Top & Best Primer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Primer: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the primer, a cosmetic ideal to use before makeup and that is super worth it.

If you still don’t know it, the primer is nothing more than a cream that has the function of preparing the skin to receive the makeup. Among all its advantages, it softens the expression lines and removes the oil from the face.

In today’s guide we will go a little deeper into this topic, and tell you all the advantages of this indispensable product in a complete makeup.

First, the most important

  • The primer is known to be the skin prep before it receives makeup. It unifies tones, masks expression lines, reduces oiliness, and ensures a smooth and smooth texture.
  • It also has the great advantage of being a great makeup fixer, making it last for many hours.
  • The primer can be creamy, gel and even liquid. It has low coverage, is light and normally not pigmented.

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Buying Guide

The primer is one of those products full of advantages, but that we do not always know. In the guide below we will tell you how this cosmetic can influence your beauty routine, in addition to pointing out values ​​and where to buy it.

What is the primer?

Those who like makeup have probably come across the primer at least once in their life, after all, it is a great ally of perfect skin.

It is a product that must be applied before make-up, with clean skin. Its main objective is to neutralize, protect and prepare the skin to receive the following layers.

It has a creamy, gel or even liquid texture, and is usually free of oils, being easily absorbed by the skin.

What are the advantages of the primer?

What the primer does not lack is an advantage. This is a cosmetic that, although not always used, makes all the difference in skin preparation.

Basically, its function is to guarantee a good appearance to your face so that the aesthetics of makeup is extended. It neutralizes skin tone, conceals blemishes and expression lines, reduces face oiliness and ensures a very smooth texture.

In addition, it still has the advantage of functioning as an excellent fixative, ensuring that the make remains intact for many hours.

It is also worth mentioning that the primer disguises the pores and prevents your makeup from crackling, leaving it always very natural, as if it had just been made.



Finally, the primer does not weigh and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Some of them even have a hydration factor and protection against ultraviolet rays, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a more advanced result.

For lipstick lovers, it is interesting to mention that there are also primers specifically for mouths, which also increase the fixation of lipstick and even moisturize the lips.

In general, it is a super complete cosmetic, which turbines the beauty and results of makeup, ensuring naturalness, smoothness and fixation.

Primer or facial serum: What are the differences?

Despite the striking differences, many people get confused with the functionality of the primer and serum, and for that reason, we will punctuate in detail all their differences.

The primer, as we have already said, is a beauty product that promotes immediate results. It should be applied to the skin before applying makeup, as a way to prepare the face, neutralize possible blemishes, reduce oiliness and disguise expression lines.

Their main function is momentary aesthetics, and as much as some have a moisturizing factor, they cannot be considered treatment cosmetics.

The serum works differently. Unlike the primer, it has long-term action and is a treatment cosmetic.

It is a fluid with a high concentration of active ingredients and quick absorption by the skin, whose main function is to moisturize and care for the face as a whole.

It is known for intense hydration, cell renewal, collagen fiber regeneration, anti-aging action and lightening action of unwanted spots. It is important to mention that all these results are only noticed for the long term, with the daily use of the product.

In short, both are very effective in their proposals, and ideally, you should use them together.

The serum always in the morning, after cleaning and preparing the skin, and the primer before applying makeup, with the face already clean.

Below, we have set up a small comparative table that can help you understand these differences a little better:



How much does a primer cost?

Like most beauty products, the variation in the prices of primers is closely linked to your brands, however, the good news is that you buy high quality products at a fair value.

On average, the cost of a good primer varies between R $ 35 and R $ 60, however there are the most expensive options, usually from high-profile brands, which can cost more than R $ 100.

Where to buy a primer?

The primer, no matter how it looks, is already considered makeup, so it is in stores that sell items from this niche that you will find it.

In the case of cosmetics and beauty stores we can refer you to Sephora, The Beauty Box. There you will find a good amount of options.

If you prefer to opt for department stores, Lojas Americanas has a specific section for beauty products, and some larger chain pharmacies also sell the product.

There are also several physical stores of brands scattered around, they are: Maybelline, Contains 1g, Natura, MAC Cosmetics, Quem Said Berenice, Dior, Chanel, O Boticário and many others.

But if your business is online shopping, in addition to the brands’ own websites, you can buy your dream primer at Amazon.



Purchasing criteria: how to compare primer models

Before you hit the hammer on which primer will be chosen, we recommend paying attention to some factors that can make a difference in its use. Below, we point out some of them:

So that you have no doubts, we will tell you what should be observed in each of them:


Primers can be creamy, gel and even liquid, so it is very important that they have light and smooth texture, without leaving the skin feeling heavy.

Prefer an option that has good absorption and that in a few seconds becomes uniform on the face.

They should not, under any circumstances, leave the skin looking oily or exaggerated, since it is a delicate cosmetic, without considerable pigmentation and low coverage.



You can buy your primer in different formats: tube, in small cream jars and in valve glass with pump. It is a matter of taste and adaptation.

Here, it is worth mentioning that although the simplest formats are the most practical, it is a purely aesthetic factor, which does not influence the quality of the product.


The yield of any beauty product is a point that must be taken into account. Cosmetics are not always cheap, which is why it is so important to spend consciously, making the best choice in terms of cost benefit.

In the case of the primer it is no different. Before finalizing the purchase, please note the packaging size and quantity of product is available.

It is interesting that you buy a primer with good performance, worth the money you are paying and that will not last just a few weeks.


The main objective of a primer is not to hydrate the skin, however, this does not mean that it cannot have, in its composition, assets that guarantee a healthy and young skin.

We recommend that you choose primers that are composed of vitamins and other factors, such as Panthenol. It is also interesting to prioritize those with a sun protection factor.


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