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Top & Best Books to learn English Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Books to learn English: How to choose the best in 2022

Books are rich materials for language learning. English is no different, books for learning English – whether didactic or paradidactic – are essential for those who want to start their studies or continue to learn.

Finding good books to learn English is an excellent alternative for those who want to study alone. In this article, we have gathered information on the subject to help you find the best materials for your level of knowledge.

First, the most important

  • English learning books are classified according to the student’s level of knowledge.
  • Basic level students should choose books in categories A1, A2 or B1, intermediate level students should choose books in category B2 or C1 and advanced level books in category C2.
  • English learning books can accompany a workbook and CD-ROM with audio, video and image activities.

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The best books to learn English: Our suggestions

We have selected some book suggestions for learning English that will help you master the most widely spoken language in the world. The secret is to choose a book compatible with your level of knowledge.

  • The classic for beginners
  • The best national reference
  • To train interpretation and listening
  • English travel book

Buying Guide

Reading is essential for those looking for improvement in the English language, as it enriches the vocabulary, helps to know idioms and understand grammatical structures.

While there are many reading options, choosing books to learn English should be done carefully. With that in mind, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with important information on the subject. Good reading!

How important are books for learning English?

The books for learning English are essential for those who want to study the language, as they help to understand and memorize grammatical structures, increase vocabulary and learn a little more every day.

The book market for learning English is huge. You will find dictionaries, grammar books, books for learning corporate English and even preparing for international travel.

Among so many options, it is necessary to take into account your level of knowledge in the language, the need for learning and what tools you learn best.



  • Books at different levels of knowledge
  • You find didactic and educational books
  • Accompanies exercises
  • Some books accompany CD-ROM with activities


  • There will be no teacher to answer your questions
  • You may have a little trouble learning the pronunciation of words

What are the books for a basic student to learn English?

An English student at a basic level must learn the main grammatical structures, acquire vocabulary, learn expressions, learn to assemble basic and usual phrases and memorize the pronunciation of words.

To achieve these goals, they must acquire a bilingual English dictionary – Learners Dictionary – a basic grammar book and a phrasebook.


Did you know that 95% of the population does not speak English?


What are the books for learning English at intermediate and advanced levels?

Intermediate and advanced students should invest in a monolingual dictionary – Advanced Dictionary – and books aimed at improving the English language.

The main content they should look for are phrasal verbs, prepositions, placements, idioms and slang. They should also learn how to think in English and how to speak naturally to achieve fluency.

Advanced level students should get used to reading, listening and speaking in English. In other words, they must go beyond books to learn English and include different readings, watch films and series in English and participate in conversation groups.


But regardless of your level of knowledge or the choice of books to learn English, it is important to acquire the habit of studying, carrying out the proposed activities, writing down doubts and additional information.

What are the best books to learn grammar English?

In addition to textbooks, it is important to invest in a grammar book to assist in your studies. The choice must be made according to your level of knowledge.


Look for books that address complex structural topics in a simple way. It’s also nice to choose a book that teaches the grammar used in everyday life, so that you don’t just stay in theory.

Grammar books should also include a booklet with exercises, for you to practice what you have learned from reading.

What are the best books for learning corporate English?

Learning English is a prerequisite for anyone looking for a good job placement. It is no coincidence that there are a multitude of books to learn English in the commercial segment.


Books for learning corporate English require knowledge of English at an intermediate or advanced level, as you must have a basis for learning business English.

However, it is not so difficult to learn it. Keep in mind, that you need to learn the language style used in the business world and how to apply it in documents, emails, meetings, among others.

What are the best books to learn English for traveling?

It is not just a suitcase or neck pillow that you need for your travels. If you are planning a vacation or exchange trip, it is worth investing in books to learn travel English. When choosing a title, make sure the book covers the following topics:

    • greetings
    • Common dialogues at airports
    • Means of transport – mainly public transport and car rental
    • Accommodation and accommodation – how to book, ask for directions, check in and out etc.
    • Food: How to read a menu and order at a restaurant.
    • Tourist attractions
    • How to shop
    • Health and emergency – how to see a doctor or dentist.

It is worth looking for a concise book, but one that teaches a little bit of everything, using resources as examples of dialogues. English is essential for international travel, even in countries where this is not the official language.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing books for learning English

It is necessary to choose good books to learn English, otherwise contact with reading can discourage the student instead of helping him learn the language. To choose the right books, consider the following factors:

  • Classification by level of knowledge
  • Complete book or course?
  • Learning needs
  • Resources

By following these tips, you will certainly find the best books for learning English. Good studies!

Classification by level of knowledge

When choosing a book to study English, check the level of knowledge required for reading and choose titles compatible with your level of knowledge – you can take an online test to see which one is yours.

The level of English required in each book is established by the CEFR ( Common European Framework ) code , which also stipulates the goals that the student must achieve after reading. The levels are divided as follows:

So, before choosing a book to learn English, pay attention to this information, to make the most of reading. You can find this classification on the back cover of the books.

Books to learn English or courses?

The coolest of the courses is the quality of the material.

In addition to books to learn English, you will find the complete courses. The coolest of these courses is the quality of the material, they are books with content for reading, exercise books and even multimedia CD-ROM.

In other words, with the course you can develop the ability to understand spoken English ( listening ), improve the pronunciation of words ( speaking ) and perform written exercises ( writing ).

Learning need

It is important to find books that meet your language learning needs. In other words, do you just want to learn the basics in English, do you want to improve previous knowledge or become fluent?

You can also find books to prepare for a trip to an English-speaking country, to study abroad or even to improve your business English.


You can find books to learn English with different resources. One is the notebook with activities to practice what you are learning and track your progress. But look for a book that offers answers to the exercises.

Some bring a CD-ROM with extra audio activities, ideal for those who want to understand the pronunciation of words and practice listening . These CDs can also feature videos, games and other activities to train writing and speaking.

Some books offer all the features, but some offer none. So, consider which resources you think are most important and focus on finding a book that meets your learning needs.


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