Best Memory Card PS2 Review

Best Memory Card PS2 Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Memory Card PS2: What is the best memory of 2022?


Even in a world where video games already have completely digital interactions, there are the faithful and nostalgic fans of consoles that, if they are not exactly analog, have many of their processes still considered old. If you are part of this group, the following text is for you. After all, we will talk all about the PS2 memory card.

With a memory card, you can save game data and progress from your PlayStation 2. In the Guide we have set up especially for you, we will help you choose the best model for your game. We will show information and features, share tips and, of course, show the best in the market.

First, the most important

  • The memory card is the external storage of the PS2 responsible for saving game data, such as the progress of a campaign or the customization of an avatar.
  • The original Sony memory card has 8MB of storage space, but models from other manufacturers are sold that can be up to 256MB.
  • There are memory card modifications that, with a program installed, make it possible for the PS2 to play games directly from a USB stick.


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Best PS2 memory cards: The ideal ones for your game

To facilitate your search, we bring in this list only the best PS2 memory cards. The items were selected based on their most important characteristics, such as storage, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

  • The memory card for casual gamers
  • The ideal model for regular players
  • Shopping Guide


You are at home and the doorbell rings. At the door, your friend brings a PS2 game in one hand, and a memory card in the other. Together, they will enable you to play that fight title with all the characters unlocked, that is, hours and hours of fun.

For this and similar scenes to happen, the PS2 memory card needs to be correct, compatible, and capable. In this Shopping Guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know which model is right for you and your game.


What is the PS2 memory card for?

The memory card is a piece of essential equipment for a PlayStation 2. It is an external memory, responsible solely and exclusively for saving the data of a game, such as progress (how many phases have already been beats) and customizations (the skills or appearance of a character).

The memory card appeared on the PlayStation, the first, with the same function and the same basic design, a kind of cartridge from the first generations of consoles, but with exclusive connectivity, that is, it only works for memory cards, and in a smaller size.

How to use a memory card for PS2?

You have to imagine that the memory card is like a PlayStation 2 Pendrive. Instead of saving files, however, game data is stored.

Using it is very simple. Simply, with the console turned off, connect it to its proper port, which is just above the control entrance, identified as ” Memory Card” and a number, 1 or 2, just above.

Then call, insert the game disc and be happy. If another memory card is already connected, when asked where the data will be saved, choose the one corresponding to the port where you connected your model, between 1 and 2.


Tip: avoid, if possible, having too many memory cards. It can be difficult to identify which card has which data. If you have a lot of games, choose models with as much space as possible.


To access, explore, copy or even delete the data saved on your memory card, you must turn on the PS2 and, without inserting a disc, access the “Browse” option, and then select the desired memory card. From there, the interface is quite simple and intuitive.

You can use the same memory card for different consoles. It is very common to use them to share game data with other users, who can copy them to their respective memory cards or even for you to play a certain title from a specific point.

This last option, however, depends on the compatibility between the games, which must be of the exact same version, either of the software, of the reproduction license, even of the method of disc pressing, since the difference in any of these aspects makes the PS2 understands that they are different titles, and therefore unable to use the same data.

Is it worth having the PS2 memory card with OPL?

As a console becomes obsolete, its modifications develop and become popular. Perhaps the most developed and popular of them in relation to the PS2 memory card is the OPL ( Open PS2 Loader), a program installed inside the memory card that allows your PlayStation 2 to run games from a Pendrive.

Its use, like everything in life, has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are easily identified, obviously, as the huge amount of games you can have inside a USB stick, even more so with today’s models that reach 256 GB of space.

Then, accessing the games from the USB stick is very practical, at least in relation to the disc changes of the normal versions of the PS2. There is, of course, the savings from not spending money on all these games that you can have on the USB stick. Even the pen drives sold are cheaper than adding all the discs of the titles recorded on the Pendrive.


The counterpoint is due to compatibility.

The counterpoint is due to compatibility problems, from the version of the OPL to the version of the console itself. If you are not going to buy a Pendrive with games, obtaining them is not exactly easy, requiring a few hours of research and download.

Finally, and perhaps more important is the potential damage that OPL memory cards can cause to your console. After all, we are talking about software that is not original.

What is the price of a PS2 memory card?

The price of a memory card is compatible with its storage capacity. The cheapest are found from R $ 10, and the most “spacious” can cost up to R $ 50, depending on their extra features.

Purchasing Criteria: Comparing memory card models for PS2

It is in the simplicity of the memory card for PS2 that lies the greatest difficulty in your search for the ideal model. That is why, in the list below, we show important characteristics of the product, which can serve as a basis for comparison and selection.

  • Modifications
  • Compatibility
  • Original Sony
  • Storage


One of the most recent adventures for retro gamers is memory cards with modifications, that is, with installed programs, such as the HDloader or OPL, which access “extra” features of the PlayStation 2, such as accessing games via Pendrive or reading specific formats of files.

If you choose this type of memory card, the most important thing is to note the specifications of the installed programs, such as the version, the exact functionality, and their compatible models. It is also worth researching for the reliability of whoever is supplying the product, as this type of memory card has the potential to damage your PS2 system.


A very important point for choosing your PS2 memory card is the compatibility, that is, with which versions of the traditional console the model of your choice is compatible.

Since the first release, there have been 20 (!!!) versions of the PlayStation 2, some radically different from each other, others with only minor changes from the previous version. But stay calm, because there are basically three variations that you should take into account:

  • PlayStation 2 Fat  Also known as “brick”, it is the first basic version of the console;
  • PlayStation 2 Slim (700XX) – If the previous one was “fat” ( Fat), the PS2 Slim was compact and very light, but also full of problems;
  • PlayStation 2 Slim (9000X) – The most recent edition of the console, also very compact, but with many of the problems solved.

Original Sony

One way to ensure that the PS2 memory card you choose will be of quality is to opt for the original Sony model. It is compatible with absolutely all released versions of the console.

But stay tuned! The memory card is original only if: it has a storage capacity of 8MB; the Sony and PlayStation and PlayStation 2 logos on the packaging.


The simplest way to choose a PS2 memory card is to store it. There are six possible capabilities:

  • 8 MB
  • 16 MB
  • 32 MB
  • 64 MB
  • 128 MB
  • 256 MB

The idea is to choose the model with the storage that matches your amount of games and saved data, that is, the more games, the more space.



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