Top Best Monica’s Gang Comics Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Monica’s Gang Comics: How to choose the best in 2021?

your internet review site. Today’s article will explain exactly how to choose the most appropriate Monica’s Gang comic books for you or your son, nephew, godson, etc.

Turma da Mônica’s comics are known all over the world, don’t think it’s just a national passion. The talent of cartoonist  de Sousa has managed to cross generations and even the oldest comic strips remain relevant and super current. After all, universal themes like friendship, family and kindness never go out of style, do they?

But, on the one hand it is very cool to be able to choose from so much material available, the amount of comics and books can even scare new fans. And this is where we come in! Keep reading to answer your questions about Monica’s Gang comic books and learn how to choose the first comic strips to start your collection. Here we go?

First, the most important

  • Turma da Mônica comic books are one of the biggest successes in the Brazilian publishing market, with comic strips drawn since 1959 by cartoonist Maurício de Sousa
  • Turma da Mônica’s comics are suitable for children from 3 years of age, while comic books from Turma da Mônica Teen, in manga style, are appropriate from 12 years old.
  • You can also find special editions based on fairy tales and important personalities – books that are excellent teaching tools

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Buying Guide

The universe of Turma da Mônica is huge and many older readers are still lost. In order for you to situate yourself, we have created this Buying Guide.

Next, you can get an idea of ​​the main characters, topics covered, comic book values ​​and other important information. Here we go?

When did Monica’s Gang comic books start to be drawn?

The first characters created by de Sousa for the Folha da Manhã newspaper in 1959 were Bidu (inspired by his pet dog) and.

In the following year, the cartoonist started to draw for the children’s magazine Zaz Traz, introducing characters such as Cebolinha (which from the beginning had captivated readers), Piteco, Astronauta, Horácio and Penadinho.

After being criticized for not including women in his publications, in 1963 Maurício de Sousa created Mônica as a secondary character in the Cebolinha comics. The character was based on her daughter, and was so successful that at the end of the 60’s she assumed the title of protagonist of the stories.

Over the years, other characters have come to life and, consequently, their own magazines, such as Cascão (1982), Chico Bento (1982) and Magali (1989).



What are the main characters in the Monica’s Gang comic books?

The main characters of the Monica’s Gang comics are:

    • Monica. Strong, toothy girl who has a blue plush rabbit as a faithful squire; Chives.
    • Mônica’s archenemy, always devising infallible plans to steal the rabbit Samson and become the owner of the street – it has as a striking feature to change the “R” for the “L” in the words.
    • Smudge. Cebolinha’s best friend and partner in infallible plans, he never took a shower and likes dirt.
      Magali. Monica’s best friend, she loves to eat and doesn’t get fat.
    • Fringe. Inventor of the neighborhood, he always helps Cebolinha and Cascão with the unfailing plans of developing gadgets.
    • Chico Bento. He is not part of the Limoeiro group, but has his own magazine with a theme of life in the country.


From what age are Turma da Mônica comics recommended?

Turma da Mônica comics are recommended from 3 years of age. Most children in this age group still do not know how to read, but responsible adults can instill a taste for reading from an early age.

From 5-6 years old, children can read the comic books alone and have more focus, so the Monica’s Gang comic books can be an excellent tool for literacy.

Comics by Mônica Jovem (we will cover them later in this article) are recommended for ages 12 and older.

What are the main themes of the Monica’s Gang comic books?

The backdrop is the neighborhood of Limoeiro, where the children live. Amid the eternal infallible plans of Cebolinha to steal the rabbit Samson and take the title of owner of the street, the comics use a very perceptive humor without being offensive.

Maurício de Sousa’s great asset is to deal with universal themes such as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness, empathy, love for the environment and animals, family and even current themes, such as new technologies – always in a simple way, so that even children understand, without forgetting the depth. And few comic artists are able to do this successfully.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of Monica’s Gang comic books?

One of the biggest advantages of the Monica’s Gang comics is that the stories always seek to add something to the reader, dealing with values ​​such as friendship, love and kindness, without giving up the characteristic humor.

Another big advantage is the price of the comic books. In addition to regular magazines being very cheap, they are also very easy to find. It is practically impossible to go through a newsstand that does not sell comic books by Turma da Mônica.

The third advantage is the number of magazines available. Each of the main characters has more than 2,000 comic books published. It’s really a lot, but it can also be a disadvantage because a lot of options end up messing with people’s heads, isn’t it?

The second disadvantage may not bother many people, but it certainly annoys the older fans and collectors: the quality of the comic books is not the best, so the pages can turn yellow and tear easily, which makes it impossible to keep them for long time.

To summarize, we have the table below with the main advantages and disadvantages of the Monica’s Gang comic books:



  • Stories with humor and a lot of learning
  • Normal comics are very cheap and even books are not expensive
  • There are so many published comics that you will always have something to read
  • Comics are very easy to find


  • There are so many comic book options that it’s hard to know where to start
  • The quality of the comic book’s role is not the best

How much does a Monica’s Gang comic book cost?

The regular Monica’s Gang comic books, with regular circulation, can be found for less than R $ 5 reais. Almanacs (larger books, with more stories and hobbies) cost between R $ 10 and R $ 20, the same price as special editions, such as those based on fairy tales or on great personalities, such as Chico Xavier.

There are also editions that became booklets, based on cinematographic works such as Jurassic Park and old stories that won a new edition (both for around R $ 30).

The comic books by Turma da Mônica Jovem vary between R $ 10 and R $ 20 depending on the edition, and special and commemorative boxes for collectors can easily exceed R $ 100.



Where to buy the Monica’s Gang comic books?

Turma da Mônica is probably the most successful Brazilian comic, and finding comics is not a difficult task.
You can find the simplest magazines at your neighborhood newsstand, or at bookstores that have a magazine section.

If the money is short, bet on street bookstores. There are old and not so old specimens for less than R $ 1.00!

The internet is also an ally for fans of the: there is a lot of offer (including collector’s editions and rare magazines) in large online stores that sell books, such as Amazon.

Large bookstores with active online stores, also offer a wide selection. For the most dedicated collectors, you can find real jewels in the online.





Purchasing criteria: how to compare Monica’s Gang comic books

Now that you have learned a lot about Turma da Mônica, how about checking out some important factors that you should take into account when purchasing a title? Take a look:

  • Favorite characters
  • Recommended age
  • Comic book size
  • Special Editions

Still confused? Let’s explain each criterion below:

Favorite characters

Nobody wants to waste time reading a magazine of a character who doesn’t identify or doesn’t like it, right?

A good tip to get to know Turma da Mônica is to buy an Almanac that brings together strips of various characters, to see which ones you or your child like best. From there, you can start your collection and start your adventure with the gang!

Recommended age

There is no point in forcing a very small child who has barely been literate to read an entire magazine. The taste for reading must be acquired gradually and it is very important to choose stories appropriate to each age group.

Start with shorter, simpler comics and, as she gains interest, move on to more complex stories.

In January 2017, Maurício de Sousa’s studio launched the teen version of Turma da Mônica, appropriately titled Turma da Mônica Jovem.

The comics are in manga style (Japanese drawing style) and bring themes such as the discovery of love, the power of friendship and new technologies – all with many clever references to pop culture, such as series and artists. This greater complexity means that the age rating of the Turma da Mônica Jovem comics is 12 years old.


Comic book size

The common magazines easily found on newsstands are smaller, with few pages and more suitable for children who are starting to read.

Almanacs, on the other hand, have a larger format, more pages, more stories and more hobbies – perfect for entertaining the kids for longer and super suitable for school holidays, holidays or long trips.

Special editions, as well as the comic books by Turma da Mônica Jovem, also gain more pages due to the greater complexity of comics.

Special Editions

Maurício de Sousa has always been concerned with portraying the real world through the eyes of his characters, and the result of this is the special editions of Turma da Mônica.

Would you like to show your son the teachings of Jesus or introduce him to the story of Chico Xavier? There are special editions about the two and many others. Does your daughter want to know more about football? How about buying the edition that brings together all the World Cups from the perspective of the characters of Monica’s gang?

There are also fairy tales, such as the King’s New Clothes, or adaptations of great literary works, such as Romeo and Juliet and The Little Prince. And if you are no longer a child, but still have in your heart a great affection for the gang in the neighborhood of Limoeiro, how about investing your adult money in a collector’s box?


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