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Top & Best Music books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Music books: How to choose the best in 2022?

your internet analytics site. In today’s text, you will find tips for buying the best music books available on the market and that fit your needs.

If you intend to venture into a new instrument, study musical theories or learn more about your favorite artist or favorite band, we will help you make the best possible choice of music book.

First, the most important

  • Music books have several subdivisions, including musical genre, reference, biographies and autobiographies.
  • The purpose of reading, which musical genre you like and which instrument you are interested in playing are some of the characteristics to consider when purchasing.
  • The Beatles, Beethoven, Anitta, Rita Lee, Tim Maia, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Elza Soares are some of the names of music that have won books based on their lives and works.

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The best music books: Our recommendations

Not sure where to start searching? No problem! We bring here the four best-rated music books available on the market.

  • The most complete for those who love theory
  • For The Beatles fans
  • For lovers of music and chronicles
  • For those who want to know more about harmony

Buying Guide

Music books have several purposes and divisions, and can attract readers from the most different branches, from those passionate about art as a whole, musicians, or even specific fans of an artist or musical style.

To help you better understand this segment of literature and everything it embraces, we have put together this Buying Guide.

What are music books?

Music books work with all the attributions of the musical area and everything related to the musical universe.

They work from the history of musical genres, artist biographies, books telling the trajectory of a movement or band / artist, theories, instruction and even fictional novels with musical themes.

Because of this, musical books can please many different audiences, whether for those looking for a more casual reading or who are obstinate to know more theories.

Who are the best known authors of music books?

There are several prominent authors within the genre, but who are specialized in a certain type of literature.

For example, Geoff Dyer is an English novelist and is responsible for Todo Aquele Jazz, one of the main books on musical rhythm, mixing essay and fiction from much historical research.


Almir Chediak and Nelson Faria are highlights in the genre.

Almir Chediak and Nelson Faria are good examples of authors of musical instrument books.

American Michael Pilhofer, Austrian Arnold Schönberg and Czech Bohumil Med are big names among theoretical authors.

Another notorious name is that of the Nelson Motta, who wrote books on the history of music as 101 Songs That Touched and also musical biographies such as Vale Tudo: The sound and fury of Tim Maia.


Did you know that Nelson Motta, in addition to being a writer, is also a composer and music producer? He wrote songs like “Bem Que Se Quis” (by Marisa Monte), “Como Uma Onda” (by Lulu Santos) and “Dancing Days” (by As Frantic).


What are the subdivisions of music books?

Within music books, there are subdivisions that give more distinction between the proposals of each work. Next, we will explain them to you.

    • Music genres : There are several of them in the music itself, but in the literature section you will find more often divided by lullabies, classical, jazz, popular and rock.
    • History and criticism : These examples tell part of the history of music, whether from specific genres such as jazz and samba, even movements and events, besides being able to bring a critical look to them, essays and lists, for example.
    • Instruments and interpreters : This division is more linked to the teaching part. Here you will come across works (guides, courses) that help you master the technical / practical part of string, brass and wind instruments, as well as specimens specifically focused on compositions by an artist (from Beethoven to Roberto Carlos) or a musical genre (pop, rock, classic).
    • Biographies and autobiographies of composers and musicians : These are works that tell the story of an artist or band, by third parties or by themselves.
    • Reference : These are books that compile information on a specific topic. Within the music books can be, for example, works on alternative rock, the best records to listen to before you die, or samba schools.
    • Theory, composition and performance : These are works more focused on musical theories. There is also space for books containing lyrics and explanation of the composition process, as well as others on how to play a particular instrument.


In the table below, we bring some works from each subdivision to help illustrate them better:

Can I learn to play an instrument from music books?

It may seem hard to believe, but yes, it is possible to learn to play instruments from music books.

There are books with lessons and theories about certain instruments that allow you to start playing, from piano to guitar, from ukulele to keyboard.



Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying music books

In order for you to make a conscious purchase, certain of what you are purchasing, here are some points you need to know before deciding which of the music books is right for your needs.

  • Purpose of reading
  • Music genre
  • What instrument
  • Experience

We will talk in more detail in the next paragraphs about each one.

Purpose of reading

Before making your purchase, you need to keep in mind what the purpose of your reading is.

Do you want to know more about a certain artist or your favorite band? Who knows more about Bossa Nova or who knows the birth of Jazz? Or do you intend to learn to play an instrument?

When you have established what you want from reading, you can move on with your search.

Music genre

The musical genre is also an important criterion at the time of your purchase. If you are not a fan of rock, your interest in works that speak of the history of the genre or of any band of the musical style will not be so great.

If you don’t like rap, for example, does it make sense to have a book about the compositions of Racionais MC’s?

Choosing which genre interests you, be it classical music or country music, you end up refining your search and can continue your search for the perfect book.

What instrument

For those who want to learn to play an instrument from music books, it is necessary to first check which works are available that offer the lessons for you to learn that instrument.

This step may not seem as relevant, but it is. After all, they are not all the instruments that a book will be able to teach.

After performing this check, you will be able to take a step further for your purchase.


In this item, you have to be honest with yourself. Not all music books whose purpose is to teach how to play are for beginners. So there is no point in getting a book for advanced if you still don’t know the basics of the instrument.

There are books focused on people with more experience in certain instruments, such as improvisation books on the piano.

However, there is a large amount of books of this type whose target audience is the inexperienced, who want to start playing. Being aware of your level with the instrument, you can choose your book more precisely.


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