Top Best Monica’s Gang Comics Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Monica’s Gang Comics: How to choose the top comics in 2022?

Reviewing the internet for you. You will learn how to choose the best Monica’s Gang comic books for your son, nephew, godson, etc. in today’s article.

There are Monica’s Gang comics all over the world, don’t think it’s just a national obsession. Despite his considerable talent, cartoonist de Sousa has managed to cross generations, and even his oldest comic strips remain relevant and timely today. Friendship, family, and kindness are universal themes that will never go out of style, right?

However, on the one hand, it is cool to have so much material to choose from. The sheer number of comics and books can even scare new fans. That’s where we come in! Read on to learn how to choose the first comic strip to start your collection of Monica’s Gang comics and answer your questions. Let’s begin!

First, the most significant

  • Monica’s Gang comic books are among the most popular in the Brazilian publishing market, with comic strips drawn since 1959 by cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa
  • Monica’s Gang comics are written in manga style and are suitable for children as young as 3. The comic books from Monica’s Gang Teen are suitable for children from 12 years old.
  • Also available are special editions based on fairy tales and famous people – excellent teaching tools

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Buying Guide

There are many older readers still lost in the world of Turma da Mônica. Our Buying Guide is designed to help you find your place.

You can also find out about the main characters, topics covered, comic book values, and other important details. Let’s get started?

When did Monica’s Gang comic books start to be drawn?

As early as 1959, de Sousa created two characters for Folha da Manh*: Bidu (based on his pet dog) and.

Following this, the cartoonist began to illustrate for the children’s magazine Zaz Traz, where he introduced characters such as Cebolinha (which has captivated readers from the start), Piteco, Astronauta, Horácio, and Pendinho.

Maur*cio de Sousa created Mônica in 1963 as a secondary character for his Cebolinha comics after being criticized for not including women in his publications. Her daughter inspired the character, which was so successful that at the end of the 1960s she became the protagonist.

Other characters have appeared over the years, resulting in their own magazines, such as Casc*o (1982), Chico Bento (1982), and Magali (1989).

What are the main characters in the Monica’s Gang comic books?

Monica’s Gang features the following characters:

  • Monica. She is a strong, toothy girl whose pet rabbit, Chives, is a faithful companion.
  • Mônica’s archenemy, who always has infallible plans to steal the rabbit Samson and become the owner of the street – his characteristic feature is the alteration of the “R” to the “L” in the words.
  • Smudge. Cebolinha’s best friend and partner in infallible plans, he never showers and likes dirt.
    Magician. Monica’s best friend, who loves to eat and isn’t overweight.
  • Fringe. The unfailing developer of gadgets in the neighborhood, he always helps Cebolinha and Casc*o.
  • Chico Bento. He does not belong to Limoeiro, but has his own magazine about life in the country.

From what age are Turma da Mônica comics recommended?

Turka da Mônica comics are recommended for children as young as three. Currently, many children in this age group are unable to read, but responsible adults can instill a taste for reading at an early age.

After 5-6 years old, children are able to read the Monica’s Gang comic books alone and have more focus, which is an excellent tool for literacy.

Mônica Jovem’s comics (which will be discussed later in this article) are recommended for readers ages 12 and older.

What are the main themes of the Monica’s Gang comic books?

The children live in Limoeiro, the neighborhood seen in the background. Although Cebolinha is always planning to steal the rabbit Samson and claim the title of owner of the street, the comics use perceptive humor without being offensive.

The great strength of Márcio de Sousa is how he tackles universal themes such as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness, empathy, love for the environment and animals, family, and even current ones like new technologies – always in a simple way, so that even children understand it, without losing its depth. Rarely do comic artists succeed in achieving this.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Monica’s Gang comic books?

Monica’s Gang comics have the advantage of always trying to add something to the reader, dealing with values such as friendship, love and kindness, all the while maintaining the characteristic humor.

The price of comic books is another big advantage. Regular magazines are not only very cheap, but they are also very easy to find. You cannot go through a newsstand without seeing Turma da Mônica’s comics.

Thirdly, there are a variety of magazines to choose from. Over 2,000 comic books have been published about the main characters. The number of options is great, but it can also be a hindrance, as a lot of options end up confusing people.

The second disadvantage might not bother most people, but older fans and collectors definitely complain: comic books might not be the best quality, so the pages may turn yellow and tear easily, making them unsuitable for storing for an extended period of time.

In summary, here is the table below that shows the most significant advantages and disadvantages of the Monica’s Gang comic books:


  • A lot of humor and learning in these stories
  • and the comics aren’t expensive at all
  • Since there are so many comics published, you will never run out of material to read
  • when it comes to comics


  • It’s difficult to know where to begin with comic books there are so many options
  • available. However, the comic book’s role isn’t great.

How much does a Monica’s Gang comic book cost?

For less than R $ 5 reais you can find regular Monica’s Gang comics. An almanac (larger book with more stories and hobbies) costs anywhere between R $ 10 and R $ 20, the same price as special editions based on fairy tales or on famous people, such as Chico Xavier.

There are also editions which have become booklets, such as Jurassic Park and old stories that have been republished (both for R $ 30).

There are comic books by Turma da Mônica Jovem that are priced between R $ 10 and R $ 20 depending on the edition, as well as special boxes for collectors that can exceed R $ 100.

Where to buy the Monica’s Gang comic books?

There are many Brazilian comics available, but Turma da Mônica is probably the most popular.
At your local newsstand or in a bookstore with a magazine section, you’ll find the simplest magazines.

Street bookstores are a good bet if money is short. The price is less than R $ 1.00 for old and not so old specimens!

Additionally, there are many options (including collector’s editions and rare magazines) available on large online book stores such as Amazon.

Online book stores run by large bookstores offer a wide selection, too. You can find real jewels in the online market for the most devoted collectors.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare Monica’s Gang comic books

Having learned so much about Turma da Mônica, why not check out some of the important factors you need to consider when purchasing a title? Here is what you should look at:

  • Characters you like
  • Age recommendation
  • Size of the comic
  • book Special Edition

Are you still confused? Here are the criteria:

Favorite characters

A character in a magazine won’t like or identify with it, so why waste time reading it?

A good way to get to know Turma da Mônica is to buy an Almanac that has a variety of strips of characters, so you can see which one you (or your child) likes the most. Start your collection and embark on an exciting adventure with the gang then!

Recommended age

It makes no sense to force a very small child who has barely mastered literacy to read a whole magazine. Developing a taste for reading is a gradual process, and it is very important to select stories that are appropriate to the age group.

Begin with simpler, shorter comics and progress to more complex ones as she gains interest.

This would be Maurcio de Sousa’s first effort to produce a teen-oriented version of Turma da Mônica, appropriately entitled Turma da Mônica Jovem.

With references to pop culture such as series and artists, the comics are in manga style (Japanese drawing style) and include themes such as the discovery of love, friendship, and new technologies. Turma da Mônica Jovem comics have a 12-year age rating because of their greater complexity.

Comic book size

There are many magazines available on newsstands that are smaller, with few pages, and better suited to children who are learning to read.

On the other hand, almanacs usually have a larger format, more pages, more stories, and more hobbies – great for keeping the kids occupied during school breaks, holidays, or long road trips.

Additionally, the special editions of comics by Turma da Mônica Jovem contain more pages due to the additional complexity of comics.

Special Editions

The special editions of Turma da Mônica are the result of the way Mauricio de Sousa portrays the real world through his characters’ eyes.

How about showing your son the teachings of Jesus or introducing him to the story of Chico Xavier? These subjects and many others are featured in special editions. Does your daughter have an interest in football? Consider purchasing the edition that includes all the World Cups viewed through the eyes of Monica’s gang?

Adaptations of classic literature, such as Romeo and Juliet and The Little Prince, or fairy tales like the King’s New Clothes are also popular. What if you want to invest your money as an adult in a collector’s box for the gang in the neighborhood of Limoeiro, but you are no longer a child?

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