Top & Best Dumbbells Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dumbbells: What are the best 2022 models?

today is the day to talk about dumbbells. We will bring useful information for those who want this equipment, whether to set up a gym or use the equipment in their own training at home.

There are heavy dumbbells for advanced physical activities and there are also products indicated for those who do physical therapy to recover from muscle injuries. By reading this article, you will discover how to choose the types of dumbbells for your real need.

You will know the best models, the average price and other factors so as not to make mistakes in the final purchase. Learn to pay fair prices for quality products. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • When it comes to dumbbells, there is something that doesn’t change. If you buy kits with two or more units, you can pay cheaper in the long run.
  • Choose the product according to your need. Never buy a weight that you can’t handle. If you do this, your body must have to push itself beyond the limits, resulting in muscle pain.
  • Weight training exercises are best with rubber dumbbells. On the other hand, aerobics teachers indicate the use of dumbbells with vinyl in the coating.

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Buying Guide

Dumbbells have many health benefits. Contrary to what many people think, they are even used to treat muscle bruises. That’s why they are so versatile.

Keep up with us to know everything about the dumbbells and make your purchase safely.

What are dumbbells and what are they for?

Dumbbell, or dumbbell, is equipment for physical activities. Dumbbells are characterized as follows: A bar that joins two iron spheres or two metal discs.

Popularly speaking, when a person says he is going to lift a light weight, he means he intends to use dumbbells.

The thought of “the heavier, the better the muscles” is wrong when using dumbbells. This instrument is not intended to test the strength of practitioners. Dumbbells are used to break the fibers, making it difficult to do the simple movements of the workout.

Anything that makes exercise difficult can be considered a dumbbell. Dumbbells have their origins in the 6th century BC, in ancient times in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics. At that time, there were small weightlifting championships with stones and dumbbells.

In ancient times the practice of sports with dumbbells was not present in the Olympic games. The use of this type of exercise served more as a physical preparation for athletes.


What are the advantages of dumbbells and their types of exercise?

Among the good reasons for a person to use dumbbells, we can highlight that they are great in the practice of bodybuilding, for light training with weights, strengthen bones, improve body posture, do physical therapy and perform treatment of muscle bruises.

When using dumbbells, you can practice unilateral or bilateral exercises.

    • Unilateral : They occur when the person works the two parts of the body separately. For example, first raise your right arm and then your left.
    • Bilateral : These are practices in which the two bodily hemispheres work at the same time. You should raise your left and right arms at the same time.
      In addition to the wide variety of use, and possible types of exercises, the benefits continue.


They are very resistant and long lasting products. You can use them in the gym and even in the comfort of your home. Among the disadvantages, we highlight the risk of injury if you do not do the movements properly.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of exercising with dumbbells:


  • Easy to use at home, in clinics or gyms
  • Impact resistant. Long-lasting product
  • Dumbbells are available in different weights for different purposes
  • They are physical education instruments that allow you to perform variable exercises


  • Risk of inadequate posture in dumbbell exercises without professional monitoring
  • Difficulty positioning yourself for physical activities with heavy dumbbells
  • More risk of injury than exercise with apparatus
  • After the body becomes resistant you need to buy heavier dumbbells

What are the different types of dumbbells?

Dumbbells are divided into 4 main types: with rings, hexagonal, pool or on ropes. They have different characteristics, as well as use for specific situations. Check out the details of each one below:

    • Dumbbells with washers : These are the most popular editions. They should be used out of the water, with the objective of working out or practicing exercises for muscle treatments. Washers are made of heavy materials like lead and iron.
    • Hex dumbbells : Products that have cast iron, useful in the practice of weight training, weight training or muscle treatments. They may have a rubberized structure. They are robustly engineered.
    • Pool dumbbells : Use indicated to hinder the exercises in the water. Constant contact with swimming pools or rivers does not damage this resistant product.
    • Dumbbells on ropes : Provide support for body weight during physical activities. Useful in decreasing the chances of muscle pain by maintaining the correct body posture of people when exercising.


Still about their differences, basically, dumbbells can be fixed or adjustable. The product that allows to adjust costs a little more expensive, on average. See the characteristics of the 2 types of dumbbells:

How much?

Type, composition, brand, strength and weight are things that influence the prices of dumbbells.

In physical stores the prices of dumbbells cost about 15% more than in online stores. On the internet you can find prices that can range from R $ 20 to R $ 800 per unit.

A kit with 10 pairs of dumbbells can range from R $ 100 to R $ 4,000. The support for storing 20 dumbbells can range from R $ 500 to R $ 1,500.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy in a personal way you can visit stores like: Bayard,. The cheapest online purchases for most dumbbells are on the following websites Amazon.

On sites like the Amazon you have the freedom to do personalized searches. This makes it easy to find the most affordable prices for high quality products.

In internet commerce you find more possibilities for choices. Another advantage is to receive the product at the door.



weightlifting champion

“The difficulty in exercising is, above all, healthy fun.”


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the best dumbbell models

If you previously thought that the dumbbells were all the same, you have already noticed the variety of this product. But, before we close, there are some characteristics that we want to share with you, which define when this product has quality or not.

To find out if it is worth buying the pair of dumbbells, consider the following purchase criteria:

  • Dumbbell shape
  • Type of material
  • Weight
  • Fixed or adjustable
  • Number of units

For you to make the best purchase, we will explain about each of these criteria below.

Dumbbell shape

Pay attention to the shape of the dumbbell’s edge. There are four types of borders: round, hexagonal, square or triangular:

  • Round : Most traditional dumbbell format for physical exercises at the gym or at home;
  • Hexagonal : Used quite often in crossfit;
  • Square : There are editions for swimming pools and versions for weight training;
  • Triangular : These are the typical dumbbell shapes for swimming pools or other environments with water.

Type of material

This is the most determining factor for prices. There may be materials of the most different species in the dumbbell.

More expensive dumbbells have materials like metal, steel, chrome steel, urethane, foam and vinyl. They have impact resistant engineering, knurling to improve hand grip when exercising and an easily adjustable weight system.

Professional products have steel as the main base of the composition. What differs are the coatings.

Understanding the difference between the main dumbbells in retail is important. First, to have less costs and more benefits. Second, because that way you avoid wasting money by buying a product that does not serve your goals.


In specialized stores the weight of the dumbbells can range from 40 g to 20 kg or more. Light weights are used for physiotherapy treatments and are more affordable.

The heavy editions are in the hands of people who want to get a little heavier in the workout. Weight is related to price. Dumbbells weighing 20 kg from the same brand cost more than versions of 10 kg or less.

Some packages have 20 dumbbells, each unit with a different weight, which can range from 1 kg to up to 20 kg.

Fixed or adjustable

As a main feature the dumbbells are adjustable or fixed. Prices are more expensive for the first option, that is, for the product that allows weight adjustment. If you do not intend to advance the weight over time you can save money by buying fixed dumbbells.

If you plan to increase your strength limits over time, it’s worth buying the adjustable dumbbells. Several people can use the adjustable product, regardless of the strength they have to support the weight.

Number of units

One rule does not change: the more dumbbells you buy at once, the greater the chances of getting discounts. If the store does not offer discounts for purchases of several units you better look for another offer in the market.

The kits end up compensating for this reason, they offer a better price than the individual purchase. If you plan to have different weights, consider buying a kit with more units.

Some online stores even offer a free bonus for purchases of a certain number of dumbbells. These bonuses can range from dumbbell support to other free fitness equipment.


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