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Top & Best Fan brush Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fan brush: How to choose the best model in 2022?

we appreciate your presence here! Today’s theme is simple, but very necessary when it comes to making beautiful makeup. This is the fan brush.

Also known as a broom brush, the fan brush may not seem very important, but it is essential for a well done finish, in addition to being an option in the application of some cosmetics.

If you have been curious about this product and have been interested in getting to know it better, follow our shopping guide below.

First, the most important

  • The fan brush is a makeup brush that has as main function the cleaning of unwanted makeup particles by the face, in order to guarantee a perfect finish.
  • In addition, it can also be used for applying illuminator and contour pigments.
  • One of the great advantages of the fan brush is its price, which costs between R $ 10 and R $ 45.

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Buying Guide

Anyone who likes makeup knows that the universe of cosmetics is always reinventing itself. There is something new every day and brushes are no different.

The fan brush, in this case, is not as well known as most, despite having a super important function.


What is a fan brush?

The fan brush is a makeup brush with differentiated structure. It is adapted to clean the shadow particles that fall on the cheeks during its application.

As the name implies, it has a fan shape, with its bristles less concentrated and more open in a half moon.

It is an inexpensive, practical item, but still little known by the public that does not have much involvement with this universe.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fan brush?

If you have already done incredible makeup but ended up smudging it because of the shadow particles that fell on unwanted points on the face, you know the lack that the fan brush does.

The main purpose of this product is precisely this: to clean the traces of make up that end up falling down the cheeks and nose, ensuring a perfect finish to your production.



But if you think the fan brush function ends there, you are very wrong. It can also be used to apply illuminator and blush for contouring, since both processes require care and the use of a more delicate tool, as is the case with this type of brush.

However, it is important to mention that, in these cases, the fan brush can be easily replaced, since there are other models that perform the same function.

And, precisely because it is not essential for the realization of everyday make-up, it is among the least used and known.

To illustrate these issues a little less, we set up a table with the advantages and disadvantages of the product:


  • Cleans shadow particles that fall on unwanted spots on the face
  • Help in applying illuminator and blush for contouring
  • Low price


  • It is not irreplaceable
  • It is not essential in basic or everyday makeup.

Fan or chamfered brush: What is the best for applying the illuminator and making the contour?

The fan brush is a good choice for applying the illuminator and making the contour, mainly due to its longer shape and less bristles. However, it is not the only option.

The chamfered brush is also an excellent outlet, as it has uneven bristles with increasing direction, which guarantees a smoky and natural aspect, which is mandatory, especially the good contour.

Even in the case of contour, the chamfered brush ends up being the most suitable, precisely because it guarantees greater delicacy and a more accurate stroke. The fan is like plan B, breaking a branch.

However, in the case of the illuminator, the fan comes out in the front, and the bevel goes into the background. This is because the use of the illuminator requires a lighter and more delicate brush, especially due to the shine, which requires care.

How much does a fan brush cost?

Luckily for us, makeup brushes, in general, don’t cost much, and in the case of the fan model, it’s no different.

Its cost is around R $ 15 to R $ 45, always varying according to the popularity of the brand in question.

Where to buy a fan brush?

Buying fan brush is a simple task and there is a market full of options! Because it is a product related to cosmetics, the best place to find it is precisely in these stores.

In this cas, The Beauty Box and other stores that sell beauty products. There the variety will be huge and you will find the most different brands.

If you prefer to opt for department stores, in addition to the large pharmacy chains.

In the case of online sales, we recommend Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare fan brush models

As you may have already noticed, the fan brush is not a complex product. Despite this, we like to point you out what should be noticed at the time of purchase, so that you can be sure that you are doing a good deal

  • Bristles
  • Cable
  • Hygiene
  • Design

Now, we will explain in detail what each point means.


Bristles are what really matter in a makeup brush, right? And, in fact, its quality makes all the difference!

They can be synthetic or natural, with synthetic ones being harder and natural ones softer. The softer, the more comfortable the touch to the skin, however, the higher the price.

Although natural ones are the best, nowadays synthetic options are almost as good on the market. The important thing is to touch the bristles and see if they are smooth or not.



The handle is used to hold the brush quite securely and therefore it is important that it is of good quality and has a comfortable grip.

The most suitable are the wooden and bamboo handles, as they are quite firm and resistant. Plastic ones, on the other hand, can easily break, so it is good to keep an eye out.


Hygiene is very important when we are talking about any type of brush, including the fan. In addition to keeping them well washed, choosing brushes with dark bristles can also help you a lot.

When they are already worn, it is likely that they will be stained even with the cleaning in day, and therefore, the bristles in dark tones are interesting, as they disguise the unpleasant aspect.


The design does not influence the functionality of your fan brush, however, it is an aspect to be noticed mainly because we are dealing with the universe of beauty.

There is a tendency to choose more beautiful models precisely because they match the proposal of this niche, adding style and well-being to your make-up routine.


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