Top & Best Gloss Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gloss: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about gloss, a cosmetic that was a fever in the mid-2000s and has returned to success among women in recent years.

The gloss leaves the lips voluminous, shiny and attractive. The product can have different colors, textures and finishes and besides makeup, it protects and moisturizes the lips.

If you are looking to bet on the trend, keep reading this article. We will give you some tips on how to choose the ideal gloss according to your skin tone, teach you how to apply the product and give you some buying suggestions.

First, the most important

  • There are gloss options in different textures: creamy, fluid and milky. You can also choose between different colors (even transparent) and finishes: sparkling, with glitter or translucent.
  • The gloss is a very versatile cosmetic, after all, you can use it alone, with the outline of a mouth pencil, after the lipstick and even in less obvious areas such as the cheeks (to replace the blush or highlighter) and to give shine in the eye shadow.
  • This cosmetic can also be used to protect and moisturize the lips. To get this benefit, look for vitamin E and fatty acids in the product composition.



Buying Guide

Whether to enhance strengths or hide imperfections, makeup is a great ally for women, so much so that it is used in everyday life and on special occasions.

To assemble a makeup kit, it is worth betting on some items that can be used in different ways. This is the case of gloss, which can be applied to the mouth, cheeks, temples and eyes. We will teach you how in this Buying Guide.


How to use gloss and what are its advantages?

The gloss is a product that leaves the makeup with glow effect (illuminated) without weighing. This is because it illuminates the lips and reflects the light, leaving the look natural and sensual at the same time.

This type of lipstick gives the impression that the lips are bigger and more voluminous. It can be used alone, as a lip gloss, or on top of a lipstick, to give the gloss finish.

If you want to use the product yourself, the tip is to fill your lips with a mouth pencil in a shade lighter or equal to the color of the gloss. Then just apply a gloss layer.



If it is applied after a lipstick, the durability and fixation will be even greater. The interesting thing is that the product can transform a matte (matte) lipstick into a glossy one.

The gloss can also replace the blush.

And it is not only on the lips that the gloss can be used. This product can replace the blush, just spread a few drops with your fingertips giving light taps.

If it is transparent, you can use it as an illuminator, just apply a small amount of the product in the temple area and spread it. If applied after the eye shadow, it gives a wet effect, just a little drop of the product.


  • Moisturizes and protects lips
  • It can have different shades, including transparent
  • Gives finish and glow effect to makeup
  • Can also be used on cheeks and movable eyelids


  • Some people complain that the gloss has a sticky texture
  • Hair can stick to your lips because of the wind

Gloss, Lip Balm or Liquid Lipstick: Which is better?

Summer and winter are the seasons in which the lips need more care, as both the sun and the cold, attack the skin, drying it out and leaving the lips chapped.

In addition to the aesthetic issue, the chapped lips bring health risks, as they increase the vulnerability to bacteria and, consequently, to infections.

To protect your lips, you need to moisturize and protect them from the sun. There are several products on the market that fulfill these functions and still serve to tone your lips.


The gloss is an excellent option to use in the winter, because this product protects, moisturizes, gives color, shine and a lot of volume to the lips.

There are several color options, but they are generally clearer and more transparent. The durability is excellent and the product does not need to be touched up frequently.



Lip balm

Lip balm is a product indicated for the hydration of the lips and protection against the sun’s rays. The colorless model is ideal for those who just want to moisturize their lips, but do not want the makeup effect.

The colored models, in addition to moisturizing the lips, leave a soft tone in the mouth. Some even have flavor and smell, which can be strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and mint.

How much does a gloss cost?

The price of a gloss varies little. With R $ 10 you can already buy a simple model, without nutritious ingredients. If you prefer a model that moisturizes while makeup, you can get one for R $ 20 to R $ 35.

Where to buy a gloss?

You can find several gloss options in cosmetic stores. Pharmacies also sell the product, but in less variety. If you prefer you can also buy a gloss in online stores.

If you are interested in any of the models we selected in the ranking, just click on the link and you will be redirected to Amazon. There you will find other models besides those we have listed.



Vânia GoyBeauty Specialist

“Lipsticks and matte finishes are still a hit. (…) But I think we’re starting to arrive at this moment when this look is getting saturated. The shiny skin and lip gloss can be a smart way out.”


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of Gloss

As with any other makeup item, when you buy a gloss it is interesting to note some important characteristics that change from one product to another, they are:

  • Shades
  • Textures
  • Components
  • Product quantity

We will explain each of the criteria to help you choose the best gloss model according to your skin tone, preferred texture, needs and frequency of use.


Choosing the right shade of gloss not only helps to enhance makeup, but also the shape of the face, features and tone of your skin. For this reason there are products with different shades and textures.

  • Tanned skin : the golden or sparkling gloss will leave the skin with an even more luminous effect and enhance your tan.
  • White skin : for those with fair skin, the shades of pink, orange and red are beautiful.
  • Brown skin : brown, gold and wine tones are great for those who have skin in that shade.
  • Black skin : for those with black skin, the darker colors look great, bet on copper, eggplant and grape tones.
  • Oriental skin : because of the yellowish skin tone, oriental women look great with shades of open or burnt pink, pinkish brown, cherry, plum and wine.


Many people complain that the gloss has a sticky texture, which makes the lips look sticky. Indeed, some products have this defect, but did you know that you can find gloss in different textures !?

The milky texture gloss has a transparent background and pastel pigments. Products with this texture give the illusion of volume on the lips, so if you have a small mouth, this model is ideal.

The fluid type has an oily base and light formula. It is very light, does not run even at high temperatures and a little product already gives a very nice effect.



Pay attention to the gloss components you are considering buying. You can find options with good substances like raspberry oil, which is rich in fatty acids (creates a barrier that protects the skin from dehydration), and vitamin E, known for its high nutritional power.

Some formulas are also free of harmful substances like parabens, preservatives found in beauty products that are associated with the development of some diseases.

Product quantity

The amount of product that comes in the packaging can vary a lot, and this is a very important factor to be observed at the time of purchase. There are gloss models with 3 ml, 4 ml, 7 ml and up to 12 ml.


If you usually use the gloss quite often or even daily, it is worth buying a product with a larger quantity, otherwise it will end quickly.




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