Top & Best Economics books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Economics books: How to choose the best in 2022?

your internet rating website. In our meeting, we will present you the economics books. This type of reading is usually more dense, with a lot of information, data and theoretical foundation. Authors of the genre have been found since the 18th and 19th centuries.

Whether you are a student, connoisseur of the field or even an expert, we will bring more information about economics in the literature in this article.

First, the most important

  • Economy works already exist in the decade of 1770.
  • Economics books help us better understand the history of nations.
  • Books of the genre can be for laymen or for those who already have more knowledge of the area.

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The best economics books on the market: Our favorites

Below, we list the best rated and desired works of the literary genre covered in this article.

  • The book with simple language
  • The book based on the situation
  • The option based on the author’s experience
  • The most complete economics book

Buying Guide

Economics books have several themes and one of their functions is to help us understand certain paths taken by humanity, which go through economic decisions.

The economy is part of our lives and it is always good to understand how it works. To understand more about it, there are books of the genre. And our role from now on is to help you choose.

What are Economics Books?

First of all, it is good to keep in mind the concept of the word economy. Economics, or economic science, studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services necessary for survival and quality of life.

It is also a social science and studies economic activity through the application of economic theory.

The word economy comes from the Greek, being a combination of the following terms: oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law). Thus forming something like “rules of the house” or “of the home”.

The economics books address the theories, their applications in the world, their impact on society as a whole and on our daily lives.

Among the oldest and most important works of economics is Adam Wealth of Nations, published in 1776.

Economics books: For lay people or for a targeted audience?

Economics books are quite comprehensive, with copies for all audiences. Yes, there are works whose content is more focused on those with prior knowledge of the area or that particular subject dealt with in the book.

However, there are other books of the genre that have accessible language, some of which are even focused on the lay public.

Even some works that deal with economic theories manage to do this in a way that the lay reader will absorb the content and, equally important, do not get bored during reading.

Is it possible to save money by reading the economics books?

There is no magic recipe to save, of course. However, there are some books that can help you when saving.

In general, economics books are not focused on giving tips to save your money, although there are examples, such as one mentioned in our ranking.

Issues related to personal economics are usually addressed in finance books, which is a branch within the field of economics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of economics books?

Economics books have some purposes and you need to define what interests them.

Not all of their characteristics may necessarily please you, and as a result you will come across positive and negative points during your experience with them.

Because of this, we list some of these characteristics in the table below:



  • They can be theoretical or bring the theories already applied in practice
  • Can help reorganize the way you handle money
  • Some bring analysis on the effect of bad choices on the economy
  • There are physical and digital versions
  • Vocabulary extension
  • Reading about economics you also learn more about history


  • Not every book has language for laypeople
  • Some require a certain level of knowledge for better understanding

How much do economics books cost?

Economics books have prices that are not so different from the most common books. You may end up with some more expensive specimens, above R $ 150, but these are in the minority.

In the case of physical books, it is possible to find copies starting at R $ 18. If you are willing to purchase a used one, the price is lower than the original label.

As usual, digital versions are cheaper than physical ones. The difference is not always stark, but there it is a matter of choice. Copies of e-books can cost R $ 5, while some can reach R $ 70.

Where to buy economics books?

You can find economy books in department stores, bookstores and hypermarkets.

To make sure you find all the books you’re looking for, the internet is on hand to help you make a comfortable purchase straight from wherever you are.

We recommend that you make your purchases on the Amazon website. In it, you will find books in physical and digital versions.



Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider Before Buying Economics Books

Economics books are not easily summarized, so it is necessary to follow a good booklet to know which ones you should buy. It all depends on your demand, what you want to know, where you will read it, among other questions.

Because of this, we bring you some items that must be taken into account before purchase.

  • Theme
  • Authors
  • Format
  • Number of pages

In the next paragraphs, we will detail the listed items. Check out!


The topics are quite diverse within the economics books. As is known, there are reading levels within the genre, with copies for beginners, students, interested in general and advanced knowledge.

And not all topics will be interesting to beginners, for example. So it is good to keep an eye on the options.

Among the themes are economic theories, economic development, politics, debt and deficits, macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history, finance, and so on.

Some will offer economic solutions to reduce inequality, others will analyze how economic models were applied during governments A, B and C, and certain types will even give tips on how to better relate to money.

That is, there is no lack of theme. What is missing is knowing what you want to learn in order to search for your perfect economics book.



Currently, there are several competent authors of economics books, some journalists, other economists by training, and even certain authors are neither, based on their own experiences in writing.

However, there are always names you can count on to ensure good reading and instruction.

Two established names that you will surely hear in any discussion of economics (and sometimes politics too) are those of the American Adam Smith and the German Karl Marx.

Like Marx and Smith, other authors have part of the most important economics books ever made, mandatory for anyone who wants to understand the area. We list some of them below.


After all, is there a better format to read? There is no scientific conclusion about it, even starting with the reader’s preference. Therefore, you will have to decide the best option.

Since books on economics were written, even before 1800, they were already physicists and such versions are still on the market, these being the most traditional.

For some readers, it can be uncomfortable to carry one or more books to other places – they usually weigh, after all – so the physical version is not always perfect.

For those who do not want to accumulate physical works at home and take all the books they want with them, reading through any compatible electronic device (cell phone, computer, tablet), e-books are a great option.

Number of pages

Reading about economics is naturally more dense than reading a detective novel or a self-help book .

Therefore, if you are already having difficulty moving from a book whose number of pages exceeds 300, it is even more important to stick to the layout of an economy book.



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