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Top & Best Perfume Natura Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Perfume Natura: How to choose the best fragrance in 2022

we have already prepared reviews of the best perfumes from renowned international brands such as Chanel Givenchy, Lancôme, among others. This time, our article is about the Natura perfume.

Natura’s colonies and perfumes are among the best national fragrances, perfect for those who like to vary their perfume according to the occasion. You can find Natura perfumes for women, men and children. Learn more about these products and happy shopping!

First, the most important

  • There are several Natura perfume options to choose from: citrus, sweet, woody, floral, fruit, aromatic fragrances, among others. The intensity level can be mild, moderate or intense.
  • You can find two types of Natura perfumes. The colony has the lowest concentration and is perfect for use during the day. The perfume has high concentration and is ideal for the night.
  • Apply the Natura perfume to areas of greater blood circulation such as wrists, neck and behind the ears. The Natura perfume has good fixation and projection, lasts the whole day or night.

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Buying Guide

Natura is a cosmetics brand very respected by consumers. Among skin products, hair and makeup items, Natura perfumes are recognized for their striking and long-lasting fragrances.

The essence, fixation and projection in the environment of the Natura perfume is comparable to traditional French perfumes – but at a more affordable price. Continue reading this Buying Guide and discover your next Natura fragrance.


Is Natura perfume good?

Many people question whether a quality perfume can be cheap … at least Natura’s colognes and perfumes are unbeatable in the quality of the raw material, variety of fragrances and cost-benefit.

There are light and refreshing fragrances, perfect for the tropical climate, sweet aromas, ideal for a romantic date, and striking and exotic notes, indicated for when you want to impress. Just try the options to find a Natura perfume that matches your personality.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of the products are of excellent quality and the manufacturing process is innovative and technological. And even with so many benefits, the Natura perfume has an affordable price for the consumer who wants to try a branded product.

Find out all the advantages – and some disadvantages – of Natura perfume in the table below:



  • Colognes or perfumes
  • Options for men, women and children
  • Fragrances with floral, fruity, aromatic, sweet, citrus or woody notes
  • Good fixation
  • Bottles with 50, 75 or 100ml
  • Affordable prices


  • Most colonies have no projection

What is the best Natura perfume for women?

Natura’s line of women’s perfumes is quite varied. You find floral, fruity, citrus, sweet and even woody fragrances. To help you find the best perfume according to your personality, we researched the product characteristics of each line of perfumes and colognes for women Natura, know:

    • The Ekos line brings colonies with woody, fruity or floral notes, light or moderate fragrances, perfect for everyday life. Although they have low fixation, the projection is very good. The perfumes of the Ekos line are Magia da Floresta, Alma (both woody), Flor do Luar, Floating Flowers (floral) and Freshness – Chestnut, Passion Fruit, Pitanga and Açaí, both fruit.
    • The Humor line brings colonies with fruity and floral fragrances in moderate concentration, ideal for casual situations. The fragrances make up the line My first mood, Humor in high heels, Dose of humor, Pinch of humor, Own humor, Humor of my life, Humor likes and Humor of Humor.
    • The Essential line brings perfumes with intense fragrances, floral or woody notes, surprising fixation and projection, ideal for special occasions at night. This line is composed of the following perfumes: Elixir, Supreme, OUD, Style, Exclusive and Feminine.
    • The Águas line consists of colonies with light and moderate fragrances, floral and fruit notes and good fixation, fundamental characteristics for those looking for a feeling of lightness and freshness. The Águas Line is composed of: Field of violets, Lavender bath, Jabuticaba and Laranjeira in bloom.
    • The Luna line offers colognes and perfumes, with moderate to intense fragrances for casual or special moments. Although the fixation is good, the fragrance does not project. The Luna Line perfumes are subdivided into the Ruby, Radiant, Intense and Fascinating models.
    • The Ilía line consists of intense perfumes, with floral notes, suitable for special occasions at night. The fragrances Ilía Secreto and Dual exude sensuality and daring.
    • The Una line offers intense perfumes, with sweet notes, excellent fixation and projection. The striking fragrance is perfect for parties and ballads at night. The traditional line, Artisan and Blush make up the Una line.
    • The Kaiak line consists of colonies with aromatic or floral notes and moderate intensity, perfect for everyday life. You can find the Kaiak Female, Ultra Female, Aero Female and Adventure models.
    • The Kriska line offers colonies with sweet notes and moderate concentration, excellent fixation and projection, which make the perfumes of this line perfect options for everyday life and special moments. This line comprises the perfumes Kriska Original, Kriska Shock and Kriska Drama.
    • The Biography line is formed by colonies with floral notes and moderate concentration, which can be used every day, especially on hot days in spring and summer. These perfumes are discreet but full of personality. There are only two models: Biography and Signature.



What is the best Natura perfume for men?

Natura’s male perfumes are quite varied and offer different proposals. To choose the best fragrance, take into account the environment and season of the year in which the perfume will be used.

    • The Essential Line brings perfumes with intense fragrances with woody notes, ideal for men who want to demonstrate their personality on special occasions. This line comprises the Essential Essential Exclusive, Elixir and Intense perfumes.
    • The perfumes and colognes of the Kaiak line bring aromatic, woody or herbal notes, the fragrances can be light, moderate or intense. Choose from Classic Kaiak, Urbe, Adventure, Aero, Pulse, Extreme, Ultra, K and K Max – only these two are perfumes.
    • The Homem line brings perfumes and colognes with woody fragrances and light intensity – perfect for everyday life – or intense – suitable for special occasions. In addition to the classic model – which is the only cologne with a light fragrance – we find the perfumes Homem Sagaz, Essence, Verum, Dom and Cor.Agio.
    • The Humor line brings colonies with woody or herbal notes and moderate fixation, perfect for special occasions. Choose between the Humor for Two, Peace and Humor, or Humor Chemistry templates.
    • The colonies of the Biography line – Classic and Signature – bring woody notes with moderate effect, perfect for everyday life. This line brings classic fragrance, easy to combine with men of different styles.
    • The Urbano line brings colonies with herbal notes and light intensity, for the day (#Urbano) or night (#Urbano Noite). Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.



Purchasing criteria: Find the best Natura perfume of the moment

Perfume says a lot about a person, so the choice must be made carefully, considering your skin type, the environment in which you will use the fragrance and the climate of the region where you live. Consider the following purchase criteria:

  • Type of perfume
  • Olfactory notes
  • Olfactory family
  • Personality of the person

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section.

Type of perfume

You can find two types of Natura perfumes, the cologne deodorant and the deo parfum.

The colony concentration varies from 10 to 12%.

The colony has a light or moderate fragrance that stays on the skin for six to eight hours – the fragrance concentration varies from 10 to 12% – that’s why we recommend that you use the product during the day.

Deo parfum, on the other hand, has a concentrated fragrance with moderate to intense intensity that remains on the skin for up to ten hours – the concentration varies from 15 to 20%. This type of perfume should be used in special moments, especially at night.

Olfactory notes

The aromatic notes of a perfume are divided into three parts: Top, body and base notes.

  • The starting notes are the first to be felt and last from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • The body notes correspond to the predominant fragrance of the perfume and last between four and six hours.
  • The base notes are characterized by the aromas felt six hours after the application of the perfume.

Olfactory family

The citrus olfactory family is indicated for daily use, especially in summer, as it refreshes the skin. It is suitable for relaxed and energetic people. You can use it for work or sightseeing.

The perfume with woody notes should be used during the night, as it has an intense, deep and striking aroma. Avoid during the day, especially in the heat, as it can cause discomfort.

The Frutal olfactory family is cheerful, inspiring and engaging, ideal for young and spontaneous people. Versatile, it can be used in any occasion, environment or time of day.

The perfume with floral notes is quite versatile. You will find everything from options that convey delicacy, charm and romanticism with fresh and fruity florals to striking floral notes.

Personality of the person

Anyone who is outgoing and likes to make new friends, needs a fragrance that conveys that energy, like fragrances with citrus notes.

Discreet people do not like to attract so much attention, so they prefer soft fragrances such as floral and fruit.

Who is romantic, should choose a sweet perfume, whether light or striking.
Elegant people look for refined fragrances. Therefore, we recommend fragrances of flowers or exotic fruits for women and spices for men.


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