Top & Best 43 inch Smart TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 43 inch Smart TV: Which are the best of 2022?

Having a smart TV at home is the best way to enjoy streaming services and many other applications without the need for additional devices. This is one of the most advanced types of televisions and for a home cinema experience the 43 inch smart TV is a great option.

With measures that can be considered large, the 43-inch smart TV is found in several models and brings together a number of positive points. It is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and in this article we will talk about it all. So, if you want to know more just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • The 43 inch smart TV is one of the most versatile and it is possible to access the internet and watch open channels.
  • It is found with resolutions ranging from HD to 4K.
  • This product has a great cost benefit and there are models of smart TV 43 inches from R $ 1,200.

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Best 43 inch Smart TV Models: The Writing Picks

The 43-inch smart TV is among the most popular. Thanks to that several brands make options of televisions in this size and below you will find the best ones.

  • The best rated 43-inch smart TV
  • The ideal model for commercial environments
  • The 43-inch smart TV with better image resolution

Buying Guide

Since they were launched, smart TVs have become very successful. This is because, thanks to its internet connection, it is possible to watch different contents in a very simple and easy way.

Among the options available, the 43 inch smart TV models are a great choice. This is because they are ideally sized to ensure a very positive experience and are not among the most expensive on the market. Therefore, in this buying guide we will tell you all about them so you can choose the best one for your home.

What are the measurements of a 43 inch smart TV?

The 43-inch smart TV is considered large, but it is not among the largest on the market, as there are options that reach up to 70 inches.

Either way, it’s a pretty good size. This is mainly due to its measurements, which are, on average, 108 centimeters diagonally, 94 centimeters wide and 53 centimeters high, without counting the base measurements.

What are the positives and negatives of the 43 inch smart TV?

The 43 inch smart TV is very advantageous and combines a number of benefits for those who purchase it.

This type of television is neither among the largest in the segment, nor among the smallest. This makes it a great option for those who do not want a small television, but also cannot buy the ones that have very large sizes.

Another positive point is that it has all the features that any other smart TV has. Thanks to this, when choosing this model nothing is lost.

There is also the advantage that the 43-inch smart TV is already found in versions with very advanced image resolutions. Nowadays there are even 4K models, which provide very high quality images.

The price of the 43 inch smart TV is yet another positive point. It is affordable and you don’t have to spend a large amount of money to get one of these.

The downside is that in very large environments this TV ends up looking small.

Where can a 43 inch smart TV be installed?

The 43-inch smart TV is one of the most versatile. That’s because it blends perfectly with living rooms and bedrooms.

In the living rooms they become discreet, but very efficient electronics, and are ideal for long cinema sessions lying on the couch or playing video games.

In the bedroom, because this environment is usually a little smaller, they are big and prominent.

However, regardless of the space where the 43 inch smart TV is to be placed, it is ideal that it is at a minimum distance from the sofa or bed. For this size of television the indication is that its installation is made about 1.80 and 2.5 meters from the place where the people who will watch it will be.

What are the features of a 43 inch smart TV?

The 43-inch smart TV brings together all the features of a normal TV, with the addition that with it you can access the internet.

In this way, it is possible to install several applications, with streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video being among the most chosen for this.

In addition, these televisions are also able to play content that is on mobile devices. With that, you can access videos, music, photos and many other files that are on phones and tablets.

With the 43 inch smart TV there is also the possibility to chat via Skype, play online, pause and record programs on open TV and browse freely on the internet.

Smart TVs emerged in 2011. At the time, they became a real success, since until now no TV had Internet access.

Nowadays they have evolved a lot and are among the most sold in Brazil.

How much does a 43 inch smart TV cost?

The 43-inch smart TV has a value that varies according to its image and sound quality. In addition, it also changes by model and brand.

In general it is possible to purchase one of these for a price starting at R $ 1,200, while the more expensive versions can reach R $ 3 thousand, on average.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare 43 inch smart TV models

To choose the 43 inch smart TV it is ideal to pay attention to some details. Each of them makes a difference in the day-to-day use of this product and below you will find everything that should be analyzed.

  • Image quality
  • Functions
  • Inputs and connections
  • Operational system
  • Size
  • Design

Now we’ll explain all of these topics to you.

Image quality

The image quality of a TV makes all the difference when watching movies, series and other programs. Currently it is possible to find TVs with HD, full HD and 4K resolutions, which is the most modern.

HD quality televisions are the most outdated today and have the same resolution as digital TV. Full HD is the intermediary and guarantees a great image, as it has twice as many pixels as HD.

The 43 inch smart TV with 4K resolution guarantees the clearest results. This is the most advanced technology in this regard and has four times more pixels than full HD. However, 4K TVs are among the most expensive.


A feature that varies greatly between 43 inch smart TV models is the functions they perform.

Each manufacturer puts on their televisions features that are different from traditional ones and that may be of interest to consumers. Thus, there are TVs with a welcome function or that already have applications installed.

There are also programmable televisions, where you can set a time to turn on and off, and so on. With that, analyze which functions are most interesting to you.

Inputs and connections

The number of inputs and connections that a 43-inch smart TV has is another point worth mentioning.

All TVs of this type come with USB and HDMI inputs.

Virtually all TVs of this type come with USB and HDMI inputs, but the number of them varies according to the model.

It is important to pay attention to this by thinking about the number of devices that can be connected to the TV, such as video games, for example.

In addition, wireless connection is essential in this product. The first models of smart TV did not have this feature, which caused some inconvenience. So be aware of that.

Be sure to check if the device also has a bluetooth connection, as it is very interesting on the way out.

Operational system

Most 43-inch smart TVs run on the Android operating system. However, the models of some brands have a differentiated system.

Samsung TVs usually work with the Tizen operating system, while LG TVs are equipped with WebOS.

This is important because each of them has different functions and forms of use. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this.


Above we told you that 43 inch smart TVs have an average size of 108 centimeters in diagonal, 94 centimeters in width and 53 centimeters in height.

But these measures can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. This makes models a little bigger and a little smaller than that. Not to mention that the base size of televisions also changes a lot.

So it is essential to check how much space is available for the TV before buying one of these. By doing this you will be able to purchase a model that fits exactly in the location that was planned.


The design of the 43 inch smart TV also changes a lot according to the brand. This is because each of them has aspects that can be different.

There are slim options, which are the thinnest and most modern. These are a good option for those looking for a more minimalist TV. Traditional models are a little thicker than that and have a more traditional design.

There are also changes in the color of the 43 inch smart TV. As much as most models are made in black, there are also options in silver and gray.

The base of this product is also quite variable. There are versions with a larger and more striking base, while others have a very small base.


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