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Top & Best Sports shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sports shoes: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an indispensable item for those who practice running and walking: sports shoes. It has the ability to protect your body from major impacts and make exercise safer.

Nowadays, there are sneakers with more and more technologies designed to cushion the footprint and allow a great interaction of the shoes with the movements of the feet. However, with all the options available, it can be a little difficult to choose the best model for you.

In this article, you will know what are the best sports shoes in stores, their advantages, where to buy and what to pay attention to before choosing your model. Come with us to select the ideal shoe for you!

First, the most important

  • Often, shoes that are perfect for a friend of yours will not necessarily be good for you. This is because everyone has a type of step and need.
  • Good quality sports shoes preserve your orthopedic health and improve your performance while running.
  • Despite being a little expensive, sports shoes are essential for those who want to run safely and well-being.

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Ranking: The 4 best models of sports shoes

For those who run frequently or practice high-impact exercises, good tennis is essential. These are the 4 best and most popular models of sports shoes for sale in stores.

Buying Guide

Knowing which are the best models can help, but it is not enough. In order for you to choose your sports shoes safely, it is necessary to evaluate several items to ensure that you will make the best purchase.

Each athlete has a different need and needs a specific type of sports shoe. In this Buying Guide you will learn how to make that choice.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of sports shoes?

If you like running or walking, you certainly need sports shoes. Casual tennis does not offer benefits for those who use impact sports.

With more and more technologies, sports shoes are specially designed to ensure that your body will not suffer from the impacts of walking. In addition to cushioning the falls, it manages to adjust to the foot of the runner to provide more comfort.



In the long run, good sports shoes will ensure that you don’t have pain in your feet, legs, knees, or even your spine.

In addition to orthopedic benefits, sports shoes also provide much more comfort for runners. Even running for a long time and long distances, it will provide a feeling of well-being for you and your feet.


“Ideally, tennis should compensate for the type of step. Specific running shoes are, in general, the most expensive, but they are very important for health.”

In contrast, running shoes are often expensive. It can reach a price 5 times higher than the quality casual sneakers. In addition, its lifespan is not that long, especially if you run quite often.

However, it is undeniable that sports shoes are essential for those who practice running or walking and are very worthwhile in the long run.


  • Essential for those who practice running and walking
  • Decrease the impact of sports
  • Protect your bones
  • They are much more comfortable


  • High prices
  • They do not have a very long service life

What are the different types of sneakers?

There are several types of sneakers and it is necessary to know the difference between them to understand the importance of sports sneakers and which to choose.

You can basically find sports, casual, football or trekking shoes. Each of them has specific characteristics that classify them in this way. Check out the details of the main types:


Which sports shoes are right for me?

Did you know that there are three distinct types of footsteps? And that there is tennis for all of them? Yes, there is no reason to buy a model for a type of step that is not yours!

People with pronated steps, for example, have feet that, as soon as they touch the ground, support themselves on the inner side, using their thumbs to gain momentum. The supine step is when the foot does the opposite, touches the floor on the outer side of the heel, picking up momentum on the little toe.

There are also people with a neutral footprint, who, when they touch the floor, their feet rest on the outside of the heel and move slightly inward.

Research well what models of sneakers were specially designed for your step. Generally, brands specify in the product description when the shoe has a specific step.



How much?

Sports sneakers tend to be a little expensive, especially those with more technology. It is possible to find a model for more than a thousand reais.

The cheapest ones can be found starting at R $ 150. However, they do not usually have such a great capacity to cushion the impact and may also not be as comfortable.

Most models cost between R $ 280 and R $ 600. In this range, it is possible to find sports shoes of excellent quality.



Where to buy?

A good sports shoe is for sale at any store that specializes in sports or tennis. To buy in the physical store you can go to Nike.

For those who prefer to buy online, there is an even greater variety of options. You can find several models on Amazon, among others.


Purchasing criteria: Characteristics to evaluate in sports shoes

There are several types of sneakers. A great model, for example, may not be ideal for you, as each runner has a different type of foot and needs. Therefore, to choose the perfect sports shoe for you, it is necessary to observe these characteristics:

  • Type of sneakers
  • Drop
  • Sole
  • Size

We will explain each item so that there is no doubt!

Type of sneakers

There are also three different types of sneakers. All of them are available for different types of steps.

  • Minimalist sneakers : It has less cushioning in falls. The sole is thinner, making the feet closer to the ground.
  • Cushioned sneakers : It has a thicker sole, making the impact more comfortable for the runner. This is more suitable for those who run frequently and with great intensity.
  • Track sports shoes : Can be used on more uneven and challenging terrain.


The drop of sports shoes is the height of your heel towards the front of your foot. Many running shoes come with this part of the heel higher than the toes. This means that these shoes provide greater cushioning.


The smaller the height difference between the heel and the toes, the lower the cushioning of the shoes. To choose the drop of your sneakers, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of your training and your level of experience.


The sole of sports shoes will be responsible for preventing falls and slips. Choosing a model with good durability and traction is essential for your safety.

In addition, it is necessary to consider whether you run on rainy days or on level terrain or with rocks and other obstacles. There are different soles for different types of terrain.


It’s easy to decide the size of the sneakers, just ask for the model with the numbering you usually wear, right? Wrong! Of course, this will influence, but there are other things you should consider about the size of the shoe.

Your heel should always be well positioned and comfortable, but sneakers cannot press you. Choose a model that you don’t need to strain to remove from your foot.

The instep should also be comfortable. Feeling that the shoe is pressing on the instep is not normal and means that it is not the most suitable model for you.

Ideally, the length should be at least half an inch wider at the front. This is because your feet tend to swell at the time of running, so make sure your shoes have space to accommodate them.


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