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Top & Best External antenna Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best External antenna: How to choose the best one in 2022?

For many people, watching television is a form of fun and a way to relax after a busy day. But so that all open channels can be viewed, it is important that the device has an external antenna, and that is what we will talk about today.

The external antenna is a product that captures the TV signal and transmits it to the TV screen. It allows access to several channels and has an excellent range, working even in more distant locations. And if you need one of these, but don’t know which one to choose, just read this article until the end to clear all doubts.


First, the most important

  • The external antenna has a high signal pickup and transmits open channels on television.
  • The most common model of the external antenna is called a fishbone.
  • Currently, all external antennas for sale transmit digital signals.

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The best outdoor antennas: Our team’s favorites

The external antennas are very similar to each other, however, there are some differences between the models available for purchase. Therefore, we separate here those that have more positive points and are among the best, check it out.

  • The most cost-effective external antenna
  • The most discreet external antenna version
  • The most complete external antenna


Buying Guide

The external antenna is a product well known to everyone. It is installed outside the homes and ensures that the signal reaches the television screen. And so that you understand more about this type of antenna and know what are its differentials, ways of installation, price and much more we created this purchase guide.


What is an external antenna for?

There are currently three ways to be able to watch television channels. The paid methods are cable TV or radio, while the free method is from an antenna.

The external antenna is a variation of this product and its function is to capture the signal from broadcasters and transmit it on the television set. Thanks to it, it is possible to watch open TV channels in a simple and easy way.

External antenna or internal antenna: Which to choose?

There are two antenna models that can be installed, the external and the internal. These two options serve the same purpose, but have different characteristics and indications.

The external antenna is more suitable for those who live in houses.

The external antenna is more suitable for those who live in houses, since it is placed outside the place.

In comparison to the internal model, it has a better signal capture, as it is larger and receives less interference. Precisely for this reason it is the best option for places where the TV signal is weak.

The main advantage of the internal antenna is its size, which is reduced. It is installed together with the television set and can only capture signals from closer antennas, having a shorter range.


What is the best place to install an external antenna?

The most common installation location of the external antenna is on the roof, because this is the highest part of the buildings and thus the signal reception is better. However, it is possible to place them also on walls and balconies.

The only caveat regarding the installation of this product is due to its positioning. The antenna must always be pointed towards the transmission station. And if you don’t know where it is, just check the position of the antenna of nearby houses.


How to install an external antenna?

The installation process of the external antenna is simple, but requires some care to ensure the safety of the installer and the efficiency of this product. And for this to be done in the right way just follow the step by step below.

  • After defining the location where the external antenna will be installed, place it in a horizontal position with the spines pointing to the sides.
  • Fix the screws on the mast and check that the structure is firm.
  • Then connect the cable to the antenna and the TV. To do this, plug the wire into the antenna by screwing it to the end and do the same on the television.
  • To ensure that the cable does not come loose and that water does not get wet, apply an insulating tape to the junction point with the antenna.
  • Finally, tune in to the TV channels and enjoy the programming.

Demetrio Venicio AguiarElectrical engineer

“The biggest concern that one must have when installing an external antenna and the receiving wires (RF) is to check the presence and the distance from the electrical network (which must be at least three meters) so that there is no risk of touching the equipment to the wires. ”

How much does it cost and where to buy an external antenna?

The external antenna can be found to buy at stores that sell electrical products. If you do not know one in your city you can buy it online and some sites that sell this product are Amazon, Americanas and Mercado Livre.

And you don’t have to spend a lot to buy one of these. The value of the external antenna is between R $ 19.90 and R $ 210 and it varies according to the amount of signals it receives.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare models and choose an external antenna

In order to enjoy the open TV channels, it is essential to choose a correct external antenna. This decision-making process makes all the difference and must be done with caution so as not to acquire an option inappropriate to the location or need. To help you with this we have separated below what you should take into consideration.

  • Size
  • Signs it captures
  • Wire length
  • Antenna shaping

Now we will explain each of these topics to you.


The external antenna is made in different sizes, with larger and smaller options. The larger models are the ones that have the greatest signal capture capacity, while the smaller ones have a more limited efficiency in this regard.

So, for places where the signal is low, the bigger the antenna the better, since there is more possibility of being able to watch different channels. In addition, one must also analyze what is the ideal size for the area that is available.

Signs it captures

There are different types of signals that an external antenna can pick up and each model has a capacity. There are versions that only reach UHF and VHF signals, while others are more complete and transmit VHF, UHF, FM and HDTV signals.

The acronym UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency, which is an ultra high frequency. It is widely used by television channels and is recommended for urban areas.

The acronym VHF stands for Very High Frequency, which is a very high frequency used by radio stations. This is ideal for remote and rural areas. The acronym HDTV is related to high definition TV, while FM refers to radio.

Therefore, when choosing an antenna, check which of these signals the model can capture and see which one best suits your needs.

Wire length

Another important point to be considered when buying the external antenna is the length of the wire that accompanies it. It should be neither too long nor too short, as these two situations will get in the way during installation.

Therefore, before purchasing the antenna, measure the distance between the television and the place where it will be installed.


Antenna shaping

In order to ensure greater durability of the antenna and avoid accidents it is important that it is manufactured with resistant materials.

Therefore, check that the antenna structure is strong and rigid and that it is made with resistant raw materials. In addition, it is essential that this material does not rust, as this product will be exposed to sun and rain.


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