Top & Best Nicholas Sparks Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nicholas Sparks Books: How to Choose the Best Title in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the books by Nicholas Sparks, a world-renowned author for his works of romance in simple language, fluid and captivating reading.

Nicholas Sparks has 22 published works, 11 adapted for the cinema and all translated into more than 50 languages. It is not surprising that the author is one of the most popular novelists. Do you want to know more about the life and work of Nicholas Sparks? Read this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find more than 20 published works by Nicholas Sparks, all of them of the romance genre, with traces of comedy, drama and suspense.
  • Half of Nicholas Sparks’ works have been adapted for the cinema. The books that originated the adaptations are sold with two cover options: Original and adaptation.
  • Nicholas Sparks is one of the most prominent novelists today. The author has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and has his books translated into 50 languages.

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Nicholas Sparks’ best books: our recommendations

Do you want to know a little more about Nicholas Sparks’ work? Then read one of his works. To help you find a good title, we’ve selected the best Nicholas Sparks books for sale.

  • Everyone should read
  • Great option for those who like romance
  • An option that turned into a film

Buying Guide

“Our love is like the wind … I can’t see it, but I can feel it”. If that phrase sounds familiar, you may have read or watched the movie Love to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks.

Romantic phrases are part of the identity of Nicholas Sparks’ books. If you want to know a little more about the life and work of this novelist, read this Buying Guide.

Who is Nicholas Sparks?

Nicholas Sparks was a fellow at the University of Notre Dame and his dream was to become a professional athlete. But in a competition, he was seriously injured and had to face a recovery period at home.

During this phase, he wrote his first novel. Nicholas continued to study and graduated in economics in 1988. After graduating, he wrote his second novel – neither of which were published.

The recognition in literature only happened years later, when he presented the manuscript of Diary of a Passion to the literary agent Theresa Park, who decided to represent him.

The rights to the book were sold to Warner Books. The work was an immediate success and reached the list of bestsellers of The New York Times as early as the first week, remaining more than a year in the bestseller lists.

Why are Nicholas Sparks’s books so popular?

One of the reasons why Nicholas Sparks’ books are so popular is the style of the text. The works are fluid to read – although the books are long, they can be read in a few days. It doesn’t take much concentration to understand the story.

The plots captivate the audience in need of romantic love stories. Discover some of the works in the video by Mário Franco, author of the O Português channel, which has half a million subscribers:

Another characteristic that makes Nicholas Sparks’ books so popular is the understanding of the female figure, either by the detailed descriptions of the feelings that move the characters or by the attempt to understand them.


  • More than 20 published titles
  • Fluid reading books
  • Half of the works were adapted for the cinema
  • You can find books in print, digital and audiobook versions


  • All books are of the same genre

What themes are covered in Nicholas Sparks’ books?

Although the central theme of Nicholas Sparks’ books is romantic love, the author deals with love relationships between family members – mainly between father and daughter – and friendship.


“I try to tell a complete, authentic and genuine story. I try to write stories that address the depth of human emotions. I want readers to experience all the emotions in life.”

The author also seeks inspiration from his personal experiences. A Love to Remember, for example, features a young woman with cancer, the same disease that affected her sister. The Diary of a Passion is based on the romance lived by their in-laws when they were young.

Which Nicholas Sparks books have been adapted for cinema?

The success of Nicholas Sparks’ books transcends the pages of the books. The author, who is also a screenwriter and producer – including he has his own film production company – wrote 22 books and 11 were adapted to the cinema, they are:

    • A Letter of Love (1998) adapted in 1999
    • A Love to Remember (1999) adapted in 2002
    • Diary of a Passion (1996) adapted in 2004
    • Storm Nights (2002) adapted in 2008
    • Dear John (2007) adapted in 2010
    • The last song (2009) adapted in 2010
    • A Lucky Man (2008) adapted in 2012
    • A Safe Harbor (2010) adapted in 2013
    • The best of me (2011) adapted in 2014
    • A Long Day (2013) adapted in 2015
    • The Choice (2007) adapted in 2016

How much do Nicholas Sparks books cost?

Nicholas Sparks’ books are cheap. You can find options in simple binding with prices between R $ 20 and R $ 35. The digital version is a little cheaper and costs around R $ 20.

Where to buy Nicholas Sparks books?

You can find Nicholas Sparks books in the best bookstores in the country. If you prefer, you can buy online, on sites like Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Nicholas Sparks book titles

After knowing a little more about the life and work of Nicholas Sparks, the time has come to delve into what characteristics you should analyze and compare at the time of purchase:

  • Format
  • Traditional cover or film adaptation?
  • Publishing company
  • Number of pages

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section.


You find Nicholas Sparks’ books in different formats. The e-Book has the benefits of fluidity in reading and an affordable price. You just need to invest in an e-Reader .

You can also find the titles in audiobook, an initiative of the publishers Arqueiro and Sextante to provide inclusion for the visually impaired. It is also an alternative for those who want to “read” while performing another task.

The printed version you find in simple binding, hard cover and pocket edition, ideal for those who want to carry the book in their backpack and read on the way to work or college.

Traditional cover or film adaptation?

11 of the 22 written books have been adapted for cinema.

As mentioned earlier, 11 of the 22 books written by Nicholas Sparks have been adapted for cinema. When a book is adapted, a second edition is launched, in which the book cover is the poster of the film.

Although the choice is related to personal taste, we must emphasize that, in some cases, there is a price difference between the editions, and generally, the original cover goes out of circulation.

Publishing company

Editora Arqueiro is responsible for the circulation of Nicholas Sparks books and tours for launching new titles.

The books are also sold by the publisher Novo Conceito. You find eight titles: A Love to Remember, Dear John, Stormy Nights, The Last Song, Diary of a Passion, The Choice, A Safe Harbor and A Lucky Man.

Number of pages

If the number of pages is an important factor when choosing a book, know that you can find books by Nicholas Sparks in different sizes:


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