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Top & Best Law books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Law books: How to choose the best titles in 2022?

your internet rating website. In today’s reading, we will seek to elucidate which are the best options for police books on the market.

Police novels have been with us for more than 170 years and have consolidated themselves in literature from all over the world, in countries like England, United States, Scotland, Portugal, to name a few.

In this article, we will remember some of the characteristics of the genre, main authors, characters and what you should take into account before purchasing your copy.

First, the most important

  • The police books bring a crime, the investigation of it and the revelation of who commits it, which is usually a turnaround.
  • The first publication of its kind took place in 1841.
  • One of the main names of the genre, Agatha Christie is the most published writer (woman) in any language.

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Next, we will bring you the most sought after and most commented books of the genre. Check the list below and find your next reading.

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Buying Guide

Mysteries, twists and turns, cold in the spine. The police books are marked by instigating the reader and leaving him stuck with reading, because he needs to know who committed the crime that runs through the narrative.

This guide is to help you choose the novel that will surprise and satisfy you when opening the pages of the book.

What are police books?

Police novels have among their characteristics a crime, his investigation (here a detective or a policeman can even take over) and the revelation of who the criminal is, which tends to be surprising.

Despite being a clear recipe, the best titles of the genre usually bring about twists, trying to escape from predictability.

The police books contain elements such as mystery, curiosity, amazement, restlessness, fear and investigation.

The genre started with the publication of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Murders on Rua Morgue in 1841 in the American magazine Graham’s Magazine.

the first police publication was published in the newspaper A Folha, in 1920, and is called The Mystery. The authors of the work, published in chapters, are Viriato Corrêa, Coelho Neto, Afrânio Peixoto, Medeiros and Albuquerque.

Who are the main authors of detective books?

The police genre has been with us for a long time and since then several names have stood out. One of them is Agatha Christie, a British writer who published 82 books of the genre.

The author has become the most published in history in any language, second only to the Bible and William Shakespeare.

Besides her, Edgar Allan Poe, precursor of the movement, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy L. Sayers, Dashiell Hammett and Fernando Pessoa also stood out.



Did you know that Fernando Pessoa created for himself several heteronyms, that is, fictional authors with their own personality? Among some of his personas are Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos, Bernardo Soares and Alberto Caeiro.


Among we have as one of the main examples Jô Soares.

Below, we list the main detectives of these writers and what is the first work in which they appeared in the literature.

Box or loose?

There are a variety of compilations on the market by great authors, such as Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. So there are many options on how to purchase their books.

Boxes are a great alternative for you who want to assemble a completely standardized collection, usually with a special box, differentiated cover (hard, embossed, detachable), even exclusive content.

Whoever is not necessarily interested in having all the books of an author – or a good part of them – or simply prefers to buy one before going and grabbing several at once, can always opt for the single versions.

In the individual models of police books you will find several versions of the classics, from hardcover editions to paperbacks.




How much do police books cost?

Prices can vary widely. Some versions with a common cover cost from R $ 15. If you are interested, some used titles are for sale, which also reduces the value in relation to the original price.

When the version is hardcover, the price is usually higher than those of the common cover.

It also pays to buy boxes from some authors, as it is usually financially advantageous instead of buying one by one. Some boxes cost R $ 45, others are around R $ 90.

If you are one of those who are not so attached to physical editions, then you can choose to buy police books in digital version.

There are e-books that are R $ 50 cheaper than the physical version, so this is a good option.


Where to buy police books?

There are physical bookstores, department stores and even some hypermarkets where you can find all or at least part of these copies, such as Livraria Curitiba / Catarinense, Lojas Americanas, Saraiva and Extra.

However, in order not to run the risk of going to a physical place and not finding your desired book, you can make your purchases online. Amazon has a wide variety of titles.




Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying police books

Before you go shopping, it is good to know how to consider when choosing the best detective book for you.

It is to assist you in this task that we have listed below some items to be taken into consideration before purchase.

  • Number of pages
  • Authors
  • Synopsis
  • Reviews

Now that we have listed the items, we will detail them. Come on!

Number of pages

There are people who become discouraged when they encounter a brick-style book, so it is recommended to check the number of pages of a copy before you buy it.

You must also take into account the dimensions of the book, if it has illustrations, images, and also the font of the letter used. It can make a difference.


As with any literary genre, it is always a good idea to follow established names, especially if you are parachuting into one of them – as may or may not be the case with police books.

That said, going after works by authors such as the Jô Soares, the Americans Edgar Allan Poe and Dashiell Hammett, and the British Agatha Christie considerably increases the chance of making the right choice.

Still, be sure to consider today’s authors, like Robert Galbraith.


Did you know that Robert Galbraith is actually the pen name of writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter saga?



It is recommended to read the synopsis before buying your police book.

There are people who prefer not to know (almost) anything before reading a book, but the investment, not always low, asks you to have the minimum notion of what you will face during several hours of reading.

Therefore, it is recommended to read the synopsis of the police books, after all it is good to know what is the beginning of the story that you will invest time and money.

In addition, there are several people out there who love a spoiler, so if you fit the profile of those who want to know everything you can or don’t mind knowing more details about the plot, the tip is this.


Listening to the opinion of others is also valid for you to make the right choice – after all, that is why you are reading us, correct?

Today there are some social book networks, such as Skoob and Goodreads, in which users give their impressions of all literary genres, including the police.

On the Amazon website, there is a lot of user interaction on the pages of the books, so it’s worth taking a look over there too.

Those looking for professional reviews can find them on some sites, such as the Folha de São Paulo newspaper and the Book Marks (in English), which makes a compilation of reviews and gives an average grade for each work.


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