Top & Best Kettlebell Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kettlebell: Which is the best in 2022?

If you tried to translate this name literally, you may have been a little confused. After all, what does “kettle” and “bell” have to do with physical activities? Strange isn’t it? But make sure that in the next few lines everything will become clearer for you.

In the next lines, we will help you choose the best kettlebell on the market, showing the best models and clarifying what you need to take into account when making your purchase.

First, the most important

  • The kettlebel can be found with several weight options. You need to know what is ideal for your current physical and endurance conditions.
  • You will use your kettlebel for a multitude of exercises and not just a few movements. Some gym instructors claim that it is possible to perform a complete workout from the kettlebel.
  • Beginners have advantages over price. The greater the weight, the greater the value. A competition kettlebell weighing more than 20kg costs around R $ 1,200.

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Buying Guide

A simple object, with a somewhat complex name, but which can be very useful in your functional training. This is the kettlebell and, if you are thinking of buying one, the following lines will help a lot.

Continue reading our Buying Guide and learn everything you need to choose the ideal kettlebell model for the type of training you do – or want to start doing.


How to use the kettlebell in training and which one to choose?

We could say that the kettlebell is the new darling of the gyms, but the truth is that again he has nothing. As we already told you, this was a common equipment for training in medieval times and now it is back with a more modern face.

At the time producing in iron with a cast handle, and today a little more modernized, the kettlebell continues to present a similar shape, and its use is practically the same: to contribute with the mass gain, muscular definition and physical resistance.

Certainly, a kettlebell is the right item to intensify your crossfit, weight training or functional training. With the explosion of functional training, crossfit and the great concern to keep the body in shape, some techniques have gained prominence.

There are complete workouts developed based on the different ways of using the kettlebell. It is possible to work all the muscles of the body, in addition to aerobic exercises starting from the use of these iron spheres.

In gyms, even those who do not practice this specific training have certainly performed some activity using the kettlebel. The swing, for example, is one of the most common exercises and is also among the ones that offers more complete results in terms of muscle toning.

How is the Swing exercise with Kettlebell?

For those who see from the outside, it seems very simple, but care must be taken not to exceed the limits of the body. Many people, especially men, more confident of the strength potential, end up exaggerating their weight.

If you have the opportunity to test your limit before buying the kettlebell for your workouts, this is a good option. It is worth remembering that being overweight can cause severe pain and even injuries, especially for performing exercises with enough repetitions.




What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Kettlebell?

With a kettlebell, you can perform various exercises with just one device. Exercises, these, that you can do at home, alone, without needing the help of someone, much less going to the gym. In addition, this object of great help for your training is small and therefore very easy to store.

On the other hand, due to having a defined – and immutable – weight, buying just one kettlebell may not be enough, and objects weighing more than 20 kilos tend to have high prices. Also remember to consult a professional before starting to do the exercises, as the inappropriate use of the kettlebell can cause problems and injuries in different parts of the body.



  • Multiple exercises in one equipment
  •  Small and easy to store
  • You can train yourself at home


  • One weight may not be enough
  • Inappropriate use can cause injury
  • High cost of weights over 20kg

Kettlebell for training or competition?

When we’re at the gym, all the accessories seem important. In a Body Pump class, for example, we use dumbbells, shin guards, weight bars and a multitude of accessories, each with a specific function.

Therefore, when choosing a single equipment that will assist in all exercises, several factors must be evaluated. Keep in mind if what you intend to do is immerse yourself in kettlebell training or just have an assistant for aerobic or functional training.

If the first option is chosen, it is worth investing in a kit with more weight options, a lighter one for simpler exercises with more repetitions and a heavier one, for you to challenge yourself or for movements that require more strength and less repetitions. .



If the training environment is your home or apartment, be aware that a weight (the heavier the impact) can damage your floor. That’s why modern and rubberized versions can be good allies.

With these two aspects defined, let’s move on to another kettlebells differential. There are some important differences between training equipment and competition equipment. From manufacturing material to weight and shape.


Why should I use a kettlebell in my workout?

The answer to that question is very simple. Because news is always welcome and falling into monotony is a serious invitation for you to give up training. It is not for nothing that gyms reinvent themselves and offer more and more options for classes, techniques, training and conquer the public.

Now if you are looking for a more technical answer, what we can guarantee you is that the specialists in the area of ​​physical education bet on training with the kettlebell as a very efficient technique for advancing physical conditioning and muscle development.

This accessory contributes to body definition more efficiently than weight training and aerobics, for example, like the crossfit and the functional training that has been gaining space little by little, kettlebell training should also conquer the public very soon.

In some countries, this small weight, 20 centimeters in diameter and ranging from 4 to 48 kg, has already fallen in popular taste, encouraging companies that manufacture sports equipment to invest in some new products.

The American brand Onnit launched in 2018 the Star Wars Kettlebell that won over athletes and also those passionate about the series.




How much?

The kettlebells values ​​are directly linked to the weight of the equipment. The lightest ones, of 4 and 6kg, will always be the most considered within the options of each make and model.

If you choose coated ones, be it rubber or vinyl, you will end up paying a little more expensive than painted iron ones. Both have the same effect, but the texture can reduce the impact on contact with the floor and hands.

In addition, you can take into account the aesthetics of the environment. If you are thinking of setting up a gym at home or equipping the one in the building, it will be very pleasant to find the good looking equipment that gives you the courage to start training.



Where to buy?

For those who have the option to try the product at the gym and be sure of the weight they need, it is worth looking for more attractive prices in online stores. Amazon, the main store in the, offers some of the main brands and models as well and department stores.

If you are starting from scratch and have no idea of ​​your weight limits, experimenting in a physical store is the best option. In addition to sports, it is also worth seeking guidance from salespeople at specific fitness equipment stores.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare kettlebell models

If the goal is to define the muscles of the body by running away from gym equipment, it is time to stop making plans and start taking action. Buying a kettlebell is not the solution to your problems, but it is the first step.

Gym instructors believe that results can be achieved by exercising at least three times a week. So remember, it is no use buying the most expensive and heaviest and using it as a door weight.

Pay attention to the main factors to be evaluated so that you can acquire the correct equipment, compatible with your ability to use it in a healthy way.

  • Production materials
  • Weight
  • Goal
  • Design

These are the three decisive factors for the purchase of your, or yours, kettlebells. To help you find the best option we will detail each of these items.

Production material

As in ancient times, the Kettlebell is a hollow ball made of cast iron with a handle. Some anatomical adaptations have emerged with modernity, including coatings that allow for smoother movements.

Also notice the material that lines the handle. The rubberized kettlebell is a great option to avoid giving calluses on your hands. But still, some people wear gloves during training.

The best options are with more rounded handles and wider handles for you to be able to hold with both hands. The production material of the competition kettlebell also changes. They are made of steel.


This will be one of the deciding factors of your purchase. The weight must be compatible with your ability, need and interest. Don’t be ashamed to start with the lightest weights.

You can choose two kettlebells of different weights. One lighter for exercises with more repetitions and another slightly heavier for those you want to challenge yourself.


The RockActor

“The academy is able to provide the most precious tool to overcome life’s challenges: perseverance.”


Define your interest well. If you are looking for equipment to help with weight training, you can choose an intermediate weight, since you already practice exercises and must have some resistance.

If you are a beginner and want to start home training, invest in the lightest and coated ones to give you security. Also remember to make the correct moves to avoid injury.


Now if you are already an athlete and are interested in entering the world of competition, there are a multitude of kettlebells options to choose from based on your daily training experiences.


You may be asking yourself, “Design? Why is this important?” In fact, technically it doesn’t change your training at all. They have the same shape, that is, there is not a great variation in their shape, but only in sizes and weights. But, there is something related to design that can make your workout more fun: the colors.

Although they are more common in sober tones, such as black and gray, it is possible to find kettlebells in different shades. This can be good when you like to bring a little more color to your workouts, or even combine the kettlebell with the rest of the environment, whether in your home or gym.


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