Top & Best Step Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Step: All about the best 2022 models

Are you interested in buying a step to use in your home? So you came to the right place. Let’s talk all the details about this little gymnastics tool and take any questions you may have!

Step is a type of platform that helps in the practice of many physical exercises. With it, various forms of stretching can be done, as well as strengthening legs and glutes and even aerobic practices.

Next, we will bring some of the main models available in the market, talk about average prices and where to buy. Everything you need to know when choosing the ideal step for your needs!

First, the most important

  • A step allows very good exercises for legs and glutes to be done at home. But never stop consulting a specialist to find out what is recommended for you. The risks of injury when exercising on your own are great.
  • Some models are very simple and others more complex. You will find from fixed platforms on the floor to go up and down to devices that tilt and extend. It all depends on your intentions and experience.
  • There are questions that may go unnoticed, but they are important: does the step skid? Will it warp over time? Is the durability great? All of this influences the values, which can range from R $ 50 to R $ 2,500.

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Buying Guide

The step is widely used in aerobics classes in gyms. But due to its versatility, many people have chosen to buy one and exercise at home. If you want to learn how to buy the perfect step, you’ve come to the right Guide.

We will talk about the advantages of this equipment, quote the prices and bring the criteria that must be evaluated in one step.

What is a step and what are its advantages?

The step is the necessary equipment to perform the exercise of the same name, which is very popular in gyms throughout It is a simple platform that to unsuspecting eyes does not seem to be of much use. However, it allows many gains to be achieved.

Getting up and down on the platform is one of the most traditional ways of exercising. Helps glutes and leg muscles, in addition to enabling weight loss. Complementary objects such as dumbbells and shin guards can be used.

Through this video on the Wlysses Channel – Home Gym you learn to use a step and exercise in the comfort of your home:




Buying a step is a good idea for anyone who plans to exercise indoors. Often, due to lack of time or money, it is not possible to go to a gym. Thus, having a quality model in your home can be very useful.

It is worth saying that there is no point in buying a step if there is no discipline to exercise regularly!


  • Good for glutes and legs
  • Home exercise facility
  • Light and small equipment
  • Low cost


  • Without supervision, it can cause injuries
  • Need for constant discipline
  • Does not exercise the whole body
  • It can be tedious for those who do it alone

What exercises can I do with a step?

If we answer dozens, we are not exaggerating. They are useful not only for those who want to lose weight, but also define the body. With a step it is possible to work all the muscles, depending on the shape used, but especially glutes and legs.

You can put on some very lively music and go up and down the steps in rhythm, as in gyms. If the music requires fast and intense movements, the caloric expenditure can be quite high.

You can just use it for your stretching each morning. In addition, it is possible to use dumbbells, barbells and other additional weights to intensify the exercise. You can find hundreds of videos that will serve as a model for you to practice exercises with your step without having to use your creativity.



What is the ideal material for a quality step?

The most recommended material for a good step is polyethylene. This is a plastic widely used in many things, and it has the advantage of not being deformed with repetition of exercises. Ideally, it should be of high density.

It is also possible to find some other steps done in other ways, such as coated wood. It is an almost handmade work. However, the results and durability end up not being so good. So be careful what the material of the chosen device will be!



How much?

The price variation in the steps is linked to the possibility of changing height and extra features such as inclination or non-slip system. Cheaper models can cost between R $ 50 and R $ 120, being quite affordable.

Those that offer more possibilities and have a more professional design reach an average of R $ 600. Everything depends on what is your intention with the device.

There are also those that are suitable for gyms and have professional features. The prices of these can be around R $ 2,500.



Where to buy?

Most large e-commerce stores sell steps. We recommend that you access the Amazon, which offers a wide variety of models. However, sites are also good options.

Stores specializing in sports and exercise also tend to have a variety of steps. have both physical and virtual stores. Shops specializing in gym equipment are also worth checking out.


Purchasing criteria: What are the main characteristics to evaluate a good step?

Don’t know which model is best for you? Do you have questions about choosing the ideal step? No problem. Below, we list the main characteristics that you must take into account to make a great purchase:

  • Supported weight
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Height adjustments
  • Non-slip system
  • Extra features

We will explain to you why each of these requirements is important:

Supported weight

Depending on the weight of the people using the step, you will need to look carefully at how much the platform supports.

Most of the specimens on sale can hold around 100 kg. This is a standard value, but there are others that are more reinforced. Some more expensive specimens can hold up to 250 kg.

It is ideal not only for people who weigh more, but also for those who intend to use dumbbells, shin guards or other accessories that increase the difficulty of the exercises.

Dimensions and weight

The importance of the dimensions and weight of the step varies according to the space available.

If you live in a small apartment and do not have a fixed place to leave it, you may need to keep it in a closet or under furniture. Thus, a smaller object will be needed.

The same goes for weight: if you will move the step a lot, it cannot be too heavy. If there are no space limitations, this is not an issue, but we know that in today’s world it is normal not to have much spatial availability.


Height adjustment

There are fixed steps and others that allow height adjustments. The former are simpler, but can be useful for beginners. The seconds allow for a greater variety of exercises and, over time, increased difficulty.

Depending on the model, you can find three or four possible heights. 10, 15 and 20 cm from the floor are some common numbers. You also need to take into account your intention with the exercise to decide what is best for you in this regard.

Non-slip system

Most of the time, the step will be directly on the floor of your home. If it does not have a non-slip system, it is possible that it will cause risks or even bigger problems. But that is not even the most important issue.

Imagine that if the step moves easily during the exercise, you could be injured. Slipping together and falling, which can be quite tricky in some situations.

So, make sure that the chosen model has a reliable non-slip system, prioritize models that you have, even if the price is a little higher. After all, it is your security that is at risk.

Extra features

Are you a beginner or experienced in exercise? In the first option, a simple step model should be enough. But in the second, you may want something more. There are those that are inclinable, for example, allowing a much wider range of movements.

Some more complex models do a 2 or 3 in 1 with other gym equipment, bring dumbbells together or serve to work out your legs in other ways. So, if your idea is not to have a simple step, there are options on the market!



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