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Top & Best Stephen Hawking Books Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Stephen Hawking Books: How to choose the best in 2022?

From gravitational singularity theorems to children’s themes, Stephen Hawking’s books are comprehensive in cosmology matters.

Few titles require a certain advanced scientific knowledge on the part of the reader. Most publications have popular science. In addition there are other details present in the text that will help you when buying Stephen Hawking’s books.

First, the most important

  • More than 25 million Stephen Hawking books have been sold.
  • Some titles are named after Stephen Hawking as an author when in fact they are studies gathered by followers.
  • Stephen Hawking books serve to popularize the science of cosmology.

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Best books Stephen Hawking: Our recommendations

Have you ever stopped to think about why some Stephen Hawking books sell better than others? See which are the best-selling publications:

  • Learn theories about the origin of everything
  • The universe is simpler than you can imagine
  • To know the personality
  • The answers to almost everything


Buying Guide

You may be looking for Stephen Hawking books to learn more about black holes and radiation, or about the origin. The author has several works dedicated to these subjects, as will be demonstrated in the guide:

What is the last of Stephen Hawking’s books?

Brief Answers to the Big Questions is the last of Stephen Hawking’s books, published in October 2018.

In the work there is cosmology, physics and reflections on the existence or not of gods, with a path traced to the human future.

The publication is almost a response to the book A Brief History of Time, as confirmed by Lucy Hawking, the scientist’s daughter, on a panel at the London Science Museum, a few days after the edition’s launch.



Stephen HawkingBritish cosmologist

“My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe. Why is it like this and why does it exist?”

What do Stephen Hawking books prove?

Briefly, some of Stephen Hawking’s scientific legacies are:

    • Hawking radiation: Theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation.
    • Gravitational singularity theorems according to relativity.
    • Reflections on the origin.
    • Cosmology theory of quantum mechanics with relativity.


Why read one of Stephen Hawking’s books?

Many people think that receiving Stephen Hawking books is a gift lost by the complexity of subjects. This is a mistake, because this scientist knows how to popularize scientific topics for easy general understanding.



You only have to open the first chapters to feel the thrill of gaining knowledge about complex subjects in the universe. With Hawking it is possible to learn science without using a scientific calculator .

Hawking’s words engage you in reading from start to finish with interesting theories about physics and cosmology.

See pros and cons in the table:


  • Simplest understanding of universal science
  • Popular prices
  • The first editions have high value in the collectors market
  • Does not require advanced technical knowledge
  • For different ages
  • Titles that generate deep reflections


  • Requires a lot of attention in reading
  • Imported versions can be expensive
  • Cheap patterns have simple covers

Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein: Who’s the best?

Far from comparisons (after all, Einstein has no competitors), you need to know the difference between authors’ works to enhance your shopping experience.


Hawking lived in a much more liberal era.

In many publications, Stephen Hawking acts as a kind of translator of Einstein’s ideas, in view of his goal of popularizing science and because many of his ideas were inspired by Albert.

In 1900, Einstein was 21 years old. In his day it was necessary to deal with a dogmatic world that prevented the advance of science also for religious reasons. The medium was a limitation on the books of the most famous scientist in history.

On the other hand, Hawking found more freedom in his thoughts in the liberal era in which he actually lived, with full freedom even to the most sarcastic comments in his publications.

See more about the authors:

How much do Stephen Hawking books cost and where to buy?

On average, the value of Stephen Hawking books can range from R $ 5 to R $ 50 if you consider the most popular publications published in several different editions. The first versions released by the author cost higher prices.

Buy Stephen’s bookstores. Popular works are for sale even in stalls, bookstores or subway machines. Amazon has several titles in English or Portuguese.



Did you know that at age 21 Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? This condition was not a barrier for him to work and be considered one of the most popular scientists of all time.



Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Stephen Hawking Book Deals

Depending on the title, you can present children with Stephen Hawking books, since this scientist is able to facilitate scientific understanding.

Find out how to compare and find a title that best suits your needs by following the following criteria:

  • Format
  • Subject matter
  • Language
  • Revisions

Don’t stop here! Continue reading and better understand each point:


You can find Stephen’s books in print or in digital publications. Printed books generally have a simple cover, which explains why most publications are cheap.

In digital format it is recommended to buy from secure sources to read on an e-reader , since the models available online, although cheaper, may have adulterations without official authorization or be viruses.

Subject matter

If you want a more theoretical (and popular) approach to adults about cosmology, you can invest in titles like: A Brief History of Time, Black Holes BBC Lectures or A Universe in a Nutshell.

For children’s stories that also teach the science of the universe, there are several options: George and the Secret of the Universe, George and the Cosmic Treasure Hunter, Stephen Hawking: 27, among others.

In order to know about Stephen Hawking’s life, read: My Brief History and The Theory of Everything. In the biographical books there are even pictures of the scientist.



Stephen Hawking books are translated to dozens of countries. The original English editions have more academic value, since the translator may err or interpret a concept differently from the author.

Hawking himself revised certain works in English. If you only know Portuguese, look for books that have reliable translators, who in general also have careers in the field of cosmology.


Hawking wrote only one book, which is his biography. In part of his works, there was the help of third parties, with the administration of the scientist who officially certifies the publications.

On the other hand, there are publications on the market that are actually free meetings of their articles made by publishers or followers, with observations that can help in understanding, although they do not have the true Hawking seal of quality.


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