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Top & Best Samsung Smartwatch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Samsung Smartwatch: How to choose the best wearable in 2022

The smartwatch – or smartwatch – is an indispensable gadget for those who like to keep up to date with new technologies and want to explore different ways to increase productivity in everyday life. And the Samsung smartwatch is one of the best wearables ever released.

In this article, we have prepared some interesting tips to help you find the ideal Samsung smartwatch model. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The Samsung smartwatch brings numerous interesting features for those who play sports such as cardiac monitoring, blood pressure control, count of calories expended, among others.
  • With the smart watch you can follow notifications on your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket. You can also receive and make calls, send text messages, play music and videos, etc.
  • One of the differentials of the Samsung smartwatch is the design of the device. Whoever wants a discreet smart watch should choose one of the models in the Active line. Those who want a more robust model should invest in the Galaxy Smartwatch.

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The best Samsung smartwatch models: Our recommendations

We have selected the best Samsung smartwach models for different consumer profiles. Discover the models chosen by our team of technology experts in the ranking below:

Buying Guide

The Samsung smartwatch surprises as it delivers ultra-technological features and classic design. With the Samsung smart watch you receive notifications from your smartphone, receive and make calls, exchange messages, listen to music and even make payments in stores.

But to choose the best Samsung smartwatch model, don’t just buy the latest model. You must evaluate the product’s functionality, design and cost effectiveness. Find out more in this Buying Guide.


What are the features of the Samsung smartwatch?

One of the features that draws the most attention on the Samsung smartwatch is the versatile design of the wearable, which allows use on different occasions, whether formal, casual or sporting moments.

In all models the display is round and discreet. The bracelet is available in two sizes and different materials such as leather, aluminum, stainless steel, silicone and nylon and in several color options such as silver, gold, black, pink and green.

You can change them whenever you want, as long as the strap is compatible with the Samsung smartwatch model you purchased. The possibility of changing the bracelet of the smart watch increases the versatility of the gadget.

Still regarding the design, we cannot fail to mention that the Samsung smartwatch is manufactured with resistant materials. The wearable is resistant to impacts and falls as it has military certification. And the wearable is water resistant – 5 ATM.

What operating system is used on the Samsung smartwatch?

The operating system used in the Samsung smartwatch is Tizen, based on the Linux operating system. Tizen is compatible with smartphones with Android or iOS operating system.

That way, you don’t need to invest in a new smartphone to take advantage of the features of your smart watch, just connect the two devices via Bluetooth.

What are the features of the Samsung smartwatch?

Although it looks like a simple wristwatch, the smartwatch can access applications, check notifications and perform some smartphone functions. Wearable is perfect for those who seek practicality, improve quality of life and gain productivity.

Discover the features of Samsung’s smartwatch throughout this section.

    • Compatible with the best apps : You can access social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, play YouTube videos and music on Streaming services like Spotify and Deezer.
    • Always On Display Function : With this feature you do not need to press any button or rotate the crown of the smartwatch to view notifications. This functionality must be configured in the gadget menu.
    • Voice assistant : To simplify the use of the Samsung smartwatch, count on the assistance of the Bisby voice assistant, which recognizes when you wake up and remembers the appointments marked on your virtual calendar and informs you of the weather forecast.
    • Make payments: To take advantage of this functionality, choose a model with NFC sensor, access the application and bring the smartwatch closer to the card machine compatible with the technology and configured to receive digital payments
    • It has integrated GPS: It is worth buying a Samsung smartwatch with integrated GPS to help you get around every day. It is much simpler to check your watch than your cell phone when in doubt about which direction to go. The feature is very interesting for those who travel a lot. Cyclists and runners love this feature, both for the sake of facilitating the location and for registering the movement.
    • It is connected to the smart home devices: You can connect the Samsung smartwatch to smart devices like television, washing machine, and air conditioning and control them through the watch.


It is important to mention that not all models have the features mentioned above. Before purchasing a Samsung smartwatch, evaluate all the features listed in the gadget’s technical sheet.

What are the sports features of the Samsung smartwatch?

With the Samsung Smartwatch, you can monitor up to 39 varied physical activities, seven of which are automatically detected. Among sports, we can mention running, walking, cycling, swimming, among others.

It is also possible to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. The Stress Tracker identifies moments of tension and offers breathing and meditation exercises to de-stress.

The gadget also monitors sleep quality – calculates the amount of hours rested in the four stages of sleep – this way you can know which nights you slept well or badly, at what time you should go to bed and get up.

All of this information is available in the Samsung Health app that tracks various health factors, your progress in fitness life and the achievement of your goals.

What is the best Samsung smartwatch for casual use?

The best Samsung smartwatch for casual use is the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The premium version of the smart watch is very similar to a traditional watch and is available in two sizes.

You can find a larger model, in which the box has 46mm and a smaller one with 42mm. Both have a rotating frame that allows you to navigate through the menu and access the applications.

You can customize the screen background with depth and lighting effects. The sound of the hands gives the feeling of wearing a real watch, perfect for those who want to enjoy the features of a smartwatch, but value the classic design.

Among the technical specifications of this model we can mention the Exynos 9110 processor, a dual-core with 1.15Ghz speed, 750MB RAM and 4GB of storage. The connection can be BT or LTE. It has the following sensors: Accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, cardiac monitor, ambient light, GPS and NFC.

What is the best Samsung sports smartwatch?

If you want a smartwatch for sports use, we suggest that you choose Samsung Galaxy Active or Active2.

This line of smartwatches was developed for those who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, because in addition to monitoring the performance of physical activities, it also monitors some health indicators and quality of sleep.

DJ KohSamsung CEO


“With Galaxy Watch Active2, we have created a device that will allow consumers to take control of their health and well-being, seamlessly flowing between their devices and connecting to the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, which makes their lives easier and better.”

An interesting feature of Galaxy Watch Active2 is the My Style app, where you can take a picture of your look and choose from five different color patterns. Then the watch face will change colors in seconds, allowing you to match your personal style on the gadget display.

Among the differentials of Active2 we can mention the curved Super AMOLED display, which allows you to rotate the touch frame clockwise or counterclockwise to access the menu.

This wearable incorporates some exclusive health sensors, capable of taking accurate and fast readings. Another differential is the Running Coach function that allows you to monitor information about the race in real time.

When paired with a Galaxy smartphone, it has some exclusive functions such as Watch Camera Controller that allows you to record photos, start recordings, switch between lenses, set a timer and view the images on your wrist.

Compare the two devices in the table below:

Purchase criteria: Find the best Samsung smartwatch of the moment

Now that you know a little more about the Samsung smartwatch, you may be wondering which model is right for you, right? Analyzing the purchase criteria below you will find the best smart watch.

  • Model
  • Bracelet size and material
  • Battery life
  • BT or LTE

We hope this article will help you choose a Samsung smartwatch. Don’t forget to share which model was chosen by the comments.


If you want to use the Samsung smartwatch to play sports, we suggest that you choose between the Active and Active2 models.

Need a Samsung smartwatch to use at work, college and at leisure? We suggest buying the Galaxy Watch. Remember that you can personalize the smart watch by changing the strap.

Bracelet size and material

At the time of purchase, evaluate the size of the Samsung smartwatch strap. You will find models with 20mm – suitable for young people and women – and 22mm – ideal for men.

Also analyze the material of the bracelet, which can be aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, silicone and leather in several color options such as black, white, silver, gold, pink, blue, green, among others.

Battery life

Samsung’s smart watch offers improved battery life, which can last from two to seven days, depending on the model chosen. Therefore, when choosing a Samsung smartwatch, analyze the battery capacity (measured in mAh) and the estimated durability of each function.

All Samsung smart watch models offer excellent battery life, but that characteristic changes from one model to another – and from one size to another. We compare them in the table below:

When the battery of the wearable runs out, just place it on the wireless charger base that in a few hours you can use it again.


At the time of purchase, note whether the Samsung smartwatch model you want to buy comes with the acronym BT or LTE. These acronyms indicate the connection type of the gadget.

BT is short for Bluetooth. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and indicates that the gadget offers the fourth generation 4G communication standard. Models with LTE technology cost more, but are more versatile.



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