Top & Best Blush Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blush: What’s the best of 2022?

Today we will talk about a cosmetic that has been part of the beauty routine of women for many years and that today is still a major protagonist: the blush.

Idealized for blushing the face, the blush is nothing more than a pink or earthy pigment made to be applied on the cheeks in order to leave a healthy aspect.

Famous and used for many years, it is still a hit with women and has been getting more modern every day.

In the guide below we will dive into the universe of beauty and explain a little better how to apply this product, in addition to telling you all its advantages.

First, the most important

  • Blush is a beauty product that aims to color the skin and ensure a healthy aspect to the cheekbones.
  • Despite guaranteeing a beautiful result, its use must be very careful, since it can end up being very exaggerated depending on the technique used.
  • It is also important that women choose the correct shade for their skin tone.

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Best blush models: Our favorites

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Buying Guide

The perfect makeup consists of several stages, and the blush is one of those that can not miss. It ensures smoothness and prominence to the cheekbones, giving a healthy appearance to the skin.

In the Guide below we will approach the topic in more depth, in addition to explaining all the advantages of this product.


What is blush?

The blush is already an old acquaintance of the feminine universe. It is a pink pigment, which can be powder, cream or liquid, idealized for blushing your cheekbones.

Its purpose is to give a delicate touch of health to the face, highlight the smile and gently illuminate the skin. The shades of pink can vary, however, its goal is always to guarantee the same aspect of vitality, beauty and delicacy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of blush?

The main advantage of applying blush is aesthetics. When applying other cosmetics to our skin, as a base and concealer, it is quite possible that the overall appearance will be very uniform, in one color.

The goal of blush is to break this trend and blush cheekbones, leaving them with a very healthy aspect and still valuing your smile and features.

There are lighter and more subtle blushes, as well as stronger and brighter ones, so it’s up to you to choose which one best suits different occasions.

Despite its beauty and femininity, it is very important that you know that blush is a very pigmented cosmetic, and therefore its use should be moderate.

It is necessary not only care, but also technique at the time of application, or it may end up over-emphasizing your cheeks and guaranteeing an artificial aspect to your face.



  • Blush cheekbones and ensures healthy appearance
  • It’s beautiful, delicate and feminine
  • There are options in different shades and styles


  • Care is needed in its application
  • There is also a need for technique when using it

What is the correct way to apply blush?

The application of blush scares a lot of people, as it can promote a coarse and forced appearance if done in the wrong way. However, there is a technique that can help you a lot in using this cosmetic in the right way.

Initially, it is important that you know that the blush can be applied with the help of a brush or with fingers.

In the case of powder blushes, the correct thing is that they should be used with the brush, whereas liquid or creamy models should be applied with your fingers.

As we already said, the proposal of the blush is to blush the cheekbones and enhance the features, so it is important that you pigment only that part of the cheeks, without exaggerating the color and without leaving the make very marked.

What technique we suggest is the following:

  1. Smile looking at a mirror.
  2. On the “high” part of the cheeks, apply the blush by tapping gently, pulling a little out.
  3. It is important that the application is always done going up, and never going down.



Blush, highlighter and bronzer: What are your differences?

With so many beauty products available on the market, it is common for doubts to arise regarding the function of each one, especially with regard to cosmetics to pigment, illuminate and contour the face.

In the case of blush, highlighter and bronzer, the differences are very striking and you must pay attention to them so as not to end up using the product for the wrong purpose.

    • Blush : The blush, as you already know, has a pink tone and is the most suitable for blushing your cheekbones and ensuring a healthy appearance. It must be used with care to ensure a subtle and delicate result.
    • Illuminator : The illuminator, as the name implies, serves to illuminate, refine and highlight strategic points on the face. It has a pearly tone and is shiny, ideal to be applied on the nose, above the cheekbones, on the curve of the eyebrow, on the inner corner of the eyes and on the cupid’s bow.
    • Bronzer : The bronzer is used to contour the skin and ensure a tanned style, since it has an earthy tone. When using it, care must be taken not to over-mark, trying to make the makeup as natural as possible. It promotes beautiful shading on the face, refining and highlighting the bone structure. The bronzer should be applied below the cheekbone, on the edges of the nose, on the temples and on the chin.


How much?

It is nothing new that in the universe of beauty, values ​​are super linked to brands, right? And that is exactly what happens with blushes.

It is difficult to make an estimate, as you can find both extremes: both the most expensive and the cheapest.

In general, the average cost of a good quality blush is between R $ 40 and R $ 100, however, in the case of highly renowned brands, you can find options for more than R $ 150.

Where to buy?

With the popularization of makeup in general, nowadays it is quite easy to access the most varied cosmetics, which is great news for those who have the running routine.

In stores specializing in beauty trade, you should find greater variety. In this case, we can refer you to Sephora, The Beauty Box and the units of well-known brands.

Some pharmacy chains and even department stores, also offer some blush options.

And finally, you also have the option to buy online, on sites, Amazon.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different blush models

Before buying any cosmetics it is important that you are attentive to the details and note some valuable issues, such as:

  • Ideal tone
  • Texture
  • Fixation
  • Case

Check now each topic in detail to make the best purchase:

Ideal tone

First of all, choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Although the pink ones are the most common, they have some variations pulling for peach or brown.

Women with very clear skin, for example, should opt for the lighter tones, more drawn to the pink or peach, as these are closer to your skin tone and give a perfect contrast.

In the case of brunette women, the pink ones with a bronze bottom are ideal, since this skin tone is between white and black skin.

Black women, on the other hand, should bet on the terracotta, burnt pink and more marked brown colors, since these combine and give a powerful highlight to the skin tone.


It is important that your blush has a smooth texture, and that it does not harm your skin during application. If possible, do a test before purchase and make sure that the chosen model is pleasant to the touch.

Also check if the blush crumbles too much when you apply the brush, and if it does, prioritize other models, that way you don’t waste makeup.


When it comes to makeup, fixation is an issue that must be taken into account. It is important that you buy a product that can withstand a whole day of work, or a whole night of partying without any major problems.

Although some women have the habit of going to the bathroom for the famous touch-up, this practice should not be necessary! Keep an eye on the durability of your product, and opt for those that guarantee hours and hours without disappointing you, see?


Nothing better than buying a make-up in full case, right? Those who have a brush and still accompanies a mirror. In the case of blush, it is no different.

Try to choose blushes in this style, because in addition to making your life easier, it ends up being a way to get more out of your money.


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