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Top & Best Jojo Moyes Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Jojo Moyes Books: How to choose the best titles in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the books by Jojo de Moyes, a British novelist, who was once the best-selling author and one of the few to have three books – at the same time – on the New York Times bestseller list.

Jojo Moyes’ books enchant by the sensitivity with which the author portrays loving and family relationships. Knowing the public’s involvement with Jojo Moyes’ books, we have prepared an article with everything you need to know about this talented writer.

First, the most important

  • Jojo Moyes’ most popular book, As I Was Before You, is the first volume of a trilogy.
  • Among the novels published by Jojo Moyes, you will find the book “Paris for one and other tales”, a collection of stories with varied themes. The book is an excellent option for those who want to know the author’s style.
  • Editora Intrinsica publishes all of Jojo Moyes’ works here. You can find the books in the printed version – only in simple binding – and digital.

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The best books by Jojo Moyes: Our recommendations

If you’re looking for a list like the best books by Jojo Moyes, you’ve come to the right place. We list some suggestions of books by the author that thrills and inspires readers around the world.

  • The best-selling novel
  • A story about new beginnings
  • The end of a cycle

Buying Guide

How about following Will Traynor’s advice and learning about Jojo Moyes’ unforgettable love stories? In this special Buying Guide, we will talk about the life and work of the British novelist. Enjoy reading!


Will TraynorCharacter from How I Was Before You

“You only live once. It is your duty to enjoy life to the best of your ability.”

Who is Jojo Moyes?

Pauline Sara Jo Moyes, better known as Jojo Moyes, was born in 1969 and grew up in London, England. She worked as a journalist for ten years for The Independent and Sunday Morning Post (in Hong Kong), where she left off in 2002, to dedicate herself to writing.

His books have been translated into eleven languages.

The author has a consistent career, has won the Romance of the Year Award twice, has already topped three books on The New York Times bestseller list and her books have been translated into eleven languages.

His most successful novel, As I Was Before You, sold more than eight million copies worldwide, topped the list of best-selling books in nine countries and was adapted for the cinema. The book is part of a trilogy.

Today, Jojo Moyes lives in Essex, with her husband and three children. He still writes some journalistic articles and acts as a screenwriter. On average, the author publishes one book per year.

Jojo MoyesWriter

“I didn’t expect my book (As I was before you), especially one on a controversial subject, to be accepted in so many traditionally religious countries.”

Why are Jojo Moyes’ books unforgettable?

Jojo Moyes’ books are unforgettable, as they present engaging narratives, with striking characters – especially women, who are strong, hardworking and independent – and scenarios that take place at different times.

With a touching writing and sometimes romantic, sometimes dramatic approach, Jojo Moyes is able to understand human emotions and express them on paper.


  • Strong female characters: All women in Jojo Moyes’ books are strong, independent and hardworking. This characteristic brings a feminist touch to the author’s books.
  • Settings in different times: The author’s novels are set in different times and countries. The writer likes to connect stories at different times and places in the same book.
  • Attention to social issues: In his novels, Jojo Moyes discusses issues relevant to society such as bullying, assisted suicide, physical disability, abandonment, social conflicts, among others.
  • Life lessons: In each of the novelist’s stories, there is an important life lesson such as respect for differences, the wishes of others, the importance of perseverance, among others.


  • There are 15 published novels, with varied themes
  • In addition to the novels, you will also find a collection of short stories
  • Books have a standard, between 320 and 400 pages
  • You can find Jojo Moyes books in traditional and digital versions


  • Books in only one literary genre
  • Books are only sold by Editora Intrinsic
  • You don’t find special versions like boxes and collections

Have any of Jojo Moyes’ books been adapted for the cinema?

The book How I Was Before You sold over eight million copies worldwide, has been translated into several languages ​​and topped the bestseller list in nine countries. With such repercussions, the book gained a cinematic adaptation.

The script was adapted by the author and, as expected, the film was a great success among the public and critics. Due to the reception, the novelist continued the story in two more books.

See an analysis of the adaptation of Como eu era before you in a review by Paola Aleksandra, author of the channel Livros e Fuxicos that has almost 200 thousand subscribers:

Jojo Moyes’ books can be compared to whose author?

Jojo Moyes’ books are similar to the works of another world-renowned novelist, we’re talking about Nicholas Sparks.

Both enchant the audience with romantic love stories, family relationships and friendships. They also deal with other issues such as abandonment, loss, illness, bereavement, among other topics.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different books by Jojo Moyes

Unlike most novels, which follow a ready-made formula, Jojo Moyes’ books deviate from the standard, as they present credible characters and narratives.

In his books the characters make mistakes, unexpected events occur and the “happily ever after” does not always happen. To choose one among the titles released by the author, you must analyze the following criteria:

  • Plot
  • Romance or short story?
  • Digital or conventional book?
  • Strings


It is difficult to categorize Jojo Moyes’ books under a single theme – because the stories deal with different subjects. But, we strive to help you find a book with a story that interests you:

Romance or short story?

Jojo Moyes is the author of 15 novels, one of the titles is a storybook, which brings ten fun, authentic and irresistible little stories in the Paris collection for one and other stories. The edition has exclusive illustrations for each story.


If you prefer a romance, you have a lot more options. Tip: On the website of Editora Intrinsica and on Amazon  you can read the first chapter of all titles, if you are in doubt about which one to choose.

Digital or conventional book?

Editora Intrinsica, which owns the rights to Jojo Moyes’ books markets the novels in the traditional version – printed book with flexible cover – and digital version, in which case it is worth investing in an e-Reader .

Books in printed format cost between R $ 39.90 and R $ 44.90 – for sale in the best bookstores – while books in digital format cost R $ 24.90 – for sale on Amazon Google Play, Play Store and Kobo.


If you like sequences, know that the book How I Was Before You won the sequences After You and I Still Am, completing a trilogy. The first book was adapted to the cinema, so you find two options for covers.


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