Best most cost-effective drone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Be very welcome! In this article, we will bring you a lot of information for you who want to buy a drone, but have the intention of finding the model that offers you the best cost-benefit ratio.

Drones are much sought after by photographers, videographers and by those who like to have beautiful images and memories of the places they pass through. The price variation of the models is huge and, therefore, it is necessary to find a cost-benefit ratio that is satisfactory!

First, the most important

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  • Due to the wide variation of drone models and price ranges, a detailed search will help you find an above average product that doesn’t weigh so much on your pocket.
  • For photographers, the camera is the most important factor in a drone. However, everyone who wants to buy their own vehicle should pay attention to issues such as autonomy and safety.
  • Don’t forget that any drone that flies  must be approved by Anatel.


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The most cost-effective drones: Our recommendations

Together with professionals specialized in dealing with drones, we researched features and prices of various models and came up with a list of products that are sure to please you:

Buying guide: What you need to know about cost-effective droneWhat is essential for a drone to have above-average quality? How to find an outstanding cost-effective model? Below, we’ll answer important questions for you to get right at the time of purchase.

What is indispensable in a drone?

To understand what is essential in a drone, you need to think about the activities you intend to use it for.

Photographers and videographers, for example, need a quality camera above all . One of the first steps before making a model choice is to look at technical specifications such as image resolution and video capabilities.

The camera, of course, influences the price. Other categories such as autonomy, speed and ease of control, however, are also very important. Finding models that stand out in them for good values ​​is something extremely satisfying.

Every drone must be relatively easy to control, have varied flight modes and reach a considerable height without risk of loss of function. If you’ve found cheaper models with above-average ratings in such categories, you’ve got your desired cost-benefit ratio.

Did you know that drones are also called UAVs, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

How to choose a drone for a beginner?

Anyone who has never owned a drone and still needs to get familiarized with the vehicle should opt for a simpler model, with easier driving.

Beginner drones have several pre-programmed flight functions.

Drones considered “for beginners” offer easier and less skillful flight modes. They are already programmed in advance. Takeoff and landing also happen automatically and it is even possible to ask the vehicle to return to its original coordinates.

Little by little, you can gain familiarity with piloting your drone in a safe place and feel more relaxed to look for a model with complex maneuvers.

For beginners, therefore, the GPS function on the drone and connection with devices such as smartphones or computers through the application is essential .

Remember that you must have a license to fly drones that weigh more than 25 kg or intend to fly over 400 feet.

Is it worth investing in drones for recreational use?

Drones are used in several professional areas: Cartography, public safety, photography, among others. For those who work in each of them, it is a good purchase.

But what about recreational use? Why would it be worth purchasing a drone? We have prepared a list that shows you possible uses of the vehicle:

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  • Image registration: Do you like to see new places and travel? The drone can accompany you and record beautiful aerial images of the places you visit!
  • Deliveries: The number of people using drones to deliver small purchases to customers who live a short distance from their establishments is growing.
  • Fun: The drone can be an important socialization tool. There are meetings of car enthusiasts and even races are held.


See below a table with the advantages and disadvantages of having a drone for recreational use:


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  • It can generate a lot of fun and joy
  • Helps to record beautiful images on trips and tours
  • It’s a socialization tool
  • Helps to discover new places and areas
  • It can even collaborate in some professional aspects



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  • Use in unauthorized places can cause problems
  • Care must be taken not to damage the drone
  • There are always additional costs to keep it running


What are the extra costs of a drone?

The drones work from batteries (in most models, in the plural), so you will always need to recharge them. It’s even recommended to have some to spare.

If everything goes well, your drone will work for a long time only asking for recharges and battery changes. But remember that it has many parts, carrying cameras and GPS devices , and that it is possible that such components have problems.

Note that errors during flight or on landings can damage your drone components and cause them to need to be replaced, which leads to constant extra expenses.

Beginners will likely spend more on a drone than just the purchase price, so you need to pay special attention to the cost-effectiveness of yours.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a cost-effective drone

Are you already convinced that a drone is worth buying? So let’s introduce you to some criteria that will help you choose the most cost-effective model!

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  • Autonomy
  • cameras
  • speed and height
  • Tracking and Security



Most drones still don’t manage to have great autonomy. In the simplest models, suitable for beginners, the number can be less than ten minutes. Even in those for professional use, it’s rare for batteries to last longer than half an hour.

Depending on the activities you want, there is no reason for your drone to have a long battery life. But if you find models that last for twenty or twenty-five minutes at entry-level prices, you’ve got exceptional value for money.


As we’ve already mentioned, cameras are among the most important factors for photographers and videographers looking for a drone. But even for recreational use, it can be very useful: Who doesn’t want beautiful aerial images of their rides?

Professional photographers must demand even more of the quality of the drone camera.

Check the quality of your drone video recordings. With current technology, achieving Full HD or 4K is practically mandatory. For photographers, 5 MP is the minimum required, while more advanced models can reach 20 MP.

Another important issue is the distance that images can be recorded: A drone that flies at a height of 50 meters, for example, must be able to film and photograph the ground even at its highest point.

speed and height

There are huge variations in speed and height in the available drone models. Some reach a maximum of 20 km/h, others can reach close to 60 km/h.

Again, it’s important to think about what you expect from your drone. A recreational use, to make videos on tracks, for example, does not require an advanced speed.

If you have already defined a price range in which you want to fit the purchase of your drone, you can find the cost-benefit by comparing models that cost close to values ​​and their flight speeds and heights reached.

Tracking and Security

In addition to the GPS system, which allows you to exactly follow the flight path of a drone through an application, it is important that it is possible to track the vehicle in case an accident happens.

The tracking system makes it easy to find the drone if, for example, the battery runs out during a flight.

Some drone models have an anti-failure system and an automatic return-to-origin programming, greatly increasing safety by allowing the vehicle, upon identifying a problem, to return to the place from which it was launched.


In addition to being an extremely important professional tool for photographers, videographers, cartographers and others, drones can also be a lot of fun. It is possible to find models suitable for recreational use with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Camera quality is always important, but you also identify a remarkable cost-effectiveness in a drone from features like good autonomy, high maximum speed and special security features without the price going up too high.


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