Top & Best 75 inch TV Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best 75 inch TV Review: What are the best devices of 2022?


If you are looking for a large TV to watch your favorite movies and series, a 75 inch TV may be the right choice, all you need is space and a bigger budget. Want to know more? Continue reading this complete Buying Guide.

Welcome to Mypricesaving, today we are going to talk about the 75 inch TV. Is she really the most suitable for your home? You will discover this and other answers here.

First, the most important

  • Virtually all modern 75-inch TVs now feature 4K technology, which guarantees a definition four times higher than Full HD.
  • The 75 inch TV is suitable for lovers of films and series, which have a large space and want to feel like home cinema.
  • To buy a 75 inch TV you must have a budget of at least $ 5,000. But know that there are models that exceed R $ 30 thousand.

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Best 75 inch TVs: Our indications

Do you want the cinema sensation in the comfort of your home? This is the dream of everyone in love with movies and series. The 75 inch TV is the ideal choice. Check out some models:

  • LG 75 inch TV
  • Cheap 75 inch Samsung TV
  • 75 inch QLED TV

Buying Guide

If you are willing to invest in a 75 inch TV it is because you value image quality and comfort to watch your favorite content. But is this really the ideal TV for the environment you have at home?

Discover this and other answers throughout this Buying Guide. That way you will learn how to make the best choice for your home.

Who is a 75 inch TV for?

If you want to have your own private cinema at home, the 75 inch TV is right for you. Of course, it is still a long way from reaching the size used in the cinema, but it is a great way to improve quality and comfort at home.


The 75 inch TV is suitable for those with a spacious environment.

The 75 inch TV is suitable for those who have a spacious environment, love movies and series and have a budget starting at R $ 5,000. If you like to gather family or friends, this screen size offers plenty of comfort to spend fun moments with them, even at home.

So this is the perfect size for the living room or even a game room. There are also those who like to put a 75 inch TV in the room. The environment does not really matter much, but the distance the viewer will be from the device.

What is the ideal distance between the 75 inch TV and the viewer?

The perfect distance between the place where the 75 inch TV will be installed and the viewer is 3 meters. This measure considers both the size and the quality of the screen. Virtually all TVs of this size are 4K resolution.

It is important to respect this distance so that you can enjoy a good experience and the best quality of the screen, preserving the details without causing distortions.

In addition to the distance, the height at which the TV is installed also matters. In this case, there is no ideal height according to the inch. The tip here is to center the look with the TV medium.

It is clear that it is not possible to arrive at an exact measurement, considering that the height of the look changes according to the person’s height and also with the position in which he is on the sofa or bed, however, it is possible to reach an average.

What are the advantages of investing in a 75 inch TV?

The biggest advantage of investing in a 75 inch TV is the fact of having comfort and image quality even at home. Being bigger, you can watch movies and series in a kind of private cinema.

Most 75-inch models offer 4K resolution, so they guarantee excellent sharpness and image quality.

You can install your 75 inch TV wherever you want, as long as you respect the 3 meter distance between viewer and screen. So be careful, it can be exaggerated – and uncomfortable – in small environments.

Unfortunately this is still a very expensive television. You will need at least R $ 5,000 to buy one of these, and know that they can exceed the value of R $ 30,000.

75 inch LED, OLED or QLED TV?

When searching for a 75 inch TV you may come across the terms LED, OLED and QLED, and perhaps this causes more confusion.

The LED TV is the good and old known to all, quite common in the most diverse televisions around the country. The X of the question is in terms OLED and QLED.

First of all, you need to know that these terms are related to trademarks. Some manufacturers prefer one technology or another. OLED is a technology present on TVs from Sony and LG and QLED on Samsung devices. But in practice, what is the difference?


    • OLED: OLED televisions use organic dots, bringing a deep black to the screen. When the scenes are darker this technology offers better image detail and you will have more comfort and will be able to see those scenes with better clarity.
    • QLED: QLED technology uses quantum dots. By using an RGB panel, – acronym for Red, Green and Blue, in other words, red, green and blue in Portuguese – this screen is better in more vivid color scenes, bringing a lot of reality to the screen.


Both are more expensive technologies. Therefore, the LED screen is still the cheapest option for those who want to invest in a 75 inch TV.

How much does it cost and where to buy a 75 inch TV?

Prepare to spend a minimum of R $ 5,000, this to buy a simple version of a 75 inch TV. LED screens usually cost that amount, but they can also be more expensive. The price varies depending on the technologies present.

The OLED and QLED models cost more than R $ 10,000 and can exceed R $ 30,000. It is not a cheap television, but if you love cinema, it is worth the investment.

In physical stores it can be difficult to find a TV this size, so the best choice is to buy online. Check out sites like Amazon,  Another advantage of buying in online stores is to receive the product at home, without having to worry about transporting this big TV.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for choosing a 75 inch TV for your home

Buying a 75 inch TV requires attention to some criteria. After all, the investment is high. Check out the main selection criteria:

  • Screen type
  • Connectivity
  • Brand
  • Design
  • Size and weight

Check out the topics mentioned in detail.

Screen type

Now that you know the main characteristics of the LED, OLED and QLED screens, it is easier to choose the one you like best. OLED AND QLED are evolutions, with different characteristics of the LED screen.

Remembering that OLED bets on the best visualization of dark scenes and QLED offers more vibrant colors. Both technologies are more expensive than 75 inch LED TV models. What’s your choice?


There is no point in investing in a TV that does not offer great connectivity options. Nowadays, a TV needs at least HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The more connections it provides, the better the 75 inch TV will be. Reflect what devices you have at home to make the purchase. Blu-ray, video games, home theater may be some of those that you will need to connect to your TV..


There are several brands of TV in the market. LG, Sony, and Samsung are the main and most renowned. They offer 75 inch TV options of different types for different budgets.


The design is important in some ways, but especially in relation to its edge. More and more people are looking for super thin borders, more and more invisible and that make the canvas more eminent.

Another aspect related to the design is its support format. It may not matter so much when the TV is installed on the wall, but for those who prefer to leave it on a rack, considering the feet, their style and thickness is an important visual aspect, especially with regard to the exposure of the wires.

The more minimalist the 75 inch TV is in relation to the design, the more you will take advantage of the potential of this large screen.


Size and weight

The 75 inch television can be quite large and heavy. Therefore, although the screen has the same measurement, the total size of the TV may vary due to the thickness of the edges. Check the measurements before choosing the model for your home, and of course, measure with the location where it will be placed.

If you want to hang your TV on a stand, be sure to choose a stand that is firm and suitable for the size and weight of the TV you buy. A 75 inch TV can weigh between 30 and 50 kg.




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