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Top & Best Coloring books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Coloring books: What’s the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about coloring books, very famous not only among children, but also among adults.

That coloring books are of great help in child development is already known. However, the novelty of the moment is that they are also excellent for reducing the stress and anxiety present in the routine of adults.

Nowadays, it is possible to find good options of books of this type for all audiences and that is precisely what we are going to talk about here.

In the guide below we will explain all the advantages of this product, in addition to pointing out values ​​and places of purchase. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Coloring books reach different audiences and are good choices for both children and adults.
  • In the case of children, they go far beyond having fun and are excellent at developing motor coordination, creativity and other cognitive factors.
  • Already books for adults are indicated to combat stress and anxiety, being a great choice for moments of relaxation.

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Ranking: The 4 best coloring books

Before we tell you a little better what are the benefits of coloring books, we will point out options that can be excellent choices, if you are looking for:

Buying Guide

The act of coloring is ageless. Children and adults alike can take advantage of this hobby, which is why coloring books are an excellent choice for your leisure time.

What are coloring books?

Easily found on the market, coloring books are nothing more than books that already have established designs, which must be filled with color.

The drawings can have the most varied themes, and you can use pencils, chalk or even pens to color them.

Pages do not usually contain text, only visual content, being an excellent way to awaken creativity.

What are the advantages of coloring books in child development?

Coloring books have been used as a contributing tool in child development for many years. In addition to the act of coloring being known as a fun task, it also contributes to numerous cognitive and neurological factors.

The use of coloring books stimulates motor coordination, making children learn, day after day, how to hold a pencil, differentiate colors and respect the lines of a drawing already drawn.

In addition, it is a rich source of imagination, stimulating the awakening of creativity. When coloring, children can put their emotions and feelings into practice, transforming that act into a form of expression.

They are also prone to putting small learnings of the day and moments in their routine on paper. It is a way of putting your brain to work, stimulating your sense of observation.

Adhering to coloring books is a way to put your little one to experience good times while developing several neurological factors, such as attention, creativity, coordination, perception of space and potential in making decisions.

It is a fun and inexpensive task, since a coloring book is not usually very expensive.


  • Collaborates for numerous cognitive and neurological factors
  • Stimulate motor coordination
  • Rich source of imagination
  • It puts emotions and feelings into practice, being a form of expression


  • Some children cannot concentrate for long

What are the benefits of coloring books in an adult’s routine?

It is very wrong to believe that coloring books are intended only for children. There are many versions focused specifically on adults, with clear objectives.

Coloring books for adults seek to be a source of relaxation. They help in releasing stress and treating anxiety, being a way to make you disconnect from the outside world and focus only on the drawing.

Usually, books of this type have more adult themes, with illustrations of flowers, animals and mandalas, always so that everything is interconnected.

Unlike the children’s proposal, in this case the goal is to focus on the beauty of colors and pay attention to the smallest details, focusing your energy only on the book.

It is an excellent technique to keep calm, being an interesting hobby or simply a good way to end the day, in order to slow down.

The differences between adult and children’s coloring books are very striking, so we set up a comparative table to help you better understand the benefits of each one.

How much?

In general, coloring books are not very expensive items, however, children’s versions tend to be cheaper and simplistic.

Coloring books for adults, on the other hand, tend to be better worked, and therefore have a slightly higher value.

The average cost of a children’s book is between R $ 10 and R $ 15, while the adult versions cost between R $ 25 and R $ 40.

Where to buy?

When buying your coloring book you can start your search for bookstores. You will not lack variety in these places.

At stationers, newsstands and even department stores, it is also possible that you will find good options.

Finally, if you prefer the facilities and comfort of online shopping, we can recommend Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing coloring book models

Although coloring books are very secret and very simple articles, we have compiled a list with some criteria that you must take into account when purchasing:

  • objective
  • Age range
  • Paper Type
  • graphics

In the following, we will explain each one better.


Before buying your coloring book, it is important that you know what goal you want to achieve with such a product, as each of them has a specific purpose and reaches a type of audience.

Age range

As we said, coloring books are for all ages, however, they are manufactured and structured in different ways.

If you are looking to buy one of these for your children, it is important that you choose a children’s model, that deals with themes that this audience is familiar with, and that is also less complex.

But if you are looking to buy a coloring book for your own use, know that there are some perfect for adults. They contain more complex and detailed designs (like mandalas), all of which are always interconnected.

Paper Type

Buy a coloring book with good quality paper and don’t tear it up, especially if your little ones will enjoy it.

Children tend to be less careful when coloring, and may end up putting a lot of force on the pencil. In such cases, if the paper is very thin and not very resistant, it will end up tearing.


And, of course, choose books that contain drawings that you find interesting and appropriate for the situation.

You will not lack variety, there are books of princesses, superheroes, flowers, animals, mandalas and so many other topics that may be of interest to you.


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