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Top & Best 4K TV: It’s time to choose the best smart of 2022

Hello, welcome to MyPriceSaving, made to help you in your most varied choices. In this topic, we will talk about entertainment, or, more specifically, 4K Smart TV models!

We know that the entertainment industry is a highly competitive market, which brings new options and products at all times. And having a state-of-the-art device such as a 4K Smart TV in your home can make a big difference in your enjoyment.

So, if you were waiting for an opportunity to learn more about this type of television, which can access the internet and provide an image quality as good as you can see with the naked eye, stay connected with us, as we will talk about everything you need to know about this product!

First, the most important

  • Smart TVs are televisions that connect to the internet (via internet cable like the computer or even with Wi-Fi), and allow user interaction with the device.
  • 4K TVs and UHD (Ultra HD) TVs are the same thing. The intention of 4K is to emphasize that the product has four times more resolution than its best predecessor (the Full HD TV).
  • A 4K Smart TV alone will not work miracles. Without a good internet connection, and without a high resolution picture schedule, it will just be a bigger TV that you will be angry at when operating.

Buying Guide

Watching your favorite shows, movies, series and channels is much better – and easier – with a 4K Smart TV. And the two main reasons are in the device’s name: Smart and 4K. In the Buying Guide below, you will understand what these two technologies are and what you should take into account when deciding to buy your new TV.

What does it mean to have a 4K Smart TV?

A 4K Smart TV is a television with different functions and characteristics, following the global trend of connectivity and the common human need to search for the best entertainment options.Its main objective remains the same: to transmit visual and audio information to the viewer (you) with maximum quality in image and sound. And new technologies come precisely to improve this experience more and more.

What is “4K”?

A 4K TV has four times more pixels (tiny squares of color that combine to form the images), than a Full HD TV, and this makes the image clearer, closer to the reality of the human eye.

In 4K technology, regardless of the distance, you see the image in full quality.

However, it is necessary to take some care with this sharpness and brightness, so that scholars have defined a distance between screen and viewer, for the best use of these TVs, shown in the table below:

Therefore, buying a 4K TV may require you to make some adjustments in the place where you intend to install the device, to have a better use of the product and protect your eyes. Great excuse for you to give the room a makeover without others complaining, don’t you think?

Here is an example, of the many, that we found on the internet to give you a more visual idea of ​​what this quality means:

What is the Smart function?

About the Smart function, the name indicates connectivity between television and the internet, but calm down, it doesn’t become a tablet or anything like that! The connection is restricted to the capabilities of the TV, its platform for access and available resources.Today, many televisions have their own operating systems (such as small computers inside televisions), turning into hybrids, with the possibility for you to download applications to work on the television itself.

Some brands even invest in other resources, such as differentiated remote controls to facilitate user access to the internet and other TV features, with features such as:

  • Air mouse. The floating arrow that follows the movement made by the control, facilitating all content selection;
  • Voice command. Built-in microphone in the control, to talk, search for content, even sing;
  • More ergonomic designs. To keep them close to the user and make them comfortable to the hands;
  • Quick access buttons. With one click you access the internet platform or view all the equipment connected to the TV.

Soon, a 4K Smart TV has everything to become the new “xodó” of the house, with cutting edge technology and brand new features waiting to be used. Want to watch a 4K video on YouTube? (Preferably, watch on a 4K screen)

What resources do I need to have the best resolution?

If you made it this far, you already know that a 4K Smart TV is a television with the ability to connect to the internet, capable of providing much higher resolution than Full HD considered, until recently, the best existing.

When we put the words internet and high resolution in the same sentence, we immediately need to think about connection speed.

Will a 4K Smart TV give you the best results? For sure. As long as you provide her with the best conditions for that, that is, high-speed internet connection and digital channel tuning.

Remember that not all content available for television is in 4K format. So having a 4K TV and watching content produced in superior quality can be like riding a sports car down a bumpy mud road. You will have the best machine, but without using its full potential.

Therefore, opt for models with features that enhance the image received. It is not difficult to find one like this. Manufacturers know about these problems, and put 4K Smart TVs on technologies just for that.

Is the 4K TV operating system important?

Choosing your 4K Smart TV carefully means also researching the operating system that is already installed on it to ensure internet access, and available navigation resources (optimized controls, pairing technologies, use of the smartphone as an option for the remote control).Several operating systems, such as WebOS, Tizen, and Android TV have app stores accessible directly from television. It’s interactivity and fun for sure!

So that you can choose your 4K TV and not regret it, check the operating system of the model you like, and see what is available in the app stores. Check the free download options. This detail – which goes unnoticed by some – can increase the functionality of your Smart TV.

What are the advantages of a 4K TV?

Possibly you already understood that it differs – and a lot – from the image quality of the other televisions, even the most modern ones, as is the case of the image in Full HD. That is its main advantage, the very high resolution and image quality.Being able to watch your favorite show with the highest image fidelity offered, is another big advantage. It still has many functions and because it is a Smart TV, with it you can access everything you want on the internet, including YouTube, Netflix, among others.

But it is a device that also has disadvantages. And the biggest one is still, unfortunately, its price. These televisions are still expensive because they are cutting edge technology.

In addition, as we already mentioned, not all content is still available in 4K. And for it to play in that quality, the movie or series needs to be recorded at this resolution.

How much?

The differentiated amount of resources, such as image resolution and connectivity solutions, creates a technological differential reflected directly in their prices.You will find 4K Smart TVs in values ​​that start in the range of R $ 2,500 and, varying mainly by the size of the screen, you will find TVs with a price higher than R $ 7,000. It’s good to be preparing your pocket already!

Where to buy?

Televisions are electronics in common use in homes and businesses and are easily found mainly in stores specializing in selling appliances. Be they big chains or those in your neighborhood.A piece of advice that we give, and is valid for any product, is to be careful with the impulse to purchase the product through the salesperson’s speech. We are providing you with information precisely to assist in this choice.

Therefore, analyze each of the models and brands presented, and note which are the most prominent for you, before making the choice. Don’t worry, we’ll show you what criteria to pay attention to when choosing your 4K Smart TV.

Another very viable option these days, both for research and for acquisition, is the internet. In it, you can observe the prices on several sites, such as Amazon the best option, receiving at the convenience of home.

Purchase Criteria: Know what to compare on 4K Smart TV models

4K Smart TVs are products with a high level of technology and have a huge list of information, which can confuse you, when you read about the specifications of the device.

And they are all important. Of course, there are a few that we advise you to pay more attention to when it comes to resolution and connectivity (the most important things on a TV like this):

  • TV size
  • Image quality
  • Connectivity features
  • Operating system (or platform)

Next, we will detail each one to help you in the search for the best option, when purchasing your own 4K Smart TV.

TV size

We have already commented that the human eye has a limit to capture the resolution of images. But the big surprise is that the latest technologies are already able to go beyond this potential.

Let’s look at a speech by Steve Jobs, when he presented Retina technology on the iPhone screen in 2010, decreeing the following truth:

Steve JobsFounder of Apple

“From here, the eye would no longer be able to distinguish between individual pixels when viewed from a normal distance.”

You see, physics doesn’t prohibit more pixels per inch on a screen, but considering the distance from our eyes to the screens, that extra resolution is there for nothing. So, what’s the secret?

When the first plasma televisions arrived, in the past, it was common to notice on the screens larger images with low sharpness (difficulty in seeing the exact contours), and the presence of smudges when rapid movements occurred.

With high definition technology, this problem has been minimized, and virtually eliminated at 4K resolution. So, for you to take advantage of the technology, it is important to take into account the size of the screen.

Are you buying technology that can guarantee perfect resolutions up to screen sizes of 60, 65 inches or more, and are you looking for a 32 ”TV? It is possible to find, yes, but you will be underutilizing the capacity of 4K.

Image quality

When we talk about technology, you need to be very clear about the big differences between the advances made year by year, and the need to know which ones are essential for your 4K Smart TV.

Not all content to watch is available in ultra high definition quality, and you intend to purchase a TV that is capable of broadcasting in that quality, so what’s the magic?

Many 4K have native features (comes with the TV) that interpret the image quality and improve it before transmitting to you, transforming the “lower resolution” content into something “close to 4K”.

But, can you choose to only watch 4K content? Yes. Platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have titles with this resolution, state-of-the-art video games and blue-ray players do as well. Understand, this will restrict you a little bit regarding the available content.

Therefore, analyze very well the features that Smart TV 4K has to compensate for lower resolution images. Also remember that the new one does not always outperform the current one (the current RGB pixel technology proved better in tests than the new RGBw).

Connectivity features

Calling a TV Smart is little for the user to understand the capabilities that the equipment has when connected to the internet. And it is essential that we know what the word “Smart” means on each television.

There are those that connect to the internet only by using cable (the same used by computers), and others that are more current already share the possibility of wireless access.

Likewise, native TV technologies and applications created by the manufacturers can make the wireless connection between several devices of the same brand (TV, blu-ray player, sound system), with a single control by the smartphone, for example.

Others innovate even more with discreet and mouse-like remote controls, with few buttons and an interaction system that reminds us of using a computer rather than a TV.

Operational system

It’s not enough to connect, Smart TV 4K needs to have a platform capable of helping you to get the most out of this internet connection, and for that it has an operating system.

In this market, many manufacturers invest in their own systems to provide exclusivity to the end-user, in addition to a differentiated product compared to the competition.

For example, today it is possible to download content in “stores” of applications on the television itself, such as Karaoke, games, news and even voice and video communication. Therefore, consider whether your choice has an operating system, and what it is capable of providing in terms of applications and functionality, before finalizing the purchase.


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