Top & Best books for young people Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What are the best books for young people in 2022?

Reading is one of the most fundamental habits for children and teenagers, helping complete mental development and still providing a lot of fun. Today we are going to talk about the best books for young people, making your job easier when choosing good gifts!

Young have below average reading habits, but it is possible to change that! Works dedicated to them have great quality. Whether for someone who does not usually read, or for those who already devour books, we will bring below all the information you need to make purchases right.

First, the most important

  • Reading is an extremely beneficial activity for young people. Improves concentration, cognition, imagination, vocabulary and many other characteristics.
  • Young people like books of various genres and have mainly sought to read sagas. Established series can be excellent choices.
  • There are lighter books, dedicated to younger people and without so many thorny themes, and others that already address issues like sexuality and drugs, suitable for teenagers.

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Buying Guide

Are books really a good gift for young people? What do they read most today? Is it possible to understand what a certain teenager wants to read?

In our buying guide, we bring the answers to all of these common questions!

Why encourage reading for young people?

Anyone who has a habit of reading knows how much fun it can be: It is able to transport us to new worlds, bring all kinds of emotions, sharpen our intelligence and still be an incredible hobby. But unfortunately, many young people still see reading as boring or uninteresting.


Encouraging reading among young people is very important. Nowadays, they have a very low concentration capacity and the focus on a book can be a good step towards improving this aspect. Cognitive ability and school performance also tend to improve with reading.

Frequent contact with words makes the linguistic repertoire grow a lot, and with that the young person automatically becomes more natural when speaking and writing. Brain development is facilitated as a whole with reading, as reasoning and creativity are also stimulated.

Interpretation of text, capacity for simultaneous lines of thought, critical view of the world and social notions, other characteristics also deficient in many adults, are sharpened by the habit of reading.


Did you know that there are many awards in the world dedicated to children’s literature? ABL  has one of the most important, while Hans Christian Andersen is internationally recognized.

What are the advantages of giving books to young people?

We have already mentioned several benefits of books for young people, such as increased concentration skills, development of linguistic repertoire and improvements in reasoning and creativity. But that’s not just why giving books to young people is a good idea!

Books allow young people to have more contact with non-digital media, resting their eyes from looking directly at screens all the time. They are thus able to slow down the brain and decrease possible problems such as anxiety and insomnia.

It is also possible to provide a lot of fun to a young man with books. If he already has the habit of reading, this becomes potentiated, since there is probably already an affinity with a certain author or, at least, gender.

It is also important to mention that books are not usually expensive, and buying them weighs less in your pocket than many clothes or electronic devices.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of giving books to young people:



  • Books help develop many skills among young people
  • Decreases youth contact with digital screens and devices
  • It can provide a lot of fun and excitement
  • It’s cheaper than buying clothes or electronics


  • It can be difficult to know which books a specific young person would like to read

What types of books do young people read most today?

Do you have doubts about what types of books young people prefer? Do not worry! We made a list of what they have been consuming the most today!

    • Fantasy: Fantasy books are the ones that most arouse the emotion of young people. They like the imagination and being transported to other worlds, in addition to the great amount of adventure that the genre provides. They tend to be easier and more dynamic readings.
    • Romance: Among boys and girls, romances, especially with a more “alternative” tone, are quite successful. That is why authors like John Green and Meg Cabot dominate the literary market.
    • Great sagas: From the most well-known sagas, such as “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”, to others that have not yet been so successful, young people like to feel engaged with long stories and occupy several books with beloved characters and mysterious situations .


Of course, knowing well what each one prefers helps to give the ideal gift, however!

How to understand what kind of book a young man prefers?

Getting gifts right is always a pleasant feeling. To do this, you need to know the person who will receive them well. How do you know what kind of books a specific young person likes?


Look for books of genres and styles similar to what the person likes.

If you are close to the young person in question, you can look at the bookshelves, chat with friends or parents, even check your reading habits. From there, just look for books of genres and styles similar to what you have noticed.

But if you don’t have as much contact with the person in question, information can be more difficult. It is also possible to chat with people close to you, thus receiving secure information. Another option is to observe on social networks if there are references to books or certain genres.

Anyway, try to get information and know something about the person who will receive the books! With knowledge, the chances of satisfaction become greater!

What are the differences between books for teenagers and pre-teens?

There is no rule that requires people to read books for certain ages. That depends on the maturity and the tastes of each one. Still, there are some stamps to divide the readings, such as “juvenile” and “Young Adult”.

    • Youth books: They usually have more focus on adventures and action than on the characters themselves. They usually avoid touching very thorny subjects and serve as a diversion that helps to fix reading habits.
    • Young Adult Literature: It introduces subjects such as sexuality, drug use, feelings and transformations typical of adolescence in its themes. It is usually recommended for people between 12 and 18 years old, but it has fans of all ages.


There are also more universal books, such as the great fantasy sagas, capable of being enjoyed by a wide range of ages.

See the table below for the main types of books for young people:

How much does it cost and where to buy a book for young people?

The edition, the special items, the author and whether or not part of a saga are factors that help in the variation of book prices for young people. Speaking only of individual titles, without being part of boxes, you can find great copies for between R $ 20 and R $ 60.

Bookstores are excellent options for buying books for young people, but you can also purchase them online.  Amazon offers all the titles possibly desired, and Amazon international is another e-commerces with rich collections.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing books for young people

There are several important features that can also make a difference when choosing a book. We selected four for discussion:

  • Paper or ebook
  • Edition
  • Nationality
  • Part of saga

Below you will find more information about each one!

Paper or ebook

Ebooks, virtual books for platforms such as kindle, are already very common and compete for space with the paper versions. You can make a choice in this category in virtually every title.

Collectors always prefer books in physical media.

If your idea is to take the young man a little further away from screens and allow him to have contact with paper, something that for many is part of reading, opt for physical books. This is also the preferred choice of collectors.

But if this is not a problem and the person in question has a habit of reading frequently on digital media, you can buy the ebook without any problem! Prices are not usually very different.


If your choice is for a paper book, there is one more issue to be defined: The edition.

Books are released by different publishers in different versions. Some are hardcover, others are not. Some have special illustrations, others do not. Some have detailed maps, prefaces and comments, others do not.

To choose the edition, it is important to think about whether the winner of the book is a collector or not and if you like versions with more details and special features such as hardcover. The price is also an important issue, since the more worked, the more expensive the book.


Most of the best-selling books for young people are American or English. However, great specimens are also produced here. You can honor  authors and spread the habit of reading stories written in our country!

There is no inferior quality, since some of the best books for young people are written.

Books from more distant places are also an option, as they can allow young people to acquire new cultural and geographical knowledge.

Part of saga

The fashion of sagas is here to stay. Young people prefer to read big, hooked stories that engage for a long time with their developments and characters. Regardless of the genre, these series are here to stay.

If you know that the person who will win a book is a fan of a saga and there is a newly released title, this can be a great option! Or if you want, introducing her to a series of a genre that she appreciates can also work very well.



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