Top & Best Handgrip Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Handgrip: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose the ideal item to exercise and strengthen the muscles and joints of the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms: the hand grip.

Simple, light and effective, it can be carried in your pocket or backpacks for you to use wherever you want. Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of hand grip to work your hands and forearms.

First, the most important

  • The hand grip can be versatile and serve different audiences. Each model offers a level of tension, which may be more or less suitable for your purposes.
  • Characteristics such as type, material, resistance, quality and ergonomics must be analyzed to define the ideal hand grip.
  • Prices vary according to brand, material and model. It is possible to buy simple versions from R $ 15. The most sophisticated ones can cost more than R $ 50.

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Buying Guide

The health of the muscles and joints of the fingers, hands and wrists is essential for most day-to-day activities. Whether to strengthen and tone the region, prevent or treat injuries, or to dissipate tension and anxiety, the hand grip is the ideal product.

Continue with us to learn everything about this practical and portable product, which can be instrumental in exercising and properly stimulating your muscles and joints.



What is the hand grip?

The hand grip is a small equipment with tension by springs that is intended to exercise hands, wrists, fingers and forearms.

Most models are shaped like pliers. Some versions have strength adjustments and digital counters, to record the number of repetitions performed during exercise.

What are the advantages of the hand grip?

Currently, most of the professional and recreational activities involve electronics such as computers, cell phones, joysticks and controls in general.

Abusing these activities without proper care can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI), carpal tunnel, among others. It is also widely used by people who practice crossfit .

The greatest benefit of the hand grip is that in addition to promoting the stimulation of the joints in the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms, it also helps to tone the muscles in those regions.

When flexing hands with the hand grip, more than 35 muscles are worked simultaneously.

It is also very useful for the practice of pre and postoperative exercises. It also prevents injuries to practitioners of sports such as tennis and golf, in addition to instrumentalists.

The use, however, must be made under the guidance of a specialist, since incorrect practice can cause injuries.



  • Works 35 muscles at once
  • Treat and prevent injuries to hands, fingers and wrists
  • Compact and lightweight, can be used anywhere
  • Tones muscle and joints of fingers hand and forearm


  • Inappropriate use can cause injuries

How to choose the ideal hand grip?

The ideal model of hand grip will vary according to the user’s profile and the objectives of use. There are basically two types of hand grip:

    • Traditional pliers : Works by hand as a whole;
    • Finger flex : It has a sectioned surface to work fingers individually.


Finger flex is more suitable for those who need to isolate activities and develop the strength, flexibility and coordination of one or more fingers individually.

The model also allows to stabilize and strengthen the wrist and develop each section of the forearm, in addition to use with the whole hand.

The traditional model, on the other hand, is preferred by those who need to work in the region more globally, improving resistance and strengthening the footprint.

Both versions have in common the fact that they are practical and small, and can be taken and used at any time and place.


For whom is the use of a hand grip indicated?

Basically anyone can benefit from using the hand grip. After all, in a reality where we spend more and more time typing on cell phones and computers, care is increasingly necessary to prevent injuries. Some indications for use are:

    • Muscle strengthening;
    • Poor blood circulation;
    • Movement recovery;
    • Temporary sprains and injuries;
    • Poor articulation;
    • Pre and postoperative;
    • Prevention of injury recurrences;
    • Relief from tensions and stress.


But, as we have already mentioned, although the use of the hand grip can provide many benefits, it must be done in a way that respects the limits of the organism, without exaggerated effort and observing days of rest.

What is the best way to exercise with the hand grip?

Exercising with the hand grip can seem quite simple. However, proper use is far from the simple act of squeezing it systematically.

For each situation there is an appropriate intensity and speed, which must be determined by a specialist. Between the forms of use, the time and speed of each flexion change .

Beginners can bet on training three times a week with three to four sets and a one-minute break between them, at slow speed. After the initial phase, the same number of series can be implemented in rapid sequence.



Tip: You can do sets at intervals of 30 seconds. For example, repeat the movements at the ideal speed for about 30 seconds, and rest another 30 seconds.


How much does the hand grip cost?

The values ​​of the hand grips can vary a lot according to the model, material and brand of the product. It is possible to find simpler versions starting at R $ 15. More sophisticated models with digital meters or famous brands can cost more than R $ 50.

Where to buy a hand grip?

You can buy your hand grip at sporting goods stores, where salespeople can help you make the most appropriate choice. Chains like Decathlon and Centauro Esportes are a good option.

However, it is online selling sites such as Amazon and Netshoes that offer the widest range of product brands and models.





Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare different hand grip models

To close this Review, we will give you another little help so that you can make the right choice of hand grip to exercise hands and fists. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Material
  • Voltage
  • Settings
  • Ergonomics

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the characteristics:


The materials most commonly used in the manufacture of hand grips are metal or steel for the springs; and foam, silicone or ABS plastic for the cables.

The quality of the material directly reflects the durability and quality of the product. Therefore, give preference to renowned brands that use quality raw materials.


The tension or resistance of hand grips is, in most cases, generated by springs. Manufacturers report product tension in kilograms (kg). The most popular models are 10kg and adjustable between 10kg and 40kg.




Some models of hand grip offer the possibility of adjustments, usually adjustment of grip and tension or resistance.

Resistance adjustments, in general, are made using buttons or tightening rollers. This type of adjustment makes the equipment more versatile, while it can be adapted according to the user.


It is very important that the chosen hand grip is ergonomic. A model with poorly thought out design may favor a wrong grip, impairing the results of the exercise and causing injuries.

In addition, the lack of ergonomics can also cause discomfort in use, hurting the hands and favoring the appearance of calluses and blisters on the hands.


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