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Top & Best Christian books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Christian books: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about Christian books, a topic that interests many people. After all, Christianity is one of the beliefs with the most followers in the world and also the most followed.

Below, we will explain better about the aspects within Christianity, the importance of understanding them and who are the authors considered to be references in the subject. Thus, you who seek to know more about the theme, will be able to have a clearer view on this religion. Check out!

First, the most important

  • There are several strands of Christianity, so it is important to check which one the author of the book fits into.
  • Christian books are suitable for the faithful who seek to get deeper into religion and for people who like to study the topic.
  • Books with many pages are suitable for more experienced readers.

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The best Christian books: Our team’s favorites

There are a multitude of Christian book titles, so if you want to immerse yourself in this universe, you will have no trouble finding a copy. To help you learn a little more about the options available, we will show below some books that address the topic.

  • The ideal book to understand the main topics covered in the bible
  • The copy that addresses the topic of spiritual combat
  • The specimen that is one of the best sellers worldwide
  • The book that teaches how to behave towards the Catholic Church


Buying Guide

Christian books have always attracted a lot of public attention, both from the faithful and those who seek to know a little about the subject, after all the history of Christianity and religious practice itself is associated with different historical periods.

However, there are some important aspects about Christian books that must be understood before you decide to purchase a copy. So that there is no doubt about the topic, we have created a Purchase Guide that will help you to get to know the Christian universe better. Understand more below!

What are Christian books?

Christian books are texts that address Christian belief, that is, the Protestant (evangelical) and Catholic (Roman and Orthodox Catholicism) strands. Therefore, they are books that address biblical teachings and religious practice itself.

Others make an association between historical periods and religion or address biblical terms and their meanings. There are also those books that address topics such as marriage, love, friendship and depression, for example.


What are the types of Christian books?

Basically the difference between Christian books is linked to the aspect of Christianity in which the book is inserted. This is because, this belief is composed of 3 strands, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and the Protestants (Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists and Pentecostals).

Remembering that each aspect of Christianity has similarities and differences with the others, so it is interesting to try to read books about all of them. That way you can understand Christianity as a whole and not a part of it.

Who are the main authors of Christian books?

Father Fábio de Melo is a reference when it comes to Christian books from the Roman Catholic perspective. Besides him, Father Marcelo Rossi and Father Reginaldo Manzotti are also worth mentioning.

Now to understand a little about orthodox Catholicism it is essential to read GK Chesterton.

Going into Protestantism, writer Joyce Meyer is a reference for evangelicals, as well as Augustus Nicodemus (Presbyterian), CS Lewis (Anglican) and Billy Graham (Baptist).


CSLewis, the author of “The Chronicles of Narnia” was a Christian and released several books on the subject. So much so that today, he is admired and a reference for Catholics and Evangelicals.


Who are Christian books for?

Christian books that address feelings, current issues and emotional difficulties, for example, are more targeted at people who already attend church or are interested in having a life according to the teachings of the Bible.

These books teach how to deal with problems the way Jesus taught.

These books teach how to deal with problems the way Jesus taught, how to have faith, how to pray and even how to have a marriage according to biblical teachings.

Now books that explain specific themes of the Bible or do a more in-depth study of this sacred book and religion itself, are suitable for both the faithful and those interested in learning more about religion.

After all, this subject (religion or Christianity) is related to the history of mankind and is an object of interest to many people and professionals. Philosophy and sociology students, for example, tend to be quite interested in the subject.

How much does it cost and where to buy Christian books?

In general Christian books cost around R $ 20, however there may be a variation as the number of pages increases, as well as a better quality of the cover. A large book with a hard cover can reach R $ 60.

You can find Christian books in various establishments, such as markets, department stores and, of course, bookstores. In addition, it is good to remember that in online stores like Amazon, there are always very cool promotions.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying Christian books

Before you buy a Christian book it is important to analyze some points. These are some criteria that will help you to make a more appropriate choice that meets your needs.

  • Strand
  • Theme
  • Target Audience
  • Number of pages
  • Author
  • Cost benefit

Now that you know what are the points that should be analyzed before buying a Christian book, let’s explain a little more about each below. Check out!


The first point to consider before buying a Christian book is which Christian side it belongs to. If you want to learn or follow Catholicism choose Catholic authors. There are many books by priests that will help you better understand the teachings according to the Catholic Church.

Now if you intend to understand the world through Protestant optics, opt for books by pastors, ministers and gospel singers. Thus, you will learn what this aspect teaches and how to live according to its teachings.


Choosing a topic is also very important, as there are a multitude of subjects that are covered in this type of book. Faith, love, Christian life, marriage and the life of Christ are just a few of the themes you will encounter.

In Christian books the authors also address topics such as depression, the power of the mind, why to pray and fast and emotional life. There are also those copies that are a practical manual of what to do in certain situations. What are you looking for? Analysis and choice based on that!

Target Audience

Each book has a theme, but the way this theme is approached varies according to the target audience. Everything changes based on this factor, from the choice of words, to the examples and illustrations cited in the book.

For example, there are several books on faith, marriage and prayer, but Christian books for young people take a completely different approach than Christian books for adults. That is why it is important to analyze this point before the purchase, so that the book meets the phase you are going through.


Number of pages

Reading is a habit that people gradually acquire, one day they become enchanted by one story and then another and another until they become regular readers. However, this habit is not cultivated by everyone and, many times, people who do not read end up even considering reading a boring and tiring activity.

Therefore, we suggest that if you are part of this second group, those who read little, but are still looking to learn more about Christianity through reading, start with smaller books and with less complex subjects. Now if you are that reader who devours books in hours or a few days, you can choose the most dense and long books.


When someone likes a book, more than the topic, she also appreciates the type of reading, the pace of writing and the way the author uses words. That is, all the characteristics that belong only to a certain writer.

Therefore, we suggest that, if you have already read and liked something, you read things by the same author, it is almost certain that you will like the other books. Another way to choose books through authors is by researching which Christian writers are among the best sellers, it is possible to find a lot of interesting things that way.

Cost benefit

When searching for books you will find those with more refined and resistant material, these are hardcover copies and with quality sheets. These books tend to be much more expensive, but they end up lasting a long time, and some even last a lifetime.

On the other hand, there are those more fragile books, with paperback and thin sheets, which do not last as long, but are much more accessible. What is the best cost-benefit for you? A more expensive book, however, with quality and that will last a long time, or one with a lower quality, but with an equally lower price? Analysis and make your choice!



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