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Top & Best Magic books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Magic books: How to choose the best works in 2022?

We are in the 21st century, except that the valuable magic books have been alive longer in the rituals of magicians, wizards and occultists.

Even experienced magic practitioners find it difficult to find the best current works. There are so many titles today, few with credibility. But, which work is the best for your goals?

Are you new to magic? Do you already have some experience? Regardless of what motivates your search, follow a recommendation: Read this Guide if you don’t want to take the risk of paying a fortune on disqualified publications.

First, the most important

  • Ancient magic books are more reliable and valuable.
  • The more original the better the work.
  • There are books for all types of magic.

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Ranking: The 4 best magic books

Want to communicate with the hidden side? Before starting your magic work it is important to have instruction from trusted sources. See the most positively commented magic books:


Buying Guide

How many times have you spent hours or days with ineffective rituals? This is due to the use of poor quality or adulterated books.

As important as performing the correct cabalistic procedures is choosing the work that will never let you down. How to do this? Have this learning as you read.

What are magic books?

Magic books are literary works that reveal the secrets of nature in relation to humanity, optimizing the practice of the occult and spiritual faculties of the human being.

It is not known for sure when the first books of magic appeared. Some say that the first work appeared a few moments after inventing writing, before the magical teachings were oral.


You can search for magic books for literary consultations or learn magic that defies physical laws, expanding your hidden knowledge and spiritual freedom.

Invisibility, invocation of spirit, loving ties, healing of depression, in short, there are plenty of spells for you to learn in books, with good or bad intentions.


Magic or sympathy books: What’s the difference?

Do you think that books of sympathy and magic are all the same? Wrong thought! Know the differences between the two concepts:

    • Magic books: They provide teachings that have developed fundamentals, with elements to develop actions according to human manipulation in nature. Magic even interferes with the spiritual world.
    • Sympathy books: Suitable for those who want a softer solution that relates more to their own faith than to self-knowledge and the occult.


You are free to choose. Therefore, in the same bookcase you can keep works about magic and sympathies.

What are the advantages of reading spell books?

For all sorts of magic there are specific books. Some editions can last a long time, especially hardcover productions.


By investing in old editions you can earn good money from resellers.

Magic changes your life, so magic books don’t cost cheap like the most popular and common literary work in the world. By investing in old editions you can earn good money from resellers.

By reading these publications, in addition to evolving your expertise in alchemy to spells, you learn more about the enigmatic occult world.

Be careful. There are so many magic books that most recent publications don’t really work. Understand more advantages and disadvantages:


  • Books for various types of magic
  • Hardcover editions are durable
  • Reliable works are Best Sellers
  • Expands knowledge of alchemy
  • First editions are valuable in the collectors market
  • Develops knowledge of the occult


  • Expensive
  • Paperback editions are less resistant
  • There are versions without credibility

White or black magic books: Which is better?

Black or white spells, what will be your way? Far from making any value judgments, we will introduce you to the characteristics of the two most popular and best-selling types of magic books:

White magic books

The white magician applies magic to someone who is tormented or sick who does not ask for help directly. These spell books serve to build, heal, console or generate any benefit to another being, regardless of sex, creed or race.

White magicians only weaken when the person who suffers ceases to have positive hopes and develops negative feelings like the desire for revenge, for example.

Black Magic Books

Black magic books are intended to teach spells to destroy. Although, this idea is contested, after all, with black necromancy, for example, you revive the dead.

A black magician generates destruction of things that according to natural (or divine, according to his choice) laws should still exist.

Although they have a negative connotation, these books can also help bewitched people, such as using black spells to destroy a disease in a friend’s body.

In many works of black magic there are teachings with reverse application of the commandments of the Judeo-Christian God to invoke certain powerful spells.

The definition of the differences between the two genders you will see in the table:


How much do magic books cost?

To buy the original work in manuscript format that is thousands of years old, it is necessary to spend a real fortune.

To purchase a basic manual made by publishers you pay low prices. Hardcover editions published by famous occultists, revised and with bonuses are among the most popular models, with prices ranging from R $ 50 to R $ 500.


Where to buy magic books?

In the best bookstores you will find magic books by different authors for the most different purposes. Some examples. there are versions of low and popular prices.

The internet is a haven for literary occultists. Online you will find rare and original works, manuscripts or reviews, mainly on the Amazon website. also sells certain options, beware of counterfeits when buying there.



Did you know that for decades the Christian inquisition burned people who had magic books at home for thinking that spells are related to the profane?

About 40,000 people died from being accused of witchcraft, although these figures are contested. Some experts think that a higher number of deaths occurred, while others defend the lower numbers.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare magic books before buying

Witchcraft is not playing Harry Potter. In addition to achieving spiritual legality, you need to dedicate yourself to your studies. Except that studying the wrong works almost always results in a waste of time.

So that you never feel that everything has been wasted, compare the literary works of magic on offer according to these criteria:

  • Types of magic
  • Author
  • Translation
  • Old vs. New

Learn in detail each of these points below.

Types of magic

If you’ve read this shopping guide so far, you’ve learned about white or black magic books. There are also works for other enchantments.

For example, blue magic books get you in touch with the beyond! The works of gray spells reveal to you the secrets of nature’s controls (herbs, for example). The red publication uses astral forces!


When you read a work by Crowley you can see that the content is good only by the name of the author! But, at other times the person who writes the edition has no academic relevance in magic, which puts the teachings in check.

Attention: Some publishers release new publications with the names of old magicians, when in fact the works are built on the research base of researchers specialized in occult authors.

When the author is good, even your pet will want to curl up on the coffee table to read the work and participate in the rituals:


There is nothing like having the best magic books translated by translators who have a positive reputation among hard-core readers. Except that reading a translated work without quality makes you waste time with useless studies.

Check on the internet forums if a particular translation job is valid or not before you spend money or start your studies.

Old vs. New

In terms of technology, it is common to hear that the newer the better the products are. In the case of magic books, this rule works the other way around.

The older editions, released while the authors were alive, have a higher level of confidence than the same magic books published in new editions, subject to excessive manipulation.



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