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Top & Best Exercise bike Kikos Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Exercise bike Kikos: What is the best model of 2022?

Today’s text will tell you all about the Kikos exercise bike, one of the most successful brands in the field of equipment and fitness machines, a bike that innovates in features and always thinks about the comfort of its user.

In this Guide, our focus is to make you choose the ideal model for your routine, for your space and for your exercise. We bring here the best models, the selected information and even tips for the decisive time, the time of purchase.

First, the most important

  • The catalog of exercise bikes from Kikos has models of vertical type and horizontal type.
  • Many models have a magnetic resistance mechanism on the pedals, which makes pedaling quiet and smoother.
  • The price of Kikos exercise bikes has a wide price range, between R $ 600 and above R $ 15000. For the latter price, however, only professional models.

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Shopping Guide

With technical mastery and special attention to the needs of its users, Kikos exercise bikes are one of the highlights of the market. Its extensive catalog provides the best exercise for each type of person, with comfort and performance.

In our Shopping Guide, we will explore Kikos models and talk about their technologies, details and functionalities. The idea is to provide the necessary tools to make the choice of the Kikos exercise bike that best suits you.

How to assemble a Kikos exercise bike?

If you choose to buy a Kikos exercise bike model to assemble, don’t worry. The process is simple and well identified. Your job will be just to position the pieces, fit them and screw them.

The front support rods, for example, already come with the wires inserted and the exposed connectors, as well as the pedal mechanisms are ready and assembled. You just need to guarantee ample space for assembly and availability for a certain time, to do the process calmly and effectively.



Exercise bike or spinnig bike?

One point that can confuse your search for the best exercise bike is the difference between it and a spinning bike. Both, of course, are stationary bikes, that is, bikes fixed to the floor. But what really changes is the type of activity.

The exercise bike simulates the linear pedaling of an ordinary bicycle. It is as if you are pedaling on a park track, for example. Spinning, in turn, emulates a more complicated path, with uphill descents, changes in intensity and rhythm.



Did you know? Because of the change in intensity, the spinning bike has a higher average of calories burned, around 600 in half an hour of exercise.


Kikos, of course, has both varieties in its catalog. The most noticeable difference is in the design, in addition to the possibility of adjusting loads.

The company’s spinning bikes have the closest panels, both in height and distance, to the seats, with a bicycle, and do not have a pedal structure touching the floor. On the contrary, it has two feet, positioned in a very similar way to the wheels of ordinary bicycles.

Kikos exercise bike: horizontal or vertical?

In addition to the variety between exercise bikes and spinning bikes, Kikos has yet another basic differentiation, between horizontal and vertical ergometric models.

Both have all the technology and innovation of the manufacturer, from multifunctional panels to cardiac monitors, through the magnetic resistance system, in short, both are complete.


What changes between models is the user’s position.

What changes between them is the position that the user does the exercise. In the horizontal models, he does it seated, reclined, even, with his back supported on the seat back, of adjustable height, inclusive. In vertical models, the person pedals, well, upright, not to say standing. With, the spine erect, for sure.

This makes the exercise on the horizontal exercise bike less intense than the vertical one, which in turn burns more calories, but presents greater risks of injuries and post-workout pain.

Why does Kikos stand out in the bicycle market?

For over thirty years on the market, Kikos has specialized in machines and equipment for physical exercises. In these more than three decades, it has not only mastered the technical and technological issue, but has also been able to apply the improvements in its products with the best user experience in mind.

In exercise bikes, this means models with innovative and high-performance mechanisms, with adjustable load levels, automatic scanning of performance data, among other technical aspects, as well as adjustable seats for different backs and columns, durable paintings for different spaces internal ergometry of the pedals to the hand grip.


Where to buy a Kikos exercise bike?

You can find Kikos stationary bikes in all major fitness equipment stores and other fitness products. The company’s official website also has an extensive catalog for sale. Sites like Amazon also have a great offer of models and prices, which can be chosen in the comfort of your home.


Purchasing Criteria: Comparing Kikos Exercise Bike Models

Let’s go with another list, this time made up of buying criteria. Its items call attention to some elements of Kikos exercise bikes, those that, if noticed and aligned with your needs, will make you leave the store, be it physical or virtual, with the best model possible.

  • Exercise type
  • Capacity
  • Panel
  • Accessories

Exercise type

One of the first points you should think about before proceeding to purchase is the type of exercise you want to do. If you are looking for more intense activities, for toning the legs and quick weight loss, the best choice is for vertical bike models.

If, on the other hand, you intend to do a maintenance exercise, without major risks or pain the next day, choose a horizontal model from Kikos, which strengthens a series of lower muscles and gives stability to the spine.



Do not forget to note the capacity of the model, that is, the maximum weight supported by the user. Kikos exercise bikes have a standard capacity of 100kg, but there are more robust and professional models with a higher limit.

If you don’t get close to the maximum capacity, rest assured, because this aspect is not a major factor in the final price of the product.


The panel is an element of the Kikos exercise bike that you should pay special attention to. It is its features that will set the tone for your exercise, especially performance measurements, such as distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

The latest models from Kikos have all these features, but vary widely in size, which completely changes the view and the way to access this information.

Choose, therefore, the model with the panel that has the ideal functionalities for your exercise, and that is sufficiently practical to visualize.


For more practical use, look for Kikos models with built-in accessories. They can be cup holders, positioned on the panel stem or beside the seat, or even a cellphone compartment or speaker in front of the panel.

The idea is to make your exercise easier and value the minutes spent on the exercise bike.


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