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Top & Best Football Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Football Books: How to find the best of 2022?

Today’s text talks about a segment that is beginning to grow in the  publishing market, not least because it portrays one of the most important socio-cultural phenomena in recent human history: football books.

Through its pages, it is possible to learn, remember, imagine, reflect on a subject, which, for those who like it, is inexhaustible. One of the richest and most enjoyable ways to consume content about football.

In this Guide, we want to help you find the ideal book, the one that best matches your reading preferences, and the way you follow football. Tips, directions, varieties, publishers, in short, everything you need to know when choosing.

First, the most important

  • As the number of football books in the publishing market is recent, there is still a very large division between independent publications and those of publishers.
  • In the international market, on the other hand, it is a very consolidated segment, that is, there is an even greater range if you choose works in other languages, especially English and Spanish.
  • There are football books for basically all prices, between R $ 10 and R $ 3,000, depending on their size, printing and circulation.

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Ranking: The 3 best football books

Observing some characteristics of football books, such as their authors, their themes, their publications and even the criticisms they received, we put together a list with the best football books on the market.


Buying Guide

There is no lack of media or ways to consume content about football. TV shows, YouTube channels, podcasts, websites, blogs, all have different and original proposals. None, however, is as characteristic as the good old book, which views football almost as a human phenomenon, like religion or economics.

The possibilities of football books are endless. Without falling into just one genre, its diversity is enormous. There are serious, children’s, artistic, poetic, journalistic books, among many others. You will know, in this Purchase Guide, the main exponents, their differences, among other valuable information.

What types of football books?

The fact that football books do not have their own genre, or at least an established genre associated with it, was already one of the reasons that prevented it from developing in the publishing market. Today, however, it is one of the main factors of its evolution.


Books of various genres related to football have been written.

This lack of gender means more authors, with different proposals, and therefore more books. Practically all genres of books have already been awarded football-themed works.

Always thinking about helping your choice, we immersed ourselves in this segment, and tried to group publications in large groups, in macro genres, in a way.

They are: Collections, Journalistic, Special, Novels, Essays, Academic and Children.


The collections usually gather mainly chronicles, a type of text with a huge tradition both in sports journalism and literature. They are segmented or by theme, like the World Cup or a star, or by the production of a specific author.

Most journalists have two of the most noble journalistic genres, the profile and the book-report. Profiles focus on characters in certain periods and / or places, and books on events, such as matches or championships, or even clubs in certain periods.

The special , in turn, tend to enter dates, clubs and players, or redeem their stories. They are, in a way, collections of different printed contents, something like a book version of that special section of the newspaper after the title of your team.

Novels are self-explanatory, using football as the backdrop for the development of a fictional story; children follow the same logic, with adapted language and generally with a pedagogical proposal.

The rehearsals are, as well as the genre itself, more free, talking about ways to play, about the act of cheering, about football itself, among other more abstract issues of the football theme.

Finally, academics are traditionally master’s, doctoral and post-graduate theses in general, transformed into books. It is not difficult to find collections of academic articles either.

Football books or football biographies?

For a long time, who “held the bar” of football in the publishing market were the biographies of players and others involved in the world of the ball. The biography of playmaker Garrincha, written by playwright Ruy Castro, is perhaps the most successful in the segment.

It is important that you know this, as it is very likely that you will find a good number of biographies in your search for football books. The problem? They are not quite the same.


Football biographies are focused on the lives of their characters, who happen to be part of Breton sport. Garrincha’s own biography, for example, has a much larger space for his personality and problems with alcohol than his dribbling and other on-the-field feats.

Football books, on the other hand, start from the football theme and sometimes find space to talk about culture, society, and whatever else is involved. Ah! And both are excellent readings, which is clear here.

Football books: Publishing or independent?

There is a certain internal division in the football book segment, starting with its publication, that is, between books released by publishers and books released independently.

In addition to the structural differences, especially the budget available to make the book, which cause greater or lesser depth of research, what changes most, in the end, is the popularity of the theme.

If in the publisher’s books we find books about the greatest players, the greatest teams, championships, etc., and written by the greatest authors, the independent books have more regional themes, more specific historical rescues and authors of all kinds.

Publishers also work with many books from abroad, such as that of coach Guardiola, or about Barcelona, ​​etc., translated, of course.


How much?

Football books, like practically every type of book, have a wide variation in price. Number of pages, print quality, print run, rarity of an edition, all change the value. Thus, you can find copies from R $ 10 and up to R $ 3,000.

Where to buy?

Every good bookstore has a section, no matter how small, of football books. and other major chains, have at least. In bookstores you should find a reasonable number of works, some even rare.

However, online stores are the best place to find all kinds of football books, at the best prices and with the luxury of doing your research and shopping in the comfort of your home. Amazon are the best options.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose the best football books

It can be a challenge to enter a bookstore, virtual or physical, and choose a football book, especially if you are passionate about the sport. There are so many different options! But rest assured, we put together a list of purchase criteria to help you.

  • Reading Type
  • Author
  • Publisher / Seal
  • Review

We will, of course, talk about each of these items, so that you can easily choose your ideal book.

Type of reading

The type of reading you want to do is a good starting point for finding your book. There are light, technical, study, artistic readings, in short, a feeling that you want to prevail during the time you read the work.

For light readings, for example, novels, specials and collections of chronicles are valid; technical readings call for journalistic books; for study, nothing better than an essay book or an academic.


When in doubt, choose the book with the “best” author. Well-known sports journalists and famous writers are the best choice. Eduardo Galeano and Carlos Drummond de Andrade, for example, have great books on the topic.

If you do not know the author, nothing that researching your references and other works will not help.

Publishing company

The same criteria as the author can be applied to the publisher. Large or traditional publishers are unlikely to release bad books. His works have an editorial alignment, a common style, which helps to discover the style of the book you are looking for.


Another great reference to guide your choice is to research the reception of the book launch, your literary criticisms.

Not that a review is definitive, but a group of positive or negative reviews certainly has a solid basis, apart from the fact that the reviews themselves reveal the style of the book, its writing, among other elements.


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