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Top & Best Eyeshadow palette Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eyeshadow palette: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today’s topic will capture the attention of makeup lovers, as we will talk about the eyeshadow palette and all its advantages.

The eyeshadow palette is an essential item when making a complete make up, especially if it is for a special occasion. Its function is simple: it brings together in a single article, a large amount of colors and possibilities of shadows.

If you still don’t know the product very well, but you are thinking about renewing the items on your dressing table, maybe it’s time to think about purchasing a eyeshadow palette. Let’s talk?

First, the most important

  • The eyeshadow palette is a product composed of several possibilities of eye shadows. It can have from three to more than 100 options.
  • In the case of beginners, it is recommended to give preference to palettes with more classic tones, such as brown, nude and black.
  • As sizes vary, prices also vary widely. There are very affordable palettes, just like you should find very expensive ones.

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Ranking: The 4 best eyeshadow palettes

Choosing makeup is delicious, but it can also be confusing. To help you in this search, we will present you the best in the cosmetics market when it comes to eyeshadow palette!


Buying Guide

The eyeshadow palette is one of those essential cosmetics for makeup lovers. It is a practical product that brings together different shadow options in one article.

In the Guide below we will explain all its advantages and also give tips on its use. Follow with us!

What is a shadow palette?

A eyeshadow palette is nothing more than a case that brings together more than one eye shadow. Some have three or four options, while others exceed 100 possibilities.

The interesting thing about the palette is that it promotes ease when applying makeup and eliminates the need to buy several pigments separately, making the organization of your dressing table more practical and the consumption more advantageous.

In short, they are versatile and can have the most different colors. The choice is made according to your taste and need.

They are, certainly, essential for the execution of a complete makeup, especially on special occasions, however, keep an eye on the quality of the products, after all, skin is a serious thing, see?



  • It is compact and practical
  • Offers multiple shadow possibilities
  • Shadows beautify makeup


  • Some palettes have poor quality shadows
  • Most palettes are restricted to a few shades

How to choose the ideal eyeshadow palette?

The options are so many, that choosing the dream eyeshadow palette can get a little confusing. However, there are some tips that can help you:

    • Opt for kits that have neutral colors, such as nude, brown and black. They are versatile and the basis for most compositions.
    • Prefer palettes with varied finishes , from matte to metallic options. Thus, you will always have possibilities of use.
    • If you have almost no eyeshadow and do not usually do a lot of makeup, avoid overly colored palettes . They will be rarely used.
    • If you love a well-lit make-up, choose palettes that have at least a pearly shade , for you to use as an eye illuminator.
    • Before completing your purchase, do a test by applying the shadow on the back of your hand. If the tone remains the same as the showcase and does not crumble, it is approved!


What is the correct way to apply eyeshadow?

Of course, there are different ways to apply eye shadow, however, if you are a beginner in the subject, we will introduce you to an uncomplicated step by step.

Before starting, it is interesting that you have already applied at least concealer on the eyelid, because it helps to hold the color for more hours.

Then, apply the chosen shade across the movable eyelid with a small cat tongue brush, tapping it lightly. If it is a two-color make-up, always start with the lightest.

In the outer corner, apply a darker color and blend well with a specific brush. It is important that the edges and transitions of the make are not marked, but well smoked.

A nice tip is to moisten the brush if you want to intensify the color of the eyeshadow. To give a bright look, use a pearly tone in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow.

That done, all set! Be careful with too dark makeup and very open colors, like pink, orange and green. The important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable with the result, see?



What are the different types of eyeshadow palettes?

Eyeshadow palettes are simple items and there are no major differences between models. However, it is important to mention that the size of your palette determines its purpose.

There are palettes of three or four shadows, for example. These are suitable for more basic women, as they usually have pastel shades.

They are also a great choice for those just starting out in the makeup universe and for those who like to be carrying a small palette in the bag, in case a touch-up is necessary.

On the other hand, there are very large palettes, with over 50 possibilities of shadows. These models are the best for those who like to work with a variety of colors and venture into the creations.

If you already have the habit of putting on makeup and want to buy a varied and compact item, this is the best choice for you, but it is worth remembering that you will hardly be able to carry them around.


How much?

If you are concerned about the prices of a eyeshadow palette, we have news to give you. Although there are super expensive options, there are also cheaper models, which should fit in your pocket.

It is difficult to restrict the values ​​to an average, as there are many different brands and sizes. In general, cosmetics prices tend to vary widely.

But, if you are willing to invest a little more money in a high quality palette, you can find models that cost between R $ 180 and R $ 350.

However, if you are looking for quality and affordable price, palettes costing between R $ 50 and R $ 90 will not disappoint you. Just choose a quality brand, okay?

Where to buy?

Shop to buy your eyeshadow palette is not lacking. Nowadays, many cosmetic stores sell this product in great variety.

If you prefer to buy in specialized stores in this niche, we can refer you, The Beauty Box. There you will find a good amount of options.

If you prefer to opt for department stores has a special section for beauty products, and some larger pharmacies also sell the product.

There are also numerous brand stores scattered around, and many others.

But if your business is to buy online, in addition to the brands’ own websites, you can buy a great palette of eyeshadows on Amazon, on Beauty on the Web and even.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing different product models

As with all cosmetics, the eyeshadow palette deals with our skin, so it is important to be aware of some factors before choosing a model to purchase.

  • Number of shadows
  • Shadow texture
  • Choice of tones
  • Extra accessories

And in order not to lose the habit, we will help you to understand each one of these criteria, punctuating what should be observed.

Number of shadows

The size of your palette will determine the amount of shadows it has, and as we already said, this can vary from three to more than 100 options.

Before buying yours, try to have a medium amount of shadows well determined to know what to look for, since the sizes vary a lot.

Shadow texture

A good quality shade has a firm texture and, above all, it does not crumble. When choosing, it is very important that you test at least one of the eyeshadow palettes by hand to see if it has good pigment.

The texture of the shadow is also closely related to its durability. Those with too fine texture and low pigmentation are usually the least durable.

Choice of tones

Here, it is a matter of taste. Analyze the tones well and make sure you will use them before making the purchase. Usually, these products follow a color palette and therefore you should look for the one that you like best.

If you are buying your first eyeshadow palette, choose one with neutral tones, which are sure to be used frequently, such as pearl, nude, brown and black.

Extra accessories

Some palettes have very interesting accessories like mirror and eyeshadow brushes. They are great choices especially for situations where you need to put on makeup outside the home and don’t have all your accessories at your fingertips.

There are several palettes that even have some powder, blush and lipstick options. Just make sure they are really useful for you, otherwise you will be paying more for something you won’t even use.



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