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Best Instant Camera Review 2022: How to choose Top models Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to! If you like what technology has been doing for us, but you miss some things from the past – like developing photos – feel at home! Today, we are going to show you which are the best instant camera models on the market.

With the emergence of social media, developing photos has become rare. The priority became to publish the portraits on the internet. But there are people who do not give up having their best memories with them. For the old public, instant cameras are the best option!

Compact, versatile, and with excellent quality, instant cameras are the desire of countless photography enthusiasts. we will present the models that stand out in the market and help you choose the ideal camera to develop your photo on the spot.

First, the most important

  • Instant cameras are those who want to have their photos printed, whether to put in albums, or even to decorate the house, as many do, since the photos are the ideal size to be placed on murals or decorative objects.
  • There are common or digital instant cameras. The second model has a viewfinder, which makes it easy to see how the photo will look.
  • Prices range from R$380 to R$1,800, depending on the brand, image quality, and additional product features.

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Ranking: The 6 best instant cameras

Deciding to buy a camera that will instantly reveal your photos? So this list was made especially for you. Here are the best instant camera models on the market. Analyze the characteristics of each one and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Buying Guide

Instant cameras are a mix of modernity and nostalgia. In the past, cameras needed film, but you could only see and develop the photo later, at a specialist store. Then came the digital cameras, which show the photo on the spot, but also do not favor disclosure.

With instant cameras, you can see the result of your portrait on the spot, and share it with friends right away. Want to know more? Keep reading our Buying Guide and find out everything you need to choose the ideal camera.

What are instant cameras and what are their advantages?

Instant cameras are the ideal choice for those who love photography and do not just want to publish them online, but rather have them in hand so that the moment is eternalized in a special place.Compact and efficient, most models are small in size, fit in your pocket easily. Photos are usually printed in business card size, for example. Some models provide larger photo sizes.

The instant camera market is dominated by three brands known to the general public: Polaroid, Kodak and Fujifilm. Fujifilm stands out among them for the most affordable cost of some models and for the variety.

The not-so-positive side of purchasing such a camera is that it depends on batteries or rechargeable batteries, which reduces the time of using the product.

Another factor to be taken into account is that in most models you do not know how the photo record was, until it is printed, since there is no viewfinder. The solution is to try to frame the camera and adjust it so that the photo looks the way you want.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Battery operated
  • Fast photo printing
  • On some models it is possible to print photos from the memory card, which were not necessarily taken with the camera
  • Lower quality than professional cameras
  • Reduced usage time depending on batteries
  • No preview of the photo
  • Photo printed in small size

For whom is an instant camera ideal?

If you would like to have your photos printed to immortalize your moments in a physical way, and not just on your cell phone or computer, this is already a reason enough to have an instant camera.However, if you are in doubt as to whether one of these machines could be useful, here is a list of people who would probably make an excellent use of a camera like this:

  • Casual photographer. That person who likes to photograph, but only occasionally, without commitment.
  • Amateur photographer. Instant cameras do not require very deep knowledge of photography from those who operate them.
  • Nostalgic. If you still resist technology and like to have some old fashioned objects.
  • Children or teenagers. There are inexpensive and easy-to-use models for this audience, who do not remember having used a machine with film. However, it is important that the owner of the machine is mature enough not to waste the entire film with photos that will not be useful.

How long do instant photos last?

It is not possible to say precisely how long a photo developed with an instant camera will last. This durability depends mainly on the image storage.If the photo is very exposed to UV rays (sunlight), it is likely that it will soon become red or lose color.

Photos rarely disappear completely. However, it is important not to expose the photos to the sun. Another tip is to keep your photos in albums, which guarantee better storage of the images.

What accessories are recommended for an instant camera?

Instant cameras have accessories available on the market that help when taking photos. The first essential item is the film, which we will talk about below.For those who are fans of selfie, there are mirrors that help to position the camera in the exact location, so that nobody is left out of the image. You can find this type of product on the internet from R $ 30 to R $ 60.

Other accessories that can compose your experience with the camera are tripods and bags that protect and facilitate the transport of the product.

How much does an instant camera cost?

On specialized websites, or when buying electronics in general, you can find different models of instant cameras. You can choose your brand, model, and even color preference, as there are different ones on the market.Prices also differ greatly from one model to another, and of course from one site to another, so it is necessary to research before purchase. Prices start in the range of R $ 380 and can reach up to R $ 2,000.

How much does film for instant cameras cost?

The film to be purchased for your instant camera will depend on the make and model of the device. In addition, prices vary according to the number of poses – photos – that each film set allows to register.There are also special films, for printing black and white photos or adhesive films, for example.

A common film set for 20 6.2cm x 4.6cm photos of Fujifilm, a renowned brand, for example, can be found for around R $ 60. Larger machines, which require larger films, will require a greater investment from the buyer.

Where to buy?

With the trend that grows more and more to rescue old products, or called vintage, the sale of instant cameras is more and more common. You can find related products and accessories on websites selling electronic products and also on the websites of well-known department stores, online stores and Amazon is the best place to buying this product.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing instant camera models

Before purchasing your instant camera, think about whether you prefer a product more than the old ones, or do not give up a touch of technology. Since you can choose, for example, a camera with a viewfinder, or more traditional, without the digital viewfinder.

This is an important aspect, as you must take into account your ability to adapt with the product.

Another highlight is the size of the photos. Some cameras provide a larger size when printing images, others do not. See what you need and which model suits your photo routine.There are key factors to take into account when purchasing an instant camera:

  • Size and weight
  • Battery life
  • Photo size
  • Design
  • Flash

Size and weight

Instant cameras are known to be compact and lightweight. Usually their weight ranges from 300g to 650g, depending on the size. Most models fit easily in your pocket.

With a smaller camera, you have the advantage of taking it wherever you want without taking up a lot of space, and this factor makes it easy to transport. You can take it in small bags or even in your own pocket, if you prefer.

Therefore, when comparing instant camera models, pay attention to size and weight. If you buy online, the manufacturer and the website need to show you this information. If buying at a physical store, ask to “see the camera with your hands”.

Battery life

The cameras can be used with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable, or with AA batteries. Make sure the model you want has both options.

As we know, batteries do not have a long life. For this it is necessary to be careful, such as turning off the camera after use, since it is turned on, even without taking pictures it consumes energy.

When in doubt, choose a model that can be powered by batteries, since despite a short time of use, they are rechargeable, so they have a longer life than ordinary batteries.

Photo size

As we have already said, instant cameras usually reveal small photos, the size of a business card. However, some models allow you to print larger photos.

As instant cameras are in fashion, new shapes and sizes have appeared on the market over the past few years. Knowing what type of image you want to have and assessing the print size of each camera is essential.


Instant cameras usually have a different design. Often, manufacturers seek to bring a sense of nostalgia, copying styles used in the 70s.

Others, however, are looking for something more avant-garde, with colorful pastel colors and light plastic models.

There are also cameras designed especially for children, such as thematic models of characters such as Minions or Hello Kitty, for example. Fujifilm is responsible for creating these special models for the little ones.


Almost all instant cameras have flash. However, some of them do not have the option to disable it, and this can be very harmful to your photos, causing the photo to be overexposed to light.

Try to buy a model that allows you to disable the flash when necessary and, when taking your photos, do not get too close to objects when the flash is on.



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