size of the memory, the screen, and the type of connectivity. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.



Purchase Criteria: How to analyze the best tablets to study

As there are many configurations of a tablet, you can be confused when choosing the best device to study. To help you, we have selected the main items you should consider. Look:

  • Childish or not
  • With or without a pen
  • Internal memory
  • Connectivity
  • Screen
  • Operational system

Below, you will better understand how to compare these criteria.


Childish or not

First of all, it is necessary to choose the tablet according to the user’s profile. Nowadays, there are children’s tablets, which are simple and inexpensive, but ideal for children who are in early school life.

The manufacturers inform on the packaging that it is a children’s tablet. For teenagers and adults, the devices are diverse and range from simple to more sophisticated.


With or without a pen

One of the most interesting features of a tablet to study is the pen. Some models already come with this pen that allows you to highlight parts of texts and make notes.

If you choose this feature, give preference to the tablet with a fine point pen. With this, the accuracy of the writing will be greater.

But if you happen to choose a tablet without a pen and then want to make use of this feature, don’t worry. You can purchase the accessory later.


Internal memory

It is in the internal memory of the tablet that all applications, videos, and texts that you download to study will be stored.

The greater the storage capacity of the tablet, the better it will be for studying.

Therefore, the greater the storage capacity of the tablet, the better it will be for your learning.

If you are just going to read texts and take notes, create Word or PowerPoint documents, a memory of just 32G will be enough.

Now, if you’re going to use a lot of apps and download videos, it’s better to opt for a tablet with 64G or 128G memory.



Another important point that you must take into account when buying the best tablet to study is the type of connectivity available on the device.

What can not be missing is access to Wi-Fi. But it is interesting that the device has some type of mobile internet, which can be 3G or 4G, in case you need to study in a location that does not have a wireless network.

In addition, some tablets also have a Bluetooth connection, which is required to connect headphones or a keyboard.



The size of the tablet screen to study is another important aspect that you should check when choosing the best model. In general, there are options whose display is between 5 and 10.5 inches.

To watch video lessons it is always better than the screen is large. So if possible, ideally, you should buy the 10-inch tablet.


Operational system

Be sure to also check the operating system of the tablet to study. In that case, you will be able to choose between Android, iOS, or Windows. In fact, Android and iOS are the most popular.

In general, the iOS system is considered more limited, as it is only available on Apple tablets, which are the most expensive on the market. Android covers several manufacturers’ brands, with more diversified prices.


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