Classics of Literature

Top & Best Classics of Literature Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Classics of Literature: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a literary genre that never goes out of style: the classics literature.

Works that cross time, the classics  literature deal with timeless and universal themes, such as love, hate, joy and suffering.

Among so many authors and themes, we will show in this article what you should consider before buying the best classics literature.

First, the most important

  • Even with challenging language, the classics are responsible for expanding the general culture, vocabulary and knowledge about specific times and regions of a country.
  • The classics of  literature are also widely used in school and in the university entrance exam.
  • We will show you what are the factors that you must observe to choose the best classics of literature.

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Ranking: The 3 best classics of  literature

Those looking for classics from  literature will come across a huge list. That’s because there are titles for all tastes and reading goals. To help you with this choice, below, we will present the best classics of literature.


Buying Guide

There are so many classics in literature that it can be a difficult task to choose where to start. Therefore, it is essential that you understand a little of what is behind this literary genre.

To help you, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision and buy the best classics in  literature.

What are classics of literature?

A classic is, in general, a book that portrays the period in which it was written, but that, nevertheless, crosses generations when dealing with universal themes.

That is, the classics of literature contain stories that are capable of touching people from different cultures, ages and social contexts.

This is also the case with the classics of literature, which are the works that marked an era, but that also crossed time and remain alive and up to today.

For this reason, hardly a newly published book, such as novels, for example, is categorized as a classic work.


In addition, the classics of literature have an influence not only on the lives of their readers, but also on the writing of other authors, who seek inspiration about style and ideas to create their works.

For you to have a clearer notion, the experts consider that the classics of  literature are thus categorized because they contain at least three characteristics. Are they:

  • Do not lose their value over time
  • Have universal thematic appeal
  • Influence the writing of other authors


Who are the greatest writers of the classics of literature?

There are countless authors who have written classics of literature. But the fact is that many of them stand out for the amount of books written that have gone through the times and remain up to date today.

We have selected for you some of the main authors of the greatest classics of iterature:

    • Monteiro Lobato (1882-1948)
    • José de Alencar (1829-1877)
    • Cecília Meireles (1901-1964)
    • Machado de Assis (1839-1908)
    • Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)
    • Graciliano Ramos (1892-1953)
    • Guimarães Rosa (1908-1967)


What is the importance of reading classics of  literature?

It is not uncommon for the classics of literature to be overlooked even by regular readers. This is because the language of these books often refers to the period and place of the plot, making it difficult to read.

But even so, experts guarantee that the challenge must be faced. After all, these works reflect the culture of the different regions of the country and important periods in our history. What in itself is a reason for learning.

In addition, we cite below other reasons why you should venture into reading the classics of literature.

They are timeless

The classics of literature usually deal with aspects of life that are common to all, such as love, life and death.

Because they have universal themes, literary classics are always contemporary and can influence the lives of readers.

Represent reality

An author is considered important and continues to be read for several generations due to his ability to recreate reality according to his point of view.

Therefore, when reading the classics of literature, you develop a critical attitude towards what happens around you, through different views of the world.


Extend knowledge

The writing used in the classics of literature is indeed considered difficult. But the richness of the content and the language is worth the challenge, since contact with a different writing than the one you are used to is also a way to acquire knowledge.

Improve vocabulary

Consequently, those who read the classics end up in contact with new words, often little used in daily life. This will enrich your vocabulary, your way of expressing yourself and writing.

What are the advantages of the classics of  literature?

There are many advantages to venturing into the classics of literature. The biggest advantage is that you expand your knowledge of historical facts and different contexts, improve your vocabulary and even create critical bases for reading other books.

More than that, with the classics of literature you also get in touch with the history of a different era and regions of the country and, with this, increases your worldview.


As the classics of literature are timeless and deal with universal themes, they are also useful to expand your understanding of human and self behavior.

On the other hand, there are those who consider as one of the disadvantages of reading the classics of  literature the fact that the language is more complex.

Even so, this disadvantage can also be considered a benefit to challenge the reader to leave the comfort zone and discover new words. Below, we bring together the main advantages and disadvantages of the classics of literature.


  • Universal and timeless themes
  • Expands vocabulary and grammatical construction
  • Critical base form for reading other works
  • Access to the history of a period and region of the country
  • Challenging reading


  • Language is often difficult

How much?

The price of classics in literature varies depending on the publisher, the edition and the size of the books. Therefore, you can find classics of  literature costing between R $ 20 and R $ 200.

But you don’t have to buy the most expensive book. That’s because, the most expensive are usually versions for collectors or collections.

Where to buy?

You will find classics of  literature in bookstores, department stores and hypermarkets.

But, we recommend that you buy from online stores like Amazon. Thus, you acquire the classics literature from the comfort of your home and at discounted prices.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying the classics of  literature

Now that you know more about the classics of  literature and their authors, you need to know how to choose the best book. To help you, we selected the factors that should be observed before choosing the classics of literature:

  • Writers
  • Plot
  • Printed or digital
  • Editorial quality

Below, we will explain each of these factors so that you can invest in the best classics of literature.


As we have seen, there are several writers who are considered authors of classic works of literature.

But the fact is, if you want to start reading these works it is important to know about the life, experience and the type of language used by the writer.

Some have simpler language, others are more verbose and descriptive. Anyway, the choice of this item is personal.


You already know that the themes of the classics of literature are timeless. But we recommend that you check the plot and theme before buying the book.

In general, you will find literary classics with plots that deal with love, hate, death, betrayal, adventures among others.

One tip is to read the first pages of the book to get an idea about the plot. At Amazon, this feature is available in some of the classics of literature.

Printed or digital

Also note the form of reading that can be in printed or digital book. If you choose to read the classics of literature in a printed book, pay attention to the size, weight and number of pages.

This can be a hindrance if you want to take your book in your purse or backpack , for example.

The digital book is a more practical way to read the classics, since it uses Kindle, iPad or another device. With this, you can have several classics of literature stored in the device.

Not to mention that it is a lighter way to read your works anywhere. On the other hand, the device’s screen may tire your eyes when reading.

Check out the main differences between printed and digital books:

Editorial quality

Finally, note the quality of the print, the paper, the cover, and especially the text review. All of these factors can help or hinder your reading fluidity.

In general, publishers who are concerned with these details have several works of classics from literature in their catalog.



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