Top & Best Yamaha Receiver Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Yamaha Receiver: How to choose the best one for you in 2022?

Do you need a device capable of managing and distributing all the audio and video connections in your home? So rest assured! A Yamaha receiver can solve your problems.

The receiver is a device capable of connecting televisions, video games, DVD players, speakers and more, organizing and distributing images and sounds. And when we talk about a renowned brand like Yamaha, the quality is even higher!

In the next few lines of this article, we’ll talk more about Yamaha’s line of receivers, discuss the differences between models, and take all possible questions you may have about the subject. It’s time to acquire knowledge!

First, the most important

  • The receiver is the heart of an entertainment system. It organizes and distributes all audio and video signals with quality and efficiency.
  • Yamaha is a Japanese brand that produces receivers of exceptional quality, with models for every pocket. Trust in this traditional company makes it one of the market leaders.
  • Among Yamaha’s main advantages over competitors are the quality of the surround system and extra zones, as well as the ease of finding support and technical assistance.

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The best Yamaha receiver models: Our choices

Yamaha produces receivers ranging from entry-level models to more complex and full of options. We select those that are among the most outstanding. Below, we explain a little about each one:

  • An entry model
  • The very advanced option
  • A favorite of fans of visual and sound technology


Buying Guide

Whether you are a technology expert or a layman wanting to understand what makes a receiver, there are many technical details that we can talk about this magical device. Therefore, in the Buying Guide we will bring you several and valuable information!

What is a Yamaha receiver and what is it for?

Technically speaking, a receiver is a device that works as a video and audio processing center.

Imagine that you can connect all your electronics (televisions, video games, DVD players, radios, turntables and more) to a single device. And that from that device, control the operation of all others.

That’s exactly what a receiver does! He is also the heart of a home theater, being responsible for the distribution and organization of the audio channels.

So we’re talking about a device that can take your entertainment experiences to a new level. And for something so important, there’s nothing like trusting a brand like Yamaha, isn’t it?

Yamaha’s range of receivers is of the highest quality. And it is a direct resale of the models produced in Japan, only with the necessary adaptations such as voltage and power cables.

Did you know? We know Yamaha in several product segments: From vehicles to electronics, through musical instruments and hardware, the company is present.


But the origin is really in music. In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha began to manufacture pianos and organs. It was only after the Second World War that the company started to expand its horizons to other branches!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Yamaha receiver over other brands?

There is no way to start this subject without mentioning the reliability and respect that the Yamaha brand has. Purchasing a product from a company with so much history gives the customer peace and security.

Starting specifically for the receiver subject, Yamaha stands out for offering products with different technical specifications. Thus, it pleases both those looking for small improvements in the entertainment experience and demanding and experienced customers.


Yamaha receiver models are compatible with all current technologies.

It is possible to find in a Yamaha receiver compatible with all the latest technologies. Examples are the Dolby Atmos system, 4K or UltraHD TVs, smart devices like Alexa, 3D systems and more.

Experts evaluate Yamaha receivers as those that provide the best surround experience (sound distribution over 5 or more speakers) and those that best distribute between zones (secondary system in rooms other than the main).

On the other hand, the experts also assess that the sound is a little “hard”, which is a little lower when listening to some musical styles. The above-average price can also be seen as a disadvantage.

We have created a table to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the Yamaha receiver over competitors. Check out:


What are the differences between Yamaha receiver models?

Currently, Yamaha has three main lines of receivers: RN, with stereo sound, for beginners and people with little space; RX-V, the intermediate and main, able to please everyone; and Aventage (RX-A), the most advanced.
Check a table with the differences between the lines:

Among these lines, the best known and best selling is the RX-V. After all, it already has a lot of quality and all the features required in today’s world without having extremely high prices.

In order from the simplest to the most advanced, the Yamaha receivers of this line are: RX-V385, RX-V485, RX-V585 and RX-V685.

As the technical specifications of the receivers are varied, full of information that can confuse those who do not have so much knowledge on the subject, we decided to set up another table.

The following is a comparison of all models in the Yamaha RX-V line:

We can’t help talking a little more about the Aventage line, which represents the top of Yamaha’s receivers. In it, the models have large amounts of channels and inputs, in addition to all possible connectivity and compatibility.

So that you can understand the quality of this line, we selected the following video about the model RX-A3080, one of the most evolved. The Home Theater Magazine channel shows you everything that is special about the device:

How much does a Yamaha receiver cost?

As there are models of different levels and targeting different audiences, we found significant differences in the prices of Yamaha receivers.

The cheapest models are those that still have stereo sound. They range between R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,000. The average price of quality models is between R $ 3,000 and R $ 5,000. The most advanced ones, like the RX-A3080, go over R $ 11,000.

Where to buy a Yamaha receiver?

Large hypermarket chains, stores specializing in audio, technology and electronic networks must have good Yamaha receiver models. Eventually, you can find an authorized reseller physical store.

The best option is to buy over the internet, and we recommend mainly the Amazon. In addition to presenting all the models you can wish for, it is safe and reliable. Also check out the international Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when choosing your Yamaha receiver

We have already talked about many differences between models and about technical specifications. It is natural that you have some doubts. Therefore, we selected some questions to explain better!

  • Number of channels
  • Number of HDMI inputs and outputs
  • Extra zones
  • Compatibility
  • Dimensions

Below, we’ll explain each one better.

Number of channels

This is the number that concerns the distribution of the audio. For example, if you don’t have a home theater, you only use the television boxes, which are most often two. Hence the number “2.0”.

The surround sound system, with speakers distributed throughout the environment, starts from “5.1” (the second number indicates the subwoofer). The more sources there are, the higher the audio quality and realism.

But there is no point in purchasing a 9.2 receiver if you do not have and do not intend to buy a similar home theater. It will just be a waste of possibilities!

Number of HDMI inputs and outputs

How many devices with an HDMI connection do you own? Televisions, video game devices, DVD or Blu-Ray players, laptops, projectors?

The number of HDMI inputs and outputs is important from there. The ideal is that the device has a larger amount than the devices you have, so you can buy new ones without any major problems.

After all, we want to extract the maximum audio and video quality from our electronics.

Extra zones

The installation of a receiver usually encompasses all the devices in a certain environment, for example, the living room. But what if you want him to control everything in a second too, like a bedroom?

This is why some Yamaha receiver models have extra zones, such as B or C. Thus, the devices and speakers can be distributed in other environments. This is a function that can add a lot in some cases, but certainly not mandatory!


Do you have a 3D television and want it to connect with all functions to the receiver? Or a record player? Well, you will need to check the compatibility of these devices!

The same model of receiver may or may not be compatible with 3D devices: Some versions have been launched with this “extra” for the option to exist. With other technologies, the ideal is to check which lines offer the necessary supports.


Some Yamaha receivers are quite large. Therefore, you need to analyze whether there is space for the chosen one to be allocated in your environment. It may not fit between boards on a shelf or on a table.

The ideal is to read the specified measurements of the model and compare it with the place you want to install it. If the device is larger, making adaptations to the environment may be necessary.

After all, it wouldn’t be cool to miss out on purchasing a great Yamaha receiver because it doesn’t fit in your living room.





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