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Top & Best Yoga Mat Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Yoga Mat: Which is the best in 2022?

welcomes you by bringing you the best models of yoga mat available on the  market in 2019. If your intention is to start in this activity or if you already practice, but need a new mat, you have arrived at right place.

Seeking health of body and mind appears more and more frequently in the list of life goals. One of the practices that has gained prominence in recent years is Yoga. Suitable for all ages, Yoga can be practiced in groups or individually, in gyms, parks or even at home.

Whether to put it in the middle of the room or take it to the gym, you need to choose your Yoga companion well. We have some tips to help you buy your Yoga mat.

First, the most important

  • Some gyms offer all the accessories to practice the activity, but once you have your own Yoga mat you will realize that this is a personal item.
  • You do not need to be an athlete to practice Yoga and the choice of mat will not influence your performance, however this accessory is indispensable for your safety and comfort.
  • The options are varied and the values ​​of the most traditional Yoga mats are between R $ 35 and R $ 90. Special items, made with ecological material for example, can cost around R $ 300.




Buying Guide

Yoga is more than a physical activity. In fact, it is a lifestyle that seeks to harmonize the body with the mind and breathing. If you are a yogin, or intend to become, you need a Yoga mat for more comfort and safety.

In this guide, we want to bring you all the details of this product to make your practice even better.

What are Yoga mats for and which to choose?

The first step in starting Yoga practice is to prepare the environment. It doesn’t matter if you choose the room, the balcony or the garden , the most important thing is that you have a quiet place, with a flat floor and a good carpet to ensure safety and comfort.

Of course there is no problem with taking your class using a towel or blanket, but remember that with a suitable Yoga mat, you will achieve your goals more accurately avoiding injuries or falls.

Accessories are facilitators of the practice of exercises. For beginners, the purchase of the rug is the starting point and a stimulus to continue evolving in the activity.

The Yoga mat must be non-slip and have good grip on your body.

No matter your weight, size or age, rugs are designed for all types of Yoga practitioners. Your choices must be related to your preferences.

If the idea is to move the furniture away from the room and make this room your Yoga studio, opt for comfort and quality. For lovers of the gym or outdoor activities, remember that carrying handles can be great allies.



But if you are one of those who plunges headlong into a project and sees the practice of Yoga as a transformation in your life, how about starting with choosing the mat? Ecological ones represent another way of respecting the environment.

EVA or ECO Yoga Mat?

You can even define your choice according to your favorite color, but not without first evaluating whether the chosen Yoga mat is non-slip and has good grip on the body.

The size has little variation, a few centimeters more or less in length and width only influence if you do not want to touch the floor outside the carpet.

However, this is not a mandatory recommendation for Yoga practice. The mat is an auxiliary only.

Straps and bands that hold the Yoga mat after rolling are facilitators and if you plan to go out with yours, it is a very relevant factor. Now let’s compare the two main types of Yoga mats:

How did Yoga become popular?

As much as Yoga is a very old practice around the world, the popularization of this activity happened in the last 15 years. And during this period the accessories started to look like Yoga practitioners.

Choosing the color, texture and material in which your Yoga mat is made is practically a novelty in the market.

It was when the famous, on TV and on the catwalks, began to disclose the benefits of Yoga in their lives that many people decided to try this physical and spiritual activity.


Some have even become a Yoga reference and certain accessories have their names printed, such as the presenter Sabrina Sato who has a rug to call her own .

The great thing about the market is to meet the desires of the most diverse types of Yoga practitioners.

The more practical ones just want a simple accessory to guarantee safe movements while another group seeks an activity companion.

After all, the rug is like your favorite jeans that you never want to take off. It is with him that you will spend some good moments, therefore, liking the color of the carpet is essential.

To the followers of Yoga for long years or even those who already want to start getting into the vibe of respect for others, the idea of ​​an ecological rug is one of the wonders of this market to be growing so much.

While carpets that take decades to decompose are still being made, so-called eco-friendly rugs gain space and, despite being more expensive, appear on the list of favorites.


“A relaxed and calm body is an invitation to peace of mind.”

How much?

If you decide to buy a piece of EVA at a service store you might be able to spend well below the market.

However, this way, you will end up having no guarantee of adherence, durability and even efficiency of the product. Since you will find Yoga mats starting at R $ 35, it is worth investing a little.

The most recognized and that offer some advantages vary from R $ 50 to R $ 100, while Yoga mats developed in ecological material can cost up to almost R $ 300.



Did you know that the practice of Yoga has several benefits for health and well-being? Improves sleep, helps fight depression, as well as anxiety. In addition, it improves back pain and decreases cardiac effort.


Where to buy?

Sporting goods stores are the right place to buy your Yoga mat. Don’t be ashamed to experiment, ask to play and why not, try to make a “low dog” in the corner of the store?.

The official websites of the suppliers can also be a good alternative, mainly to find ecological rugs.

Generally, online stores are able to bring all these options together and still give you the chance to know what customers who have already bought think about the product.

In this case, our tip is Amazon, which offers some of the main brands and models

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Yoga Mat Models

Yoga practice begins with a decision. Meeting with your inner self is one of the goals of this activity. But of course, like any physical activity, you will also benefit the health of your mind and body.

Grab a beach towel and go to the garden for your first class, but remember that it takes persistence to reach your goals and very soon you will need the right accessories.

Therefore, we will help you to define the main criteria for choosing your ideal Yoga mat:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Texture and adhesion
  • Style
  • Measures

These factors will be extremely important when purchasing your Yoga mat. We will detail each one of them to help you find the best option and escape stress, literally.

Manufacturing Material

This is the factor that will differentiate the traditional carpet from the ecological one. The most common rugs and those you will normally find in gyms are EVA rugs, also known as PVC or vinyl.

In general, this is the famous sticky carpet and most of them do not slip and you have an easier time developing movements.

If your choice is ecological, remember that they are the ones that respect the environment, do not use chemical material and can offer good adhesion. And this is the next factor to be considered.

Texture and Grip

That wrinkled or beaded appearance, common in Yoga mats is called texture, and it is what makes you achieve good grip and manage to complete the movements with precision.

If you are sensitive to textures and believe that this can bother you during Yoga practice, opt for rugs with a smoother appearance, because definitely what you can’t have is something that takes your concentration away.

They are cheap options and you can easily find them on the internet.


Doing physical activity for some is a pleasure, for others a necessity and there are still lovers. Regardless of which of these groups you are in, it is worth remembering that it is always good to have accessories that match you.

There are carpets of more sober colors, such as black and gray, and also of the most diverse tones, making your practice more colorful. You can still find patterned rugs, with designs of mandalas, sea and chakras, it is worth mentioning that these are usually more expensive.

The Yoga mat will be used at a time when you need tranquility and concentration, so prefer the colors or patterns that bring you that sense of peace of mind.


Although it is just a detail, for some people it can make all the difference, so it is worth considering the measurements of your Yoga mat as well.

Ideally, it should be equivalent to the size of the yogin. These measurements may vary and you can check this in the product description. In general, the measurements are around 180cm x 60cm.

The thickness of the carpet can also vary, making it softer. You can find rugs from 3 to 8mm. The greater the thickness, the firmer the carpet.

After considering all these factors, just choose your rugs and go for practice!


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