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Top & Best Portable TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Portable TV: How to choose the best one?

read this complete guide for those who want to buy a portable TV. There are many models on the market with different technological innovations that may or may not make final prices more expensive.

In recent times portable TVs have evolved a lot. Before these devices had only a low quality screen. Now there are devices that are true multimedia products with clean images.

Let’s get to know the details and variations of each of the best devices. We also present average prices in the text. Know the information you need to buy the Portable TV and not have a headache after the purchase.

First, the most important

  • Many people believe that portable TVs with higher prices have more inches. But, a 7 inch portable TV that has advanced technology costs more than the basic 9 inch TV.
  • The battery life of the product is one of the points that most deserve your attention. Before buying, find out how long the device can stay on without being plugged into the outlet.
  • The graphic quality of the content transmitted on the portable TV has little to do with the size of the monitor. Devices with crystal clear images are those that have a high resolution, regardless of the number of inches.

The best Portable TV sets

Having a portable TV is very useful for those who like to camp, or still want to stay on top of everything, from anywhere. Or even don’t miss that schedule. To facilitate your search, we have listed the 3 best models for you. Check out:

Shopping Guide

The portable TV is a lightweight device, simple to carry so you can watch your favorite programs in different places. But buying such a TV requires some care. And that’s what we want to talk about with you throughout this Guide.

If you want to know more about this device, stay with us until the end and make your purchase as an expert.

What is a Portable TV?

Portable TV is a product for people to watch television close to the screen. Nowadays the monitor of this equipment is colored and has a superior quality in resolution.

The name “portable” means that these TVs can be taken to different locations because they are light, small and do not heat up easily. The device’s screen is currently made of LCD.

The first versions appeared in the 1970s. These old editions were new because they fit in your pocket. These devices only had the option of transmitting channels with the aid of an antenna.

Most current models do not have a remote control because the portable TV is for watching in the palm of your hand.

Modern portable televisions pick up signals from digital TV and FM radio. Check out this home video review by Guilherme Melo on his channel:


What are the features of a Portable TV?

First, it is worth mentioning that they are small televisions. The average screen size can range from 3 inches to up to 9 inches. Larger televisions are not portable.

Because of competition from the technology market, major brands have started to put new features in portable TV. Some versions may even record the contents of the screen.


A modern device, in addition to transmitting digital TV can also play videos, images, audio and FM radio stations.

Another feature of the devices is that they have different inputs for connecting other devices. The main inputs on the portable digital TV are USB, SD, HDMI, microphone, AV and auxiliary.

Now see a table that summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of using portable digital TV:


What are the main components of the Portable TV?

Before we talk about other aspects, it is important that you understand how a portable and formed TV. Discover now the main parts that exist in such a television:

  • Ports: These are the product inputs for connecting a pen drive, SD card, among other devices.
  • Speaker: Used to use the device without the earphones, which can also be used in contact with one of the ports. In modern appliances there is a speaker at the back.
  • Battery: Rechargeable, it has the objective of making the televisions work without being connected to the power source.
  • Source: Useful for charging the equipment when the battery is discharged.
  • Monitor: It’s the screen. The better the resolution the more quality there is in the reproduction of images or videos.

What is the screen resolution on the Portable TV?

Regardless of the size of the monitor, the screens on these TVs have a rectangular shape. It is hardly possible to find square or triangle-shaped versions.

The rectangle on the screen means that the portable TV has an area with height (vertical) and width (horizontal). On screens the images are divided into pixels, which are some tiny dots. So the smallest possible image has 1 pixel.

To be reproduced, the pixels are organized in the vertical and horizontal parts of the screen. But, how do resolutions get into this story?

Simple! Resolution is the way of measuring the number of pixels on the screen. Therefore, high resolution means the device’s ability to transmit content with more pixels.

There are models that even have HD resolution.


Portable TV or tablet?

An important first point is to understand that the size of the monitor does not mean quality in images or videos. Don’t think that just because the screen is big you can see all the details of your favorite movie.

There are smaller devices that cost more than the larger ones because they have more capacity to reproduce details on the screen. This is because these products have a high pixel resolution.

When we talk about portable TV, some people wonder if a tablet would be more interesting and a replacement for that device. The answer is you who will find it.

But we can emphasize that the big difference is being able to watch your programs without depending on the internet. The same does not happen with the tablet, which needs to be connected.

In addition, a portable TV is a much cheaper investment. Compare the two devices:


How much?

The values ​​of portable TVs are not the same. Screen size, brands, resolution capacity, number of entries and formats impact the price.

When you buy in reliable stores on the internet you can pay almost 30% less than in physical stores. As it is a light product, sometimes online stores do not charge shipping.

The price of a portable digital TV can range from R $ 200 to R $ 700.

Where to buy?


Amazon Shoptime is a virtual store known because of the popular sales of these digital TVs. Compare prices online from the comfort of your home to find options with less cost and more benefits.

Among the best trusted online stores, Amazon stands out, where there is more variety of products, so it is easy to compare the prices and features of each device.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare portable TV models

When we don’t know much about the product, it’s almost always the same story. Salespeople take us into the conversation. To know how to buy your portable TV safely, you should review the following information:

  • Options menu
  • Drums
  • Warranty
  • Product weight
  • Supported format

Let us now explain a little each of these important information for you to make the best purchase possible.

Options menu

Make sure the device has a menu of options in the Portuguese language. Unless you speak English, you may experience problems setting up your portable TV.

Some devices manufactured in other countries may have their official language, such as Mandarin, as their language. These devices usually have English too, but not always Portuguese.

Another point to note in the menu is whether it is easy to navigate, intuitive. Some models have buttons on the device itself, so you can access it with your fingers while holding the TV, and others may have a remote control, so you can watch and access from a short distance. This is a personal matter.



The battery of this type of TV is not usually the strong point. But it is an indispensable criterion to be analyzed. If you tend to spend a lot of time on the street you may prefer models with 4 hours of battery life.

On the other hand, there are cheaper versions that have 2 hours of battery life. Assess where you will use this portable TV and what the battery demand will be.

A TV that can last 4 hours will be more expensive, so make this investment only if you really need it.



It seems like a detail, but assessing whether the manufacturer provides warranty is essential. Any problem that the product has, the company covers within that period. Therefore, prioritize companies that provide some guarantee. This even indicates the seriousness of the company.

It can go from 3 months to 1 year and there is no rule, it depends on the company. A 3-month warranty is already better than none and sufficient to use the device’s functions and identify possible factory problems.

Product weight

As you will literally watch TV in the palm of your hand, evaluate the weight of the product. Because they are small, they are not usually very heavy. But still, compare the weight and choose the one that most appeals to you in this regard.

After all, in addition to holding on to watch, it will weigh in your bag or backpack if you are not careful with this criterion. So, buy the lightest device possible.


What format does it support?

At this point we have already seen throughout this article that a portable TV is not limited to its form of transmission. So it is very common to ask yourself about the formats that this model can support.

In general, portable digital TVs, support image, audio and video. Check out the details:

  • Image: JPEG; PNG and BMP.
  • Audio: MP3, MP4, FLAC and WMA.
  • Video: XVID, DIVX, MPEG 4, MPEG 2, MPEG 1, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, FLV and RMVB.

If all of these formats are important to you, make sure that the model offers all of them.

Not all TVs have all the formats mentioned. Read the description of the portable TV to find this information.




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